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November 11, 2015

4g Mobile Broadband

Cricket Wireless Review

Cricket Wireless offers flexible 4G mobile broadband Internet packages with unlimited data usage. However, speeds are unimpressive and prices are on the higher end.

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The Good

Unlimited Data Usage

Cricket Wireless offers three mobile broadband Internet packages to choose from, all of which come with unlimited data usage. If you spend a significant amount of time online, you won't have to worry about running into your data limit and being charged for overages. Just keep in mind that after you reach your data cap, your speed will be reduced to 128 Kbps for the remainder of your monthly billing cycle.

Pay-As-You-Go Data

Cricket Wireless allows users on all their data plans to purchase additional full-speed data. This is a nice alternative to have if you're interested in more data but aren't ready to upgrade your plan. You can add an extra 1GB as either a one-time or monthly purchase for $10, making this a perfect solution for people who occasionally exceed their data limit as well as heavy data users.

Fast Upload Speeds

Cricket Wireless offers upload speeds of 6Mbps to 7Mbps with their 4G LTE plans. This is much faster than what you find with most other 4G mobile broadband providers. True, you usually do more downloading than uploading so this number isn't quite as important as the download speed. However, if you frequently upload pictures, videos, or other files to the Internet, you'll definitely appreciate Cricket's upload speeds.

The Bad

Slow Download Speeds

Cricket Wireless offers a lot to like, but one thing you may not enjoy very much is their rather slow download rates. All of their plans max out at around 8Mbps, though typical speeds could be worse. Given their fast upload speeds, it would be nice to see an improvement in the download speeds, since people more frequently download than upload. If you use the Internet often, it may be wise to look into companies with faster download speeds.

Expensive For What You Get

Compared to other 4G mobile broadband providers, Cricket Wireless' pricing seems a little high considering what you actually get. Their plans are rather expensive, especially since the data speeds are much lower than what you find with other mobile broadband Internet providers. This isn't to say that Cricket Wireless couldn't still be a good fit for some, but look closely at what they're offering to make sure it's what you want.

The Details

Provider Details

  • Monthly Price: $40 - $60
  • Service Area: Northeast, Southwest
  • States Available: 6



  • Price: $40/month
  • Download Rate: Up to 8Mbps
  • Upload Rate: Up to 7Mbps
  • Data Allowance: Unlimited (1GB high-speed)


  • Price: $50/month
  • Download Rate: Up to 8Mbps
  • Upload Rate: Up to 7Mbps
  • Data Allowance: Unlimited (3GB high-speed)


  • Price: $60/month
  • Download Rate: Up to 8Mbps
  • Upload Rate: Up to 7Mbps
  • Data Allowance: Unlimited (10GB high-speed)

* Package details and pricing may vary according to location.

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