T-Mobile Review

T-Mobile offers a growing 4G network and a number of mobile packages that can satisfy both occasional and heavy Internet users.

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The Good

Pay in Advance Passes

If you need some additional data, or are just looking for a temporary Internet solution, T-Mobile's Pay in Advance Passes might be what you have been looking for. They offer plans that last for one week or one month, each with different data limits. You pay a single flat rate ahead of time and then you can use the Internet until you reach the end of the week or month or hit your data limit.

Multiple Mobile Broadband Plans

T-Mobile offers a huge variety of 4G mobile broadband Internet plans to their customers, with data limits ranging from 300 MB to 12 GB. Upload and download speeds are the same on all plans, so you can just focus on how much data you think you use in a month. This should allow you to find an Internet package that gives you exactly what you need without making you pay for a ton of extra data that you don't use.

Fast Upload Rates

T-Mobile offers 8 Mpbs upload speeds with all of their 4G mobile broadband Internet packages. This is useful if you need to upload photos, videos, or other large files to the web. Though uploading happens less often than downloading, it is still an important part of your overall experience with the 4G mobile broadband Internet service, and so it is nice to see T-Mobile offering these higher speeds to their customers.

Expanding 4G LTE Network

T-Mobile has spent billions of dollars in the past few years upgrading their 4G LTE network. T-Mobile claims their network currently covers more than 150 million people, and they expect the network to be available nationwide by late 2013. Even though the network may currently be a bit smaller than some competitors, it won't be long until T-Mobile matches other industry leaders.

The Bad

Setup Fee

It's rather unusual for a 4G mobile broadband provider to charge a setup fee, but T-Mobile is one of those few companies that does. Though the fee is not extremely expensive, you may find it a little annoying since you are already paying for the plan and hotspot device. If you're aiming to keep costs low, T-Mobile may not be the best option.

The Details

Provider Details

  • Monthly Price $20 - $70
  • Service Area Nationwide
  • States Available 50


Simple Choice Plan

  • Price: $20 - $70/month
  • Download Rate: Up to 21.6Mbps
  • Upload Rate: Up to 5.7MB - 10.5 GB
  • Data Allowance: 500MB - 12GB

* Package details and pricing may vary according to location.

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