Nationwide's competitive discounts make it a great option for the best auto insurance for new drivers. Your teen can receive a discount for maintaining good grades and a clean driving record. If the driver takes a defensive driving course he or she can be eligible for another discount. In addition, Nationwide offers a family discount for multiple drivers in a household. Nationwide's accident forgiveness program is another way to save by avoiding rate increases if your teen is involved in an accident. With all of these opportunities for discounts, it's clear to see why Nationwide ranks among the best auto insurance providers for new drivers. Get Details

Progressive finishes off the list of best auto insurance providers for new drivers by offering several relevant discounts. To begin with, a good student discount can apply if your teen keeps a GPA over 3.0. Maintaining a good driving record and passing a defensive driving course can also help keep premium costs down. Another interesting way to save on your auto insurance for new drivers is through a driving habits discount. Like other top providers on this list, your teen could receive this discount by placing a device in the car that measures driving habits. Progressive does not offer a family discount as some of its competitors do, but overall, they are still among the best insurance options for new drivers. Get Details