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WOW! is an excellent choice if you're looking for a cable Internet provider that doesn't surprise you with rate hikes down the road. Sign Up

Updated: May 21, 2014

The Good

No price increases:

WOW! guarantees that their prices don't go up after a certain period of time. Guarantees like this are rare in the industry and offer an extra level of comfort when you sign up. Most companies offer a lower introductory rate, and then raise prices after six months or a year, and some even raise them again after two years.

60-day money-back guarantee:

WOW! has a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is twice as long as most other cable companies. It should give you plenty of time to try out their service and see if it's a good fit. If after two months, you decide that you aren't liking WOW!, you can just cancel your account.

Variety Pak:

For an additional fee, WOW! gives their cable Internet customers free access to several sports and subscription-based sites as part of their Variety Pak add-on. This package includes educational resources, sports websites, and more. Users will also get over 20 WOW! Radio channels as part of this deal. Though these features are extras and have no bearing on the overall quality of WOW!'s Internet service, they could still be very appealing to certain customers.

The Bad

Expensive plans:

Though their plans offer some very appealing data speeds, WOW!'s prices may not go over so well. Their monthly rates come in much higher than what the majority of their competitors charge for the same speeds. If budget is a major restricting factor in your search for a cable Internet provider, it may be smart to look around at some other options in your area (if you have them).

Limited service area:

Even if you are interested in WOW!'s cable Internet services, you may not be able to get access because their service area is rather limited. WOW! provides good coverage in the Midwest and the South, but people living on the East and West coasts are out of luck. If you live in one of the covered areas, this obviously isn't a problem, but if you don't live in one of these areas, you can cross WOW! off your list.

Technical support could be improved:

WOW! doesn't have a designated technical support line and their troubleshooting section doesn't tell you much. Problems with your Internet can happen so it would be nice to be able to contact the company or follow a detailed troubleshooting guide to get your problem fixed quickly. WOW! could certainly use some improvement in this area, but this shouldn't have a huge effect on your overall experience with their services unless you experience some trouble.

Must order by phone:

WOW! only allows you to sign up for their cable Internet service by phone, which is quite an outdated and time-consuming process. This is especially surprising since almost all other cable Internet providers offer multiple sign-up options. It won't directly impact your Internet service, but it brings into question the level of innovation that WOW! possesses when signing up for service online isn't even available to potential customers.

The Details

Provider Details
Monthly Price $40 - $90
Service Area Midwest, Southeast
States Available 13
Additional Fees
Early Termination Fee None
Equipment Lease Fee $5 Cable Modem
Installation Fee $20
One-Time Setup Fee None
Other Fees New/Rewire/Relocate Outlet $20, Reconnect Fee $30



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  • Money-Back Guarantee - The Internet service provider offers some form of money back guarantee within an allotted time period.
  • No Contract - You can get Internet service without signing any contract.
  • No Early Termination Fees - The Internet service provider does not charge a termination fee if you cancel your contract early.
  • No Long-Term Contract - You can get Internet service without signing a contract that is longer than one year.
  • No Price Increases - The Internet service provider does not automatically increase prices at certain time periods.
  • Short-Term Contract - You can get Internet service without signing a contract that is longer than six months.
  • No Activation Fees - The Internet service provider doesn't charge any activation fees.

Performance and Speed

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Signing Up

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Learning Materials

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Price: $40/month
Download Rate: 3Mbps
Upload Rate: 1Mbps
Data Allowance: Unlimited


Price: $50/month
Download Rate: 15Mbps
Upload Rate: 1Mbps
Data Allowance: Unlimited


Price: $70/month
Download Rate: 30Mbps
Upload Rate: 3Mbps
Data Allowance: Unlimited


Price: $90/month
Download Rate: 50Mbps
Upload Rate: 5Mbps
Data Allowance: Unlimited

* Package details and pricing may vary according to location.

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