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Oracle CRM On Demand is an easy-to-use CRM software offered by one of the most established computer technology companies in the world. With powerful sales and reporting tools and plenty of resources, this CRM suits both small and large businesses. Get Quote

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Updated: June 23, 2014

The Good

Easy-to-navigate interface:

Oracle CRM On Demand is simply designed with the familiar Microsoft Outlook user interface. On the left side, there's an action bar that contains a strong search tool, a quick-create feature to generate records without having to leave your current page, and an icon to access your recently viewed and favorited items. There are global links on the upper-right corner to get training and support, perform administrative configurations, personalize your setup, and view deleted items which are stored for 30 days.

Robust reporting capabilities:

The Oracle CRM software comes stocked with over 40 prebuilt reports covering pipeline analysis, sales effectiveness, customer service, marketing, and usage tracking. You can also create your own custom reports through the design analysis module, which walks you through creating new analytics or reports to gain insight into performance and trends. There are also configurable dashboards that showcase important metrics at a glance and enable you to drill down into any one of them for deeper analysis.

Solid sales tools to maximize efficiency:

Oracle makes good use of one-click tasks relating to the sales process. You can take an existing lead and mark it as qualified, archive it, convert it to a contact or opportunity, or reject it. Furthermore, you can manage opportunities with the sales process coach. You can set up a system to guide individuals through different parts of the sales stage, such as building vision, negotiation, and closed/won, all of which help develop a more efficient, consistent, and structured sales process.

Offline data access:

An offline client enables you to continue working in your CRM system without Internet connection. You upload changes to the on-demand application once you reconnect to the Internet. This is a very convenient feature for those times when you cannot access the web.

Integration with Microsoft Office applications:

You can create mail merges in Word to be used for certain tasks such as mass emailing. You can also export reports to offline Excel files and refresh at any time with data from your CRM system. Because Microsoft Office is one of the most commonly used suites of desktop applications, this capability is widely appreciated.

Abundant online resources:

Most of your support needs are found in the training and support center for Oracle CRM On Demand customers, where there are resources such as trainings, product release information, a knowledge base, and help documentation. Oracle also provides best practices on such topics as user adoption, implementation, and application customization which are useful for those who are rolling out a new CRM system. On top of that, there is a Learn More section with advanced materials to help you make the best use of the software. A private forum moderated by the Oracle CRM On Demand support team is offered exclusively to paid customers. There is less than a 24-hour response time for all community postings within this forum.

The Bad

Lacks third-party plug-in solutions:

Oracle's partner marketplace for its CRM software is pretty small. This limits your ability to augment the system with additional tools provided by third parties such as Google Docs or more advanced marketing automation features.

The Details

Contract Agreement Annual, Month to Month
Data Storage Varies
Free Trial 30 days
Monthly Rate $70 - $125/user
Number of Users Unlimited


Customer Support Automation

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  • Case Management - You can create, track, and manage customer cases.
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) - Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is enabled for this product. At a minimum, this allows you to manage incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Email-to-Case - You can capture a customer case from email.
  • Knowledge Base - You can publish a knowledge base to contain solutions to be shared with users in your organization and customers.
  • Solutions - You can create, view, and manage solutions used to solving customer cases.
  • Web-to-Case - You can capture a customer case online through web forms on your website.
  • Self-Service Portal - You can provide online support for your customers through a self-service portal.
  • Service Contracts - You can create, track, and manage service contracts - which is an agreement between you and your customers.

Marketing Automation

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Reporting and Analytics

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Sales Force Automation

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3rd Party Integration

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Data Management

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Email Integration

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Learning Curve

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Security and Administration

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Workflow Management

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Inventory Management

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Oracle CRM On Demand is priced at $70/user/month and requires an annual subscription agreement. This is for the multi-tenant hosting option. A single-tenant hosting environment is also available at an additional cost of $55, bringing to total cost to $125/user/month. Depending on your company's reputation and volume of seats, Oracle may offer you a price discount.

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