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Bigcommerce is a capable ecommerce software solution with a simple design and strong customer management capabilities. There are no transactions fees, but some functionality requires integration with applications that will cost a little extra. Try It Now

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Updated: May 21, 2014

The Good

Add new product form:

Adding a new product is typically not a difficult task, but Bigcommerce has a few features that make the process very simple. The main form allows you to visually see the category hierarchy where the new product will be added. You can also specify whether the product is a physical or downloadable product, add a description, pricing and shipping information, and specify the tax class. Bigcommerce also allows you to import a CSV product list, which can be a big time saver.

No transaction fees:

Unlike many of the top ecommerce software solutions, Bigcommerce doesn't charge transaction fees for products sold on your web store. Although the transaction fees are typically a small percentage of each sale, they can definitely add up and make a difference in your profit.

Customer search capabilities:

Staying in contact with customers through newsletters and product promotions can be a great way to improve traffic to your site and increase sales. As your ecommerce store becomes more popular, keeping track of your customers can be challenging. Bigcommerce provides a simple interface that has several ways to locate a customer, including an advanced search, keyword search, and many others.

Free trial without a credit card:

Bigcommerce provides free access to the ecommerce software and doesn't require a credit card. Selecting the right ecommerce software is a highly important decision that directly impacts your online store. Getting hands on experience with ecommerce software through a free trial is the best way to find out if the solution is going to work for your circumstances. Unfortunately, not all of the top ecommerce software solutions offer a free trial, and the majority that do offer a trial require a credit card.

Selling integration with Facebook, eBay, and other sites:

Through the marketing tab on the main menu, Bigcommerce allows you to easily integrate with Facebook, eBay, or shopping comparison sites like Nextag, PriceGrabber, and others. Operating an ecommerce store can be a competitive business so having the ability to integrate with other websites can increase exposure and help your business grow. Any feature that facilitates this process is a great bonus.

The Bad

No affiliate program:

When you're managing an online store, affiliate marketing can be a powerful tool to help drive traffic to your website and increase sales. Unfortunately, Bigcommerce does not provide an affiliate tracking option. There is an integration option that may satisfy this gap, but it will come at an additional cost. If you know affiliate marketing will be a big part of your advertising plan, Bigcommerce may not be the best fit.

Limited email marketing options:

Bigcommerce is a fairly comprehensive ecommerce software, but relative to other top ecommerce software, the functionality built into Bigcommerce is limited. Bigcommerce provides email marketing capabilities, but the software is designed to have you work through Constant Contact, iContact, MailChimp, and Interspire, which all require you to have an additional paid account.

Underwhelming dashboard:

The dashboard is the primary screen you view when accessing your Bigcommerce account. Like most dashboards, there are a few metrics conveying information about site performance and general order information. However the Bigcommerce dashboard feels a little painful relative to other ecommerce software competitors. There may be some that favor simplicity, but if you prefer a more dynamic dashboard, you may want to look elsewhere.

The Details

Bandwidth Unlimited
Monthly Price $26.96 - $199.95
Number of Products Unlimited
Storage Space 3GB - Unlimited
Transaction Fee 0% - 1.5%


Analytics and Reporting

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  • Customer Profiles - You can create customer profiles to understand the demographics of your customers and to tailor messages toward their preferences.
  • Custom Reports - You can run custom reports to view different aspects of your business.
  • Dashboards - The software has a dashboard to help navigate the analytics and reporting.
  • Pre-Built Reports - The software comes packaged with pre-built reports.
  • Sales and Revenue - You can review data on orders, conversions, and total sales.
  • Site Performance - You can review data on web site traffic, unique visitors, referring sites, and more.


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Order Management

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Product Placement

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Shopping Cart

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Store Design

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3rd Party Integration

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Learning Materials

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Social Media Integration

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Monthly Price: $26.96 - $29.95
Transaction Fee: 1.5%
Products: Unlimited
Storage Space: 3GB
Bandwidth: Unlimited


Monthly Price: $71.95 - $79.95
Transaction Fee: None
Products: Unlimited
Storage Space: Unlimited
Bandwidth: Unlimited


Monthly Price: $179.95 - $199.95
Transaction Fee: None
Products: Unlimited
Storage Space: Unlimited
Bandwidth: Unlimited

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