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The AFG 3.1AE has a quality display screen and some strong frame features, including powered incline capability. Workout tracking software is a nice bonus feature, but the workouts themselves are lacking a little bit. Buy Now

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Updated: May 21, 2014

The Good

Strong frame and pedal features:

The AFG 3.1AE elliptical has some of the strongest frame features available. It offers 20 levels of resistance, powered incline capability, the ability to adjust the stride length to suit you, and even pedals that pivot to match your foot movement as you exercise. The only real omission among the frame features is that there are no transport wheels on this machine. If you don't plan on moving the elliptical, though, this shouldn't be a big issue.

Workout tracking software:

For those trying to reach a certain goal, the ability to track your workouts over time can be a huge help. With the AFG 3.1AE, you get the proFILE™ tracking software. This machine has the capability for two different user IDs, so each user can set up the machine to track his or her individual workout data and store it on their personal ID. This is a nice feature for households with multiple elliptical users.

Outstanding user reviews:

Receiving extremely high scores on the Amazon, Best Buy, and Sears websites, the AFG 3.1AE elliptical is one that lives up to expectations. Users have commented that the machine is easy to use and easy to put together, and that it runs very quietly. Elliptical reviews like these can do a lot to ease the minds of those who are unsure if purchasing the AFG 3.1AE is the right move.

Easy-to-read display screen:

The display screen of the AFG 3.1AE is very easy to understand and gives you access to a variety of workout statistics. It shows you basic information like your speed, the time you have been exercising, and the distance you have traveled. It also shows the incline of the elliptical, which is a nice feature. Those who use the chest pulse sensor or heart rate hand grips will see that information appear on the screen as well.

The Bad

No fan or reading rack:

Though the AFG 3.1AE does have a very strong console with lots of useful features, including a chest pulse sensor and a numeric keypad, it is missing a few key items that would make using the elliptical a much more comfortable experience. The first of these is a reading rack for holding tablets or books while exercising. This feature is especially important for those who enjoy reading while working out as it is very difficult to do so without a place to rest your book. The other omission is a built-in console fan. Many ellipticals now offer these fans to help the user stay cool while exercising. Unfortunately, owners of the AFG 3.1AE don't have this feature, and if it is important to you, it may be a smart move to look around for an elliptical that does have it.

Missing a few workouts:

The AFG 3.1AE does come with a few basic workouts, including weight loss and interval programs, but it is still somewhat behind others in the industry. Some ellipticals offer special workouts designed to help users reach their target heart rates, and also a random workout option, which can be very useful for varying your workouts. These onboard programs cannot be found on the AFG 3.1AE, however. Their omission will probably not be a make-or-break feature when considering this elliptical, but it is something to be aware of when you make your selection.

No electronics warranty:

Warranties can save you a lot of money if your elliptical breaks down unexpectedly. The AFG 3.1AE does have a pretty solid lifetime frame warranty, along with decent warranties on the parts and labor. However, one glaring oversight in the AFG 3.1AE's offerings is the fact that there is no electronics warranty. If you happen to have an issue with the electronics of your machine, you better be prepared to pay it out of pocket.

The Details

Price $1,599.99
Shipping and Assembly
Assembly $225
Front Door Free
In-Home $100
In-Room $150
Elliptical Machine Length 76"
Elliptical Machine Width 24"
Incline Levels 20 Levels, 5% Increments
Max Weight Allowed 325 lbs
Product Weight 198 lbs
Resistance Levels 20 Levels
Stride Length Levels 20"
Electronics No
Frame Lifetime
Labor 1 year
Parts 3 years


Frame and Pedals

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  • Adjustable Stride - You can adjust the stride length.
  • Heart Rate Hand Grips - Hand grips that can measure your heart rate are included.
  • Incline - The elliptical machine can incline.
  • Pivoting Pedals - Foot plates or pedals that can pivot to match your foot movement are included.
  • Powered Incline - You can adjust the incline with the push of a button.
  • Resistance - You can add levels of resistance to the stride.
  • Transport Wheels - Wheels are included for easy transport.


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