Great frame and pedal features:

The SOLE E35 has lots of really nice frame features that are sure to be appreciated by a variety of users. The powered incline function makes it easy to adjust the incline and an adjustable stride ensures that all users will be comfortable with the feel of the elliptical. Those who are concerned about moving the elliptical once it is installed will be pleased to know that this model comes with transport wheels, which should make the task of moving the machine a little bit easier. Frame features like these can help make a good elliptical great and are definitely worth including in your decision making process.

Positive user feedback:

Poor user reviews of a product can send up a huge red flag. It could be an indication of unexpected issues, features that don't work as well as they should, or overall dissatisfaction with the product. Thankfully, this isn't something you have to worry about with the SOLE E35. Users have rated it highly on, commenting on how smooth and quiet the machine is and how easy it is to put together.

Solid warranties:

The SOLE E35 comes with very strong warranties, which are extremely useful if the elliptical happens to break. With a lifetime frame warranty, five-year electronics and parts warranties, and a two-year warranty on labor, you can rest easy knowing that any issues you may have with the machine will be taken care of at no additional cost to you.

Quality display screen:

The display screen of the SOLE E35 has a ton of useful information about your workout. It shows your speed, your total workout time, and the distance you have traveled. One useful feature for those trying to lose weight is the calories burned information found on the display screen. Heart rate information will also show up there if either the hand grips or chest pulse sensor are used.


No weight loss workouts:

The SOLE E35 comes with a few solid workout programs in addition to the manual mode; however, one huge omission from its offerings is the lack of workouts designed to help users lose weight. Losing weight is one of the key reasons that many people purchase ellipticals and other fitness equipment in the first place and so it would be nice to see this machine offer workouts designed specifically for this activity.

Larger machine:

If space saving is your top priority, cross the SOLE E35 off your list. This machine is on the larger side and for some, this may be a deal breaker. For others, it is just something to be aware of, and it is important to ensure that you have the room in your home for this machine before purchasing it.

No reading rack:

Those who enjoy reading during their workouts, whether it be from a book or a tablet, will be disappointed to hear that the SOLE E35 does not provide a reading rack. Though not a crucial feature of the elliptical, a reading rack is a fairly common item and can be found on many elliptical machines. This will probably not be a deciding factor in your search for the best elliptical trainer, but it is still something to be aware of.


Price $1,299.99
Shipping and Assembly
Assembly $239
Front Door Free
In-Home $99
In-Room $99
Elliptical Machine Length 82"
Elliptical Machine Width 31"
Incline Levels 0° - 30°
Max Weight Allowed 375 lbs
Product Weight 230 lbs
Resistance Levels 20 Levels
Stride Length Levels 20" - 22"
Electronics 5 years
Frame Lifetime
Labor 2 years
Parts 5 years


  • Adjustable Stride You can adjust the stride length.

  • Heart Rate Hand Grips Hand grips that can measure your heart rate are included.

  • Incline The elliptical machine can incline.

  • Powered Incline You can adjust the incline with the push of a button.

  • Resistance You can add levels of resistance to the stride.

  • Transport Wheels Wheels are included for easy transport.

  • Pivoting Pedals Foot plates or pedals that can pivot to match your foot movement are included.

  • Electronics Warranty An electronics warranty is included.

  • Labor Warranty A labor warranty is included.

  • Lifetime Frame Warranty A lifetime frame warranty is included.

  • Parts Warranty A part warranty is included.

  • Built-In Fan A built-in fan is included in the console.

  • Chest Pulse Sensor There is a chest pulse sensor that takes your pulse and sends and sends information to the console.

  • Quick Start There is a button that allows you to quickly start a workout.

  • Numeric Keypad A numeric keypad is located on the console.

  • Reading Rack A rack to hold a book, magazine, or tablet is included.

  • Calories Burned The number of calories burned is displayed.

  • Distance The total distance you have traveled is displayed.

  • Heart Rate A sensory system that detects heart rate is included.

  • Incline The incline is displayed.

  • Screen Display There is a screen that displays information about your workout.

  • Speed The current speed is displayed.

  • Workout Time The display shows the length of time you have been working out.

  • Projected Pace The projected pace per mile, based on your current running speed, is displayed.

  • Smart Heart Rate Heart rate is displayed when your age and weight are entered.

  • Touch Screen A touch-screen display is included.

  • Email/Ticket The manufacturer has an email or ticket system dedicated to support.

  • Phone You can contact the manufacturer by phone to get support.

  • Social Media You can contact the manufacturer with questions through social media websites.

  • Live Chat The manufacturer offers live chat support.

  • Heart Rate You can select a workout program designed to help you reach your target heart rate.

  • Interval You can select an interval training program.

  • Manual You can manually select your resistance.

  • Random You can select a random workout program.

  • Weight Loss You can select a workout program designed to facilitate weight loss.

  • Assembly The manufacturer offers delivery and assembly inside your home.

  • Free Shipping The manufacturer offers free shipping.

  • In-Home The manufacturer offers delivery inside your home.

  • In-Room The manufacturer offers delivery inside a room of your choice.

  • Curbside The manufacturer offers curbside delivery to your front door.

  • Audio Port You can plug your audio device into the machine.

  • Speakers Built-in speakers are included.

  • Wi-Fi A built-in Internet browser is included.

  • Blog The manufacturer maintains a blog with useful industry-related articles, tips, or other valuable content.

  • FAQ The manufacturer provides a list of answers to frequently asked questions.

  • User Guide A user guide or training manual is provided by the manufacturer.

  • Video Tutorials The manufacturer provides video tutorials.

  • Favorable User Reviews The product received four out of five stars or higher from customers on,, or

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