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Constant Contact is a powerful and user-friendly software with a diverse selection of email templates. The company is an especially good choice for email marketing beginners, who will have access to some of the best educational resources in the industry. Learn More

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Updated: January 28, 2014

The Good

Multiple methods of uploading contacts:

Constant Contact makes a great option for email marketers and businesses that already have a substantial email contact list to work with. Even if your contacts are scattered across different databases, the company's contact management interface provides all the tools you need to corral your subscribers into a single list with minimal hassle. You can upload a spreadsheet or text file for automatic processing, or you can import your contacts directly from Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. If you use an online customer management service like Salesforce or Sage ACT!, or if you store customer data in Intuit QuickBooks, Constant Contact gives you the tools you need to access and upload your data quickly and conveniently. You also have the option of entering email addresses manually. All in all, Constant Contact provides one of the best collections of contact management tools in the market, making it easy to get your list into the system so you can get started working on your first campaign.

Hundreds of templates to choose from:

Constant Contact provides more than 400 quality templates to choose from so you don't have to spend time designing your emails from scratch. After logging in to the email creation tool, it's pretty easy to sort through the available templates and find the design that best fits the purpose of your campaign. You can refine your search according to different thematic categories, such as general business promotions, informational messages, and seasonal and holiday greetings, in addition to industry-specific themes for real estate agencies, retail businesses, home improvement services, and arts and entertainment venues, among many others. You can then browse through a gallery of appropriate templates or further refine your search by the type of message you're looking to send, such as an invitation, a newsletter, an image showcase, or a promotional offer. Once you've found the right template for your purposes, you can insert your own images and text using a simple email editor. If you prefer to take full control of the email design process, Constant Contact also delivers the advanced editing functions you need to create your campaign from the ground up.

Access to comprehensive learning materials:

Constant Contact offers live and on-demand webinars, product tutorials, user guides, and archives of hints and tips to help you master virtually every aspect of email marketing, all for free and right from the comfort of your home. If you're looking for some formal instruction, you can even sign up for the company's Boot Camp classes, which are day-long beginner's courses held in locations across North America. Although Boot Camp classes are fee-based, they offer a great introduction to general email marketing concepts and hands-on practice using Constant Contact software under the supervision of a trained instructor. If you want to master the tools of the trade, it's hard to find a better option.

Useful social media campaign resources:

If you're new to social media, you can get started by looking through Constant Contact's Social Media Playbook, which includes a quick video to get you up to speed. Setting up your first social media campaign is pretty easy, too. Simply pick an email template, add a special offer with a strong call to action, and send it out to your contacts list. The email is designed to link your customers to Facebook, where they can easily share your offer with all their friends, generating new business opportunities instantly. You can even track the performance of your social media campaigns through your Constant Contact account, which collects data on the visits, likes, and shares generated by each email.

Great event management tools:

Constant Contact's EventSpot service is a great feature for those interested in using email marketing to drive attendance at special events such as educational seminars, nonprofit functions, charity events, arts and entertainment shows, or sports competitions. EventSpot provides all the tools you need to quickly create an email invitation and a corresponding event home page and registration form. The online registration form streamlines the event management process since you won't need to collect registration information by telephone. Another cool feature is the ability to include several payment options right in the body of the email so attendees can pay in advance if your event has an admission fee. You can even include a link to the event's Facebook page and a Twitter hashtag to take full advantage of social media promotion. Offering yet more interesting features for advanced users, EventSpot is a full-featured solution sure to appeal to any event-based business.

Competitive pricing options:

Constant Contact's services are reasonably priced for the industry, starting at $20 per month to send unlimited emails to 500 or fewer contacts. As your contact list grows, so do the costs, with a charge of $35 per month for 2,500 contacts and $55 per month for up to 5,000. If you're willing to pay six or 12 months in advance, you get a very nice discount of 10% or 15%, respectively. Nonprofit organizations get a bigger price break, amounting to 20% for paying six months in advance and 30% for paying a year in advance. Finally, if you're new to email marketing and want to test out some of Constant Contact's features, you can start off with a 60-day free trial that enables you to send unlimited emails to 100 contacts. This is a pretty good deal for new users and a great way to determine whether Constant Contact is for you.

The Bad

Missing some important campaign management features:

For all of Constant Contact's many successes, it does fall a bit short when it comes to providing advanced campaign capabilities such as triggered campaigns and an RSS to email function. These features are valuable because they help you to automate parts of the campaign process in order to send more timely, targeted emails to your subscribers for better results. A/B split testing is another important omission that is sure to disappoint serious email marketers. A/B split testing enables you to send out two versions of an email distributed at random to your contacts list in order to see which one performs better on a variety of trackable indicators. If you're looking to drive sales and new customers to your business through highly effective email campaigns, these features will definitely be missed.

The Details

Monthly Plan
100,000+ subscribers Contact Constant Contact
10,001 - 25,000 subscribers Contact Company
1 - 10,000 subscribers $20 - $85
25,001 - 50,000 subscribers Contact Constant Contact
50,001 - 100,000 subscribers Contact Constant Contact
Send Limits None
Annual Plan
100,000+ subscribers Contact Constant Contact
10,001 - 25,000 subscribers Contact Company
1 - 10,000 subscribers $204 - $867
25,001 - 50,000 subscribers Contact Constant Contact
50,001 - 100,000 subscribers Contact Constant Contact
Send Limits None


Campaign Management

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  • Alias Email - You can create an alias email address to send email blasts from.
  • Autoresponder - You can create auto-response emails.
  • Event Website - You can create an event website that will be hosted by the company.
  • Image & File Hosting - The company will host the images and other documents used in your campaigns.
  • Integration - The product can integrate with other software applications or websites.
  • Scheduling - You can schedule the specific time and date of your email blasts.
  • Social Media Sharing - You can share directly through social media websites.
  • A/B Split Testing - You can create A/B versions of an email campaign and test to see which version is more successful.
  • Direct Mail Postcards - You can create postcards online which are then printed and mailed by the company.
  • RSS to Email - Emails are automatically sent when an RSS feed on a website or blog is updated.
  • Triggered Campaigns - You can create auto-responding campaigns that are triggered by customer behaviors.

Contact Management

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Email Design

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Quality Control

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Tracking and Reporting

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Data Importing

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Learning Materials

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Additional Services

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Monthly PlansAnnual Plans
$20Up to 500 subscribers $204Up to 500 subscribers
$35Up to 2,500 subscribers $357Up to 2,500 subscribers
$55Up to 5,000 subscribers $561Up to 5,000 subscribers
$85Up to 10,000 subscribers $867Up to 10,000 subscribers
Contact Constant Contact10,000+ subscribers Contact Constant Contact10,000+ subscribers

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