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MailChimp offers one of the most generous free plans in the industry, although it can get fairly costly if you exceed their sending limits. Their notable business-enhancing analytical features and strong technology tools still make them a good option for many marketers. Learn More

Yan Huang

Yan Huang

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Updated: January 28, 2014

The Good

Forever Free Plan:

The Forever Free Plan offered by MailChimp is a great asset for small business owners, nonprofits, or other groups that are just getting started and have a limited marketing budget. Under the Forever Free Plan, you're able to send up to 12,000 emails per month if you have fewer than 2,000 subscribers. One beneficial feature of this plan is that there is no contract required; you don't have to provide a credit card. It is worth pointing out that the Forever Free Plan does not include autoresponder capabilities, tools to help your emails get through spam filters, and a couple other resources that might be missed by some email marketers. Regardless, the Forever Free Plan still has a lot to offer and can be utilized by a broad range of email marketers.

Great free learning resources:

MailChimp provides some great resources to help you minimize the learning curve and get you on your way to creating effective, dynamic campaigns. Some of these resources include helpful videos to get you familiar with their interface and several free eBooks that provide practical advice about getting the most out of your email marketing campaign. MailChimp Guides are also useful, as they cover topics like transactional emails, mobile devices, managing lists, and many other relevant email marketing topics. MailChimp even offers a tool that tells you how well a potential subject line will perform based on history and industry statistics.

Extensive analytical tracking:

MailChimp reports use interactive graphs, enabling you to easily view activity associated with your emails. Reports reveal open and click rates, opens by location, bounces, unsubscribes, and more. The reports even enable you to compare your rates against other email marketers in a similar industry. MailChimp integrates with Google Analytics, which provides additional insight into your campaigns so you can see how much revenue your campaigns are creating. All of these tracking and reporting tools positively influence your ability to create effective email marketing campaigns and better reach the right types of customers.

Useful mobile application:

MailChimp provides a useful mobile application for both the iPhone and Android-based mobile devices. The application acts as a shortcut to your email marketing account, enabling you to add subscribers to any of your lists, get updates about campaigns, stay apprised of social media activity, and several other helpful features. For those that are constantly on the go and want the option of getting more work done outside of the office, a solid mobile application like the one provided by MailChimp will be highly appreciated.

The Bad

Difficult transition from free account:

While the Forever Free Plan allows you to have 2,000 subscribers or less for free, exceeding that limit comes at a price. For those with 2,000 to 2,500 subscribers, your monthly bill is going to be in the neighborhood of $30 per month. As you get closer to 5,000 subscribers, your monthly fee approaches $50 per month. Most small businesses send less than six email blasts per month, so the send limit increase that you get by moving to the next level (12,000 emails per month with the free account vs. unlimited emails with a paid account) isn't much of an incentive. For those who are sensitive to price and need access to more email sending capacity, it may be worth your time to shop around.

The Details

Monthly Plan
100,000+ subscribers Contact MailChimp
10,001 - 25,000 subscribers $75 - $150
1 - 10,000 subscribers $10 - $75
25,001 - 50,000 subscribers $150 - $240
50,001 - 100,000 subscribers Starting at $240
Send Limits No limits on plans under 50,000
Annual Plan
100,000+ subscribers Contact MailChimp
10,001 - 25,000 subscribers $900 - $1,800
1 - 10,000 subscribers $120 - $900
25,001 - 50,000 subscribers $1,800 - $2,880
50,001 - 100,000 subscribers Starting at $2,880
Send Limits No limits on plans under 50,000


Campaign Management

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  • A/B Split Testing - You can create A/B versions of an email campaign and test to see which version is more successful.
  • Alias Email - You can create an alias email address to send email blasts from.
  • Autoresponder - You can create auto-response emails.
  • Event Website - You can create an event website that will be hosted by the company.
  • Image & File Hosting - The company will host the images and other documents used in your campaigns.
  • Integration - The product can integrate with other software applications or websites.
  • RSS to Email - Emails are automatically sent when an RSS feed on a website or blog is updated.
  • Scheduling - You can schedule the specific time and date of your email blasts.
  • Social Media Sharing - You can share directly through social media websites.
  • Triggered Campaigns - You can create auto-responding campaigns that are triggered by customer behaviors.
  • Direct Mail Postcards - You can create postcards online which are then printed and mailed by the company.

Contact Management

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Email Design

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Quality Control

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Tracking and Reporting

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Data Importing

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Learning Materials

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Additional Services

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Monthly PlansAnnual Plans
$10Up to 500 subscribers $120Up to 500 subscribers
$15Up to 1,000 subscribers $180Up to 1,000 subscribers
$30Up to 2,500 subscribers $360Up to 2,500 subscribers
$50Up to 5,000 subscribers $600Up to 5,000 subscribers
$75Up to 10,000 subscribers $900Up to 10,000 subscribers
$150Up to 25,000 subscribers $1,800Up to 25,000 subscribers
$240Up to 50,000 subscribers $2,880Up to 50,000 subscribers
$375Up to 75,000 subscribers $4,500Up to 75,000 subscribers

MailChimp also offers monthly and annual plans for more than three million subscribers as well as a variety of send-based pricing plans. Visit MailChimp's website for more pricing information.

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