The Best of Everything

You are part journalist, translator, designer, archeologist, hacker, & mythbuster looking for a laboratory, community, & garage with awesome benefits.

Our team has a blank canvas to paint a new picture about how we interact with the products and services that impact our everyday life. We aren’t afraid to create a few waves as long as it’s aligned with our core values. We’re always on the hungry for new ideas and fresh points-of-view. If you’re curious about joining, we’re happy you’re here.

Let’s redefine the consumer experience together.

About Us is the index of better living. We explore products and services that impact everyday life to uncover the truth, quality, and value that consumers should expect. We catalog only the best and share our methods with the world, because products and services are never one size fits all.

We believe: Quality is not always found in a feature set. Brands need as much guidance as consumers. Companies should make better, not more.

We review products and services that change the way we live everyday. Everything from dog food to DSL internet, banks to bluetooth speakers.

We exist to change the consumer experience.

Here are our core values:

  1. Best - Relentless focus on results, setting high standards and pursuing excellence.
  2. Versatility - Flexible in both work and life, while also adapting to a changing environment.
  3. Ownership - Accountable for work, responsible for outcomes, and capable of detecting and solving problems.
  4. Truth - Seek and surface facts to prove hypotheses or beliefs.
  5. Experimental - Test new things with an open mind in pursuit of innovation and constant improvement.
  6. Growth - Obsess over the rapid growth of our business, our people, and our users.
  7. Transparency - Openness and candor provide clear insight into our work.
  8. Experiential - High velocity of learning, using experiences to grow, and putting ourselves in the position of the consumer.

Job Openings

If your values align with ours, and you think you’re a good fit for one of the positions below, we would love to hear from you.