Best Home Security Systems in Dallas

Frontpoint Our pick for nationwide provider. See if you can get it in your Dallas neighborhood.

Home security companies are aplenty in Dallas, from big-name providers like Frontpoint all the way down to the downtown corner store. We made a list, evaluated each one on a ton of factors, and determined that ProTECHt Home Security is far and away the best home security company in Dallas thanks to cheap monitoring, a lifetime system warranty, and a crazy low setup cost.

The Best Home Security Systems in Dallas

Cellular Monitoring

Contract Length

ProTECHt Home Security

36 Months

Smith Thompson


No Contract

Lakewood Alarm

12 Months

ProTECHt Home Security


ProTECHt wasn’t the cheapest of the bunch, but thanks to its stellar customer service and upfront pricing, we’re calling it the best in town. Monthly monitoring service is $35, regardless of whether you have cellular or landline service. The company does require a 36-month contract, but extremely low setup costs make up for the long commitment — we were quoted just $69 for a full security system setup, including professional installation and activation. That’s $40 cheaper than Frontpoint, and either way you’d have to sign a 36-month agreement.

ProTECHt has left a great impression on its customers, and boasts an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and an A on Angie’s List. One of the reasons its customers stay happy? A practically unheard of lifetime warranty on its security systems. If anything goes wrong with your equipment, just give ProTECHt a call and it will be taken care of it. Forever. That’s a tough deal to beat.

Everyone we spoke to at ProTECHt Home Security was friendly, eager to help, and straightforward. We never got the impression that they were covering up hidden fees to try to win our business. And out of all the security companies we spoke to, ProTECHt got our highest phone-service rating.

Smith Thompson


Smith Thompson is ridiculously cheap. No matter the size of your house, scope of your equipment, or type of phone line, monthly pricing is a shockingly low $17. We’re tempted to say “you get what you pay for,” but in this case, we think you get a bit more than what you pay for. The company don’t offer home automation, and you’ll add an extra $7 to your bill if you want to be able to control your alarm on a smartphone app, but you also have the convenience of not being tied to an annual contract. That’s right — Smith Thompson is month-to-month from the very beginning.

So where’s the catch? It’s in your upfront costs. To install a new system in your home costs $300. Add another $90 to that if you don’t have a landline. That includes professional installation and activation, but it’s still higher than most. If you’re looking for a short-term security system, or think you might want to add on automation down the road, Smith Thompson probably won’t be a good deal for you. But if you know your security needs will stay basic, and you’ll stay put, for the foreseeable future, pony up the cash upfront and take advantage of a super low monthly payment for years to come. The company’s prices have been the same since 1978, and it doesn’t have plans to change them anytime soon.

Keep in mind that lower prices mean less personalized service. While everyone we spoke to was friendly and helpful, we had to wait an awfully long time on hold just to get a sales representative on the line.

Lakewood Alarm


We had a difficult time getting in touch with Lakewood Alarm. It took multiple calls over two days to get in touch, and when we finally got a real person on the phone, it sounded like he was out in the field and busy. That said, he was knowledgeable and polite, and easily answered our extensive list of questions.

Since prices aren’t listed anywhere online, we were surprised to learn that Lakewood Alarm is actually one of the lowest-priced security systems on the market. Landline monitoring is the lowest we’ve ever seen, in fact, at just $15 per month. That goes up to $23 for cellular monitoring. And in terms of contracts, you’ll need to sign a one-year agreement, which isn’t too bad compared to ProTECHt and Frontpoint’s 36-month requirement.

The lesson we’ve learned holds true in this scenario — if the monthly price is low, the upfront costs are high. Equipment and installation is $300, plus an additional $200 if you don’t have a landline. Depending on your situation, that upfront cost may or may not be worth the monthly savings.

Lakewood Alarm has good reviews online and maintains an A rating on Angie’s List, but it does not have their Better Business Bureau accreditation. That’s not always a bad thing — businesses have to pay to be accredited, and some find it’s just not worth it. But it’s something to keep in mind.

Crime Rates and Trends

Crime in Dallas is well above the national median. While part of that is just the nature of living in a big city, Dallas still ranks in the bottom ten percent of safe cities across the United States.

While the national average for property crimes is 26 per 1,000 people, Dallas clocks in at 36 for every 1,000 residents. That means your chances of a burglary or home invasion are considerably higher than most areas of the country.

Consider this tip from the Dallas Police Department for keeping your property safe:

“Watch what your throw out with the trash. If you’ve purchased a new TV, computer, or other expensive item, consider another way to dispose of the box.” – Dallas Police Department

A home security system is a great investment for almost everyone, no matter where they live. But it’s particularly important in cities with high crime rates, like Dallas. Even the sight of a security sign in your yard acts as a deterrent to criminals, and an alarm system can mean the difference between being a victim and staying safe.

Dallas City Policies

Alarms crying wolf are a major problem for the city of Dallas. The police department is required to respond to alarm calls, and the vast majority of them turn out to be false alarms. That means that every time an alarm rings unnecessarily, valuable resources are diverted, and taxpayer money is wasted. To cut down on these incidents, the city of Dallas has enacted a false alarm ordinance.

If you have an audible alarm or one that is professionally monitored (this is the vast majority of security systems), you need to file a permit with the city every year. The fee is $50 annually, and you can get a permit by calling 214-670-3438 or visiting

Once you’ve completed your permit application, you can mail it to:

City of Dallas
Security Alarms​
​P.O. Box 139076
Dallas, Texas 75313-9076

Unfortunately, there’s no way to file your permit online.

Once you have a permit, the false alarm policy is pretty forgiving. You get three free false alarms every year. After that, fees range from $50-$100 per incident. If you maintain your burglar alarm and know how to use it, there’s no reason you should experience false alarms with any regularity.

The Bottom Line

Frontpoint Frontpoint won the top spot in our review of nationwide providers. Check to see if it's available in your Dallas neighborhood.

ProTECHt is the company to beat. Its $35-per-month cellular monitoring payment isn’t as cheap as some of the competition, but no other company offers a lifetime warranty of the equipment and a $69 upfront equipment cost.