The 4 Best Home Automation Companies

The best home automation companies give you access to the equipment and tools needed to connect the different systems that run your home. All of the top home automation providers give you the ability to control lighting, temperature, front door locks, appliances, and more. In addition, all of the companies provide mobile apps to help you do these things while you’re away from home.

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Vivint tops the list of best home automation systems due to their quality line of home automation equipment and reputation for continuous innovation. Part of what keeps Vivint at the forefront of home security and home automation is the research and development efforts conducted at the Vivint Innovation Center. At the Innovation Center, teams of hardware and software engineers, user experience experts, and industrial designers collaborate to develop the future technologies and products that will be available for Vivint home security and home automation customers. Vivint currently offers a strong lineup of home automation resources that includes thermostat control, appliance control, electric door locks, scheduled automation, and more. All of these can be controlled on a Android, iPad, iPhone, or Blackberry mobile app, enabling you to manage your systems while you’re away from home. There is a $199 activation fee for the service, and the absence of outdoor cameras is an unfortunate omission, but if you’re looking for lifestyle control through a home automation system, Vivint is an excellent choice.

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ADT Pulse® is the home automation option from ADT, one of the most recognized and reputable home security system providers on the market. Deserving of a spot near the top of the list of best home automation systems, ADT Pulse® provides all the cutting edge features that you should expect, like lighting, temperature, appliances, and others. The touchscreen panel that accompanies ADT Pulse® allows you to manage all the lights connected to your system with a simple touch of a button, and to quickly see the security status of your home. ADT Pulse® has mobile applications available for iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry users, allowing you to manage your home when you’re out of the house. ADT Pulse® is missing some sensors and detectors that are common to many home security systems, and there is a $50 activation fee, but if you’re looking for a simple and modern home automation system, ADT Pulse® is a solid choice.

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FrontPoint Security provides a strong set of home automation capabilities to complement their home security systems. Like the other leading home automation companies, FrontPoint gives you the ability to control lighting, appliances, thermostats, door locks, and small appliances. With FrontPoint home automation, you’ll also be able to to take advantage of scheduled and event-triggered automation. Scheduled automation allows you to set your lights, appliances, and other devices connected to your systems to come on at certain times. Similarly, event-triggered automation allows you to set lights to react to certain events in the home. For example, you could set the lights in the front room to automatically turn on after you remotely unlock the front the door. All of these features makes it easy to see why FrontPoint is among the best home automation and home security companies.

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Protection 1 ranks as one of the top home automation companies by providing access to a variety of popular home automation features. If quality is a high priority, you’ll be pleased to know that much of the equipment in the Protection 1 home automation system is manufactured by Honeywell, one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Through the main control panel, you’ll be able to remotely arm/disarm your system, lock and unlock doors, manage the lighting and temperature of your home, and more. You can also perform the same tasks through their eSecure app, for Android or iPhone. If security cameras are installed in your home, you can even remotely check in on your family through live streaming video on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Protection 1 has all the home automation features you need to help you stay connected to your home and family.

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