Best Home Security Systems in Kansas City

Frontpoint Frontpoint won the top spot in our review of nationwide providers. Check to see if it's available in your Kansas City neighborhood.

We found a handful of home security companies local to Kansas City and evaluated each one to see how it fared against Frontpoint, our top nationwide security company. In the end, Central Security Group won our favor thanks to its cutting-edge home automation technology and affordable cellular monitoring. Just remember: Like Frontpoint, you’ll need to sign a 36-month agreement. If that isn’t an option, Atronic Alarms doesn’t require a contract at all, and is your next-best alternative.

The Best Home Security Systems in Kansas City

Cellular Monitoring

Contract Length

Central Security Group

36 Months

Atronic Alarms

No Contract


36 Months

Central Security Group


Central Security Group is headquartered in Oklahoma, but serves a bunch of areas in the midwest — including Kansas City. Its widespread service speaks volumes for its reputability, as does its “A+” on the BBB and “A” from Angie’s List. The most important thing, however, is that we can attest to those awards thanks to a wonderful experience speaking with a couple of representatives on the phone.

It’s impossible to know exactly how much Central Security Group will cost you upfront because it requires an in-home evaluation before doling out a quotes. With a little persistence, though, the representative we spoke to told us that a system designed for a 2,200 sq ft, two-exit home usually falls somewhere around $415. That isn’t as convenient as Frontpoint’s standardized bundle pricing, but buying a custom-built system isn’t always a bad thing. If your home is on the smaller side, then paying for only what you need could come out a bit cheaper than having to purchase a set bundle of equipment — some of which you might not be able to use.

Even though Central Security Group costs more upfront, you own the equipment outright. Once you pay, it’s yours to keep, whether you renew your contract or not. And if you ever wind up leaving your home, a ready-to-go system can be a nice selling point.

Another thing we learned while on the phone is that cellular monitoring starts at $30, and a 36-month contract is required (which is pretty much par for the course, with the exception of Atronic Alarms, which doesn’t require a contract at all). That’s $5 cheaper each month than Frontpoint, and $10 cheaper than the next-best local company we evaluated, Atronic Alarms.

When it comes to equipment, it’s important to note that 99 percent of all devices are manufactured from the same two companies (2GIG and Honeywell) and use the exact same technology. The only exception is found in the realm of home automation — not all home automation software is created equally. With Central Security Group, you get cutting edge equipment (which is on par with Frontpoint) that’s powered by, the national leader in home automation and 24/7 monitoring.

Atronic Alarms

(913) 362-0000

Interestingly enough, one of Atronic Alarms’ biggest selling points is that it’s the only one of our recommendations that offers landline service. We always recommend a cellular monitoring setup over a landline system, but in some cases, cellular might not be an option. (i.e. those who live in really remote areas where signal is iffy, or prefer to keep things simple and save a few dollars each month.) Atronic is also the only company we recommend that offers month-to-month service agreements.

When we spoke to Doug, he informed us that landline monitoring is $28 per month, broadband monitoring is $32, and cellular monitoring is $40 per month. He also assured us that ”the company will never raise rates.” However, if you want to take advantage of the smartphone control app, you’ll need to add $8 a month.

Like Central Security Group, Atronic requires an evaluation before giving a quote — only it does not require an in-home visit. Everything can be determined over the phone. And being that Atronic builds customized packages for every customer, you should expect to put some money upfront. Since we couldn’t get a representative to give us even an idea of cost for the average home, our best advice is to get a quote from both Central Security and Atronic, compare them, and then make your choice. If the latter’s equipment quote comes out cheaper (and you don’t mind forgoing the best home automation software available) you’ll welcome a contract-free policy and save some cash in the process.



SEi is incredibly clear about equipment and costs, which is its biggest advantage over Central Security Group and Atronic Alarms. The company only has one Honeywell-made security package (that can be upgraded, of course) that costs $300 and includes: a cellular control panel/siren, key fob, and three door sensors. There’s no need for a home inspection; you simply call, tell them your needs, place your order, and voila, you’re good to go.

Monitoring runs $46 per month, which a bit on the high side. And like the other companies we evaluated, it includes support for home automation add-ons like a connected thermostat and lighting.

While our phone conversation with the company was cordial, we never got a clear answer as to whether customers could choose to forgo home automation in trade for a lower monthly payment. So if home automation isn’t a big deal to you, you’d be wise to double check pricing — it’s quite possible you could come out cheaper with a custom system from Central Security Group.

SEi also runs and maintains its own monitoring station, which is a big testament to the company’s grit and reputability. (Many businesses offload that service to the likes of

Kansas City Policies

Kansas City residents are required to register any active alarm system and apply for a permit. And unfortunately, that process will cost you another $46.

To apply, fill out this form and mail it to the address below. There’s also no way to pay online, so you’ll need to include a check or your credit card information.

Board of Police Commissioners
Attn: Alarm Administrator
1125 Locust Kansas City, Missouri

The Bottom Line

Frontpoint Frontpoint is our top pick for nationwide providers. See if it's available in your Kansas City neighborhood.

If you have several hundred dollars to invest in a system, Central Security Group takes the cake. It has the cheapest cellular monitoring; you own the equipment outright; and its home automation technology is right up there with Frontpoint. The only downside? Both Central Security and Frontpoint require 36-month service agreements. If that scares you, Atronic Alarms is a great alternative. It offers month-to-month agreements and is the only one of our recommendations that offers landline service.