Best Home Security Systems in Las Vegas

Frontpoint Frontpoint won the top spot in our review of nationwide providers. Check to see if it's available in your Las Vegas neighborhood.

On a national level, Frontpoint is the home security company to beat. But what about Las Vegas? We pit the three biggest businesses in the city against our national recommendation to find out was the top dog. After evaluating each company on a number of factors, we determined that Brantley Security Systems was our top pick because of the company’s ratings, prices, customer service, and products.

The Best Home Security Systems in Las Vegas

Cellular Monitoring

Contract Length

Brantley Security Systems

36 months


36 months


36 months

Brantley Security Systems

(702) 629- 3000

Brantley and Alarmco are extremely competitive businesses, and it took a keen eye to conclude that Brantley Security Systems is the best residential security provider in Las Vegas. Both companies have identical pricing and service agreements ($50 cellular monitoring and a 36-month contract), but Brantley’s top-notch customer service and focus on residential security gave it a slight edge over its competition. And speaking of customer service, Brantley scored the highest on BBB, Angie’s List, and Facebook of all the companies that we evaluated.

When we called Brantley, we were answered by a real person who introduced us to five cellular monitoring packages, starting at $50 per month. (Landline is also available for a cheaper $32 per month.) With the most basic package you’ll get a standard burglar alarm: a control panel, audible siren, window and door sensors, and a motion detector. This can be upgraded to include as much as a cellular backup, home automation service, and a camera system which allows you to view your home from any PC or mobile device for added security (this is known as the “Ultra Premium” package).

We were told that the professional installers at Brantley prefer to visit your home for an estimate. However, unlike Alarmco and Hometronic, you can get a free quote online — which is a pretty convenient perk.

It’s nice to know that if you are dissatisfied within the first 90 days, you will be fully refunded for all installation and monitoring fees. Post 90 days, you will receive a full warranty on all equipment and labor for new equipment installations. Keep in mind there is no activation fee but contracts start at a 36 month period.


(702) 382- 5000

Whereas Brantley’s focus is residential security with some services extended to businesses, Alarmco is widely regarded for its business and locksmith services. Cellular monitoring begins at $50 per month and free on-site consultations are available. Another thing that makes Alarmco stand out is that it runs its own five-diamond certified central monitoring station in Southern Nevada.

What sets Alarmco apart from the other two companies we evaluated, are the broad services offered in addition to alarm monitors and CCTV technologies. Alarmco offers highly sophisticated and comprehensive fire alarm systems, electronic entry technology, extensive lock hardware, and even security guard services to ensure your safety and peace of mind. The qualified installers at Alarmco use name brand technologies including Napco, GE, and Honeywell. They provide security systems to renters as well, but remember the minimum contract period is 36 months.

Be sure to to visit Alarmco’s website before you make a final decision. The company frequently runs promotions, like earning a free month of monitoring, that could make you initial startup costs a bit cheaper than Brantley and Hometronic.


(702) 247-1444

Where Brantley and Alarco shine in business security, Hometronic specializes in electronic and entertainment systems. So if you’re interested in a custom home theater, Hometronic is the company for you. And like Brantley, Hometronic also sells systems that support home automation features.

Our call with Hometronic was less than ideal, but we eventually got the job done. It took four different employees before we finally landed at the correct pricing: Landline monitoring will set you back $34 per month and cellular monitoring costs $43 per month. These monitoring costs include a $7 monthly guard fee as well, which covers the cost of professionals physically responding to false alarms. (It’s part of the way the company deals with the city’s policy on alarms.) It’s also worth mentioning that while Hometronics doesn’t own its own central monitoring station, it contracts with ADT to provide local 24/7 monitoring, so you can be sure it’s a reputable service.

Comparable to Brantley and Alarmco, Hometronic security systems has a minimum contract agreement of 36 months. While under contract, your system qualifies for a full warranty and your installation won’t cost you a dime. They do have a $99 activation fee in place but employees have given hint that it can often be waived depending on your installation and equipment.

Crime Rates and Precautions

Whether you’re native to the Greater Las Vegas area or you’re still unpacking, the risk of a property crime in the area is unfortunately high for residents. The likelihood of being victim to a violent or property crime in Las Vegas is 1 in 26. Remember: Burglary is common across all areas and income levels, and there’s no silver bullet that will keep you from becoming a target. However, owning a home security system is a great way to make sure if you are targeted, the thieves won’t make it very far.

Your local Metropolitan Police Department offers a wide range of tips for personal and home safety. You can even contact them to schedule a complimentary home security check with a specialist. Even if you’ve never experienced a property crime or noticed suspicious behavior in your community, a home security system is beneficial for every homeowner and renter in Las Vegas.

The Bottom Line

Frontpoint Our pick for nationwide provider. See if you can get it in your Las Vegas neighborhood.

Brantley Security Systems and Frontpoint are your two best options in Las Vegas, though Frontpoint has a slight edge when it comes to monitoring cost and home automation technology. Give Brantley a call for a baseline quote (702-629-3000) or visit Frontpoint’s website for a more in-depth look at plans and equipment.