Best Home Security Systems in Minnesota

Frontpoint Frontpoint is our top pick for nationwide providers. See if it's available in your Minnesota neighborhood.

Frontpoint is our favorite national security provider, but what about the local options in Minnesota? We found the 12 biggest home security companies in the area and evaluated each of them on a number of different factors, including the quote process, customer service, and pricing.

In the end, we determined that Akers Home Security is the best home security company in Minnesota — as long as you’re OK with paying for everything up front, that is. Otherwise, Frontpoint and Floyd Total Security are your next-best alternatives. Each requires a 36-month monitoring contract, but cost significantly less to get up and running.

The Best Home Security Systems in Minnesota

Cellular Monitoring

Upfront Cost

Contract Length

Akers Home Security

No Contract

Floyd Total Security

36 Months

Bradley Security

No Contract

Minnesota Home Security

12 Months


Akers Home Security

(763) 291-2888

Akers doesn’t play by the same rules as most of the big companies – you don’t ever need to sign a contract for its monitoring services. In fact, if you are unhappy with your service and want to switch to another company, you get to keep your equipment and the monitoring cost for the remaining months of the year is returned to you (Akers charges monitoring costs upfront annually).

When we called, we didn’t have to navigate a confusing phone tree. Instead, we spoke with the straight-shooting owner of the company, who didn’t subject us to a high-pressure sales pitch. He quickly gave us a simple quote and answered all the questions we had.

Even though it’s a smaller business, Akers offers all the features you would want in a security system, including home automation options, life protection devices, and fire detection systems. It’s important to note, however, that some of these devices, including smoke detectors, are only available as add-ons and don’t come with a standard package.

Our Quote

We asked Akers to provide us with a basic security system for a hypothetical three-bedroom, two-exit, single-level home in the Minneapolis area. We indicated that we wanted a system that we could upgrade later with home automation options.

Our quote came in at $1,020 and included a Honeywell wireless system with three door contacts, a motion sensor or glass break sensor, and a touch screen panel, as well as the installation. While this seems pretty steep, cellular monitoring would only cost us $18 a month — that’s almost half the cost of the next cheapest option, Floyd Total Security. That’s incredibly affordable; even compared to some of the most inexpensive providers in that nation.


While some people might prefer a lower initial cost, remember that it probably means you’re only leasing the equipment, and your monthly monitoring payment will be much higher. So if you plan on staying in your current home for a good while, Akers could come out as your least expensive option in the long run.

For example, ten years with Frontpoint will cost you $4,300, while your investment with Akers will cost $3,060 — and you own the equipment outright after day one. And having a ready-to-go home security system can be a great selling if you ever have to leave.

All in all, Akers’ ultra-low monitoring price, great customer service, and glowing online reviews motivated us to crown it as our top recommendation.

Floyd Total Security

(952) 881-5625

As our runner-up, Floyd Total Security is a close second to our top choice. It has stellar BBB and Facebook ratings, and it is the only one of our picks recommended by Angie’s List. Our personal experience with Floyd was characterized by a great mix of friendliness and professionalism. Of all the websites we looked at, Floyd’s was the highest quality, and most informative.

Our Quote

When we got a quote for our hypothetical home (the same setup that was mentioned above), we were pleased with the lower initial price point of $300; though, it did come at the expense of a three-year monitoring contract. The equipment we were offered was the same basic package that Akers offered us (a honeywell system), but it also included a wireless smoke detector. Cellular monitoring was not as cheap as Akers, but at $31 a month, it is still more affordable than Frontpoint, Bradley Security, and Minnesota Security.


A three-year commitment is the only major downside to Floyd Total Security. However, if that doesn’t scare you off, and if you don’t have more than $300 to invest right off the bat, then Floyd is your best option.

Bradley Security

(320) 864-4405

Although Bradley Security didn’t make the cut for our top choice, it is still a quality security company that is worth looking into – especially if you want to invest in home automation from the get-go. It offers a package that includes a smart thermostat and a smart lock for your home, in addition to a 2GIG panel, a motion detector, and sensors for all your doors and windows. This package runs $1,200, including the installation. Skipping home automation knocks the price down to $600.

Like Akers, one our favorite things about Bradley Security is that it doesn’t require you to sign a contract. However, the cellular monitoring cost does come in a little higher than our top two choices at $48 a month. The online reviews for Bradley Security weren’t quite as glowing as Akers and Floyd, but, when considering our personal interaction with the company, we still think Bradley Security is a solid choice.

Minnesota Security

(952) 224-9191

Minnesota Security is a local company that utilizes to provide home automation and monitoring services. The result is that you get the benefits of’s vast experience and resources, but you are serviced by a local company rather than a large corporation.

Minnesota Security’s basic system costs $800 up front, and locks you into a one-year monitoring commitment that runs $43 per month. And while Minnesota’s upfront equipment cost is about $400 cheaper than Akers, the latter actually comes out around $100 cheaper during the first year. And after that, the long-term savings with Akers will award your wallet a little over $300 per year.

When we called Minnesota Security, we were able to get a clear idea of what it offers without feeling pressured to make a decision right away. Overall, we had a great experience. The company isn’t our top choice, but it passed our evaluation and stood out as a quality company.

Feature Comparison


What happens if I accidentally set off my alarm?

Most cities (or counties) will charge homeowners a “false alarm fee” if the police are dispatched to your home when there is no actual emergency. The policies vary depending upon where you live, and some charge a fee for the first offense, while others don’t charge a fee until the fourth false alarm in a year. Either way, you can be almost certain that if police are mistakenly dispatched to your home multiple times, you will pay a fee.

If you do experience a false alarm, do not call 911 to alert the dispatch center. Instead, call and notify your monitoring station. Some systems are set up to proactively call you if an alarm is tripped — it just depends upon which provider you have. That said, it’s important to jot it down somewhere the whole family can access. (If you don’t have that information, call the company that installed your system to find out.)

In addition, it’s wise to make sure your alarm monitoring company has your up-to-date emergency contact names and phone numbers so they can reach you. If you comply with these suggestions, you should be able to limit the number of false alarms that occur at your residence.

Do I need an alarm permit?

Some cities (like Saint Paul) and counties require homeowners to register their monitored burglary alarm with the appropriate authorities. Below is a partial list of the cities and counties that require home burglary alarm permits in Minnesota.

The Bottom Line

Frontpoint Frontpoint is our top pick for nationwide providers. See if it's available in your Minnesota neighborhood.

If you can spare the upfront cost, Akers Home Security is our top pick. Not only is it the most pleasant company you’ll deal with, its cellular monitoring plan is crazy cheap ($18 a month). Plus, you own the equipment outright — which can be a nice selling point if you ever need to put your home on the market. But, if that sort of financial commitment isn’t an option, Frontpoint can get you up and running for just over $100 (and a 3-year monitoring contract).

Now all that’s left is to get a quote. You can visit Frontpoint's website to get a quick online quote, but the rest of our top picks require an old fashioned phone call.