The 4 Best Home Monitoring Systems

When purchasing a home security system, looking for a company with the best home monitoring is important. All of the best home monitoring companies provide 24/7 monitoring for burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, and more. The best home security companies provide several monitoring centers, with built-in redundancy, to ensure someone is always ready to respond to your emergency.

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ADT tops the list of best home security monitoring by providing customers with access to six different monitoring centers across the United States and Canada. ADT offers five different home security packages and allows you to customize these packages with additional equipment. One potential drawback of ADT home security systems is the absence of home automation capabilities, but if you are interested in smart home technologies, that can be added through ADT Pulse. However, with a broad selection of wireless and wired window and door sensors, motion detectors, and control panels, ADT likely has a solution that works for your home. ADT also offers a strong selection of indoor and outdoor cameras, if you place a high priority on home surveillance. As one of the most recognizable names in the home security systems industry, ADT is always a safe choice.

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ADT Pulse® provides home automation and lifestyle management features that are not found in standard ADT systems. Pulse® customers are able to take advantage of the thousands of emergency dispatch operators working at the the six ADT monitoring centers, helping them stand out among the best home security monitoring companies. Home automation through ADT Pulse® allows you to control the lighting, thermostat, small appliances, and other characteristics of your home, as well as utilize scheduled and event-triggered automation. The home surveillance equipment offered by Pulse® may come up a bit short, but overall, ADT Pulse® has a lot of desirable features, making it a top choice for home monitoring.

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Protection 1 has five monitoring centers that are fully redundant, and staffed with hundreds of professionally trained monitoring agents. In fact, Protection 1’s monitoring services are so good, that other home security companies in the industry actually use Protection 1 to monitor their accounts. Protection 1 also has a disaster recovery center, intended for use when weather or other civil emergencies occur. Protection 1 clients also have access to home security equipment manufactured by Honeywell, which is one of the top manufacturing companies in the industry. Like other professionally installed home security systems, if you end up moving to a new home during your contract period, relocating your home security system can be costly. Protection 1 is best to go with if you are well-established in your home.

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Protect America makes it on the list of best home monitoring companies by providing customers with 24/7 monitoring through three different Criticom monitoring centers across the United States. Criticom is one of the leading third party monitoring companies, and the triple redundancy they provide ensures that you’ll always be covered when your home security alarm goes off. Protect America is a very well-rounded home security company, with a full selection of sensors and detectors, and many of the latest home automation services. Homeowners interested in outdoor surveillance should be aware that Protect American does not offer an outdoor camera, though they do offer pan-and-tilt and fixed indoor cameras. Protect America home security systems are best suited for DIY homeowners looking for an out-of-the-box solution.

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