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The 4 Best Arizona Homeowners Insurance Companies

The market for home insurance in Arizona is highly controlled by a few homeowners insurance companies, with intense competition between them. Because of this, Arizona homeowners insurance is readily available at competitive prices mainly from national carriers. The average premium in Arizona sits at $605.00. Key factors to consider when shopping for the best homeowners insurance in Arizona are comprehensive coverage, service, and online tools because price is less of a distinguishing factor.

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Allstate has just over 5% of the cheap Arizona home insurance market. The website is all about education, and finding the right information to help you make your decision. Once you are comfortable with the type and amounts of coverage, Allstate provides solid tools to help manage your insurance needs. Their smartphone app gives easy access to coverage, your bill, and other important information. The Premium Gauge tool shows how premiums are affected by different variables. Finally, Allstate offers a digital locker to keep a backed up inventory of all your personal property.

American Family

American Family is the number two provider of some of the cheapest home insurance in Arizona by market share. An American Family Insurance homeowners policy helps cover property damage from fire, lightning, wind storms, hail, explosions, smoke, vandalism, and many types of theft. In addition to these standard coverages, AmFam also offers many additional options to fit your unique needs, including a home day care option and a home office endorsement. Standard discounts are available and easy to identify on the website. Easily inventory your personal property and secure it off site with its Dream Vault home inventory tool.

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Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance offers Arizona home insurance through two subsidiaries: The Farmers' Insurance Exchange and Farmers' Insurance Company of Arizona. These subsidiaries give Farmers' approximately 12% of the Arizona home insurance market. The website is neatly organized to easily find information on types of coverage, discounts, and ways to reduce premiums. Discounts are widely available, and Farmers Insurance even offers a discount if you have the interior of your home inspected by an authorized representative. With all the tools offered, Farmers makes it easy to find the coverage you need and get a quote in minutes.

State Farm

State Farm is the largest provider of some of the cheapest homeowners insurance in Arizona, commanding over 21% of the market. Their Discount Double Check feature makes sure you are taking advantage of all available discounts, automatically. State Farm provides excellent service tools, such as online home inventory management system, Home IndexTM, and a Premier Service Program® that connects you with reputable local contractors to assist with reconstruction after a loss. Their Learning Center is a solid resource with information on everything from mortgage calculators, to insurance education. State Farm's well-rounded approach to insurance makes them an excellent choice for cheap home insurance in Arizona.