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There are multiple factors to consider when trying to find the cheapest homeowners insurance. One thing that homeowners can do is find a home insurance company that offers a large number of diverse homeowner discounts. Ensuring the discounts match your specific circumstances is an important first step to finding cheap homeowners insurance. Further consideration should be placed upon whether the company provides flexible levels of coverage, which can lead to finding a cheap home insurance premium.

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Updated: February 10, 2014

Farmers Insurance earned a place at the top of the list by providing the lowest home insurance rates in several cities across the U.S. In one city in particular, it was roughly 30% lower than the next cheapest home insurance quote. Farmers offers industry-standard home insurance discounts for things like protective devices, multiple policies, or remaining claim-free. The company also provides price breaks for new homes, newly renovated homes, and more. Farmers even offers discounts to certain professionals, rewarding nurses, teachers, engineers, and others with even lower insurance premiums. Farmers also offers a high number of deductible options, as well as a handful of choices when determining liability coverage. For those that lack confidence in purchasing home insurance, Farmers provides access to a glossary, a lengthy FAQ section, and a variety of other learning materials to help fill in those knowledge gaps. Overall, Farmers is a strong home insurance provider, with solid claims management tools, a capable mobile application, and respectable financial strength scores from top rating agencies. Get Quotes


Liberty Mutual made it on the list of cheap home insurance companies by providing competitive rates in the majority of states sampled. In addition to offering most industry-standard discounts, Liberty Mutual distinguishes itself with a strong affiliate discount program. Policyholders can expect additional discounts based upon the college or university attended, place of employment, or through membership in certain associations. Collectively, there are over 15,000 organizations associated with the affiliate discounts. To complement these discounts, Liberty Mutual offers quality claims management resources that includes access to a 24/7 claims center and 24-hour emergency repair service. This means that if a covered loss occurs in the middle of the night, emergency services can send someone to help you get things under control before further damage is sustained. Liberty Mutual does come up a bit short when it comes to learning materials, but the company is well-rounded and is a good choice for cheap home insurance. Get Quotes


Despite missing some of the common discount options, Amica is able to make it on the list by providing price cuts for loyal customers and to homeowners who take precautionary steps to prevent wind damage. Amica's home insurance price quotes were competitive, and in one of the sampled cities, they actually had the lowest offer. Amica also offers flexibility when it comes to determining deductibles and liabilities. One unique service offered by Amica is the which connects homeowners with trustworthy and reliable contractors. Amica allows homeowners to get a home insurance quote online, a great feature for those looking for cheap home insurance. Some may not like Amica's payment options, as policyholders are limited to 10 monthly payments, or one annual payment, but this probably won't be a deal breaker for most. Get Quotes

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