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LifeLock is one of the best-known identity theft protection services in the industry. With its excellent customer support and solid information monitoring, LifeLock seems poised to maintain its popularity. Learn More

Updated: October 29, 2014

The Good

Monitors file-sharing networks:

In addition to keeping an eye out for unauthorized use of your credit cards and other personal information, LifeLock searches file-sharing networks to make sure your information has not been exposed. Not all identity theft protection services check these sorts of websites for your personal information and, if you frequently use file-sharing networks to download music, videos, or other files of that nature, LifeLock's service is especially valuable. Parents will also appreciate this type of monitoring since children and teens are heavy users of file-sharing websites.

24/7 service:

If your identity is stolen, you don't want to wait around for business hours to take action, and LifeLock understands this. You can speak to a representative over the phone or use the live chat function on LifeLock's website. Either way, you're connected to a real person. Surprisingly, not all identity theft protection services offer 24-hour support, which makes LifeLock's service even more valuable.

Stay up to date on the latest scams:

The Identity Theft 101 section of LifeLock's website contains helpful articles and news reports about the latest trends in identity theft. You can view data about your own state to see how it ranks compared to the rest of the country and what types of identity fraud are most common where you reside. This information won't be a deciding factor when choosing an identity theft protection service, but there's no denying it's a useful resource that helps you keep your personal information from falling into the hands of identity thieves.

The Bad

Ultimate plan a bit expensive:

Although LifeLock's other plans are quite reasonably priced, the Ultimate plan is slightly more expensive than most identity theft protection services in the industry. At over $20 per month, it may be a little out of reach for some people. However, you do gain access to some excellent additional services if you do choose to go with the Ultimate plan, including public records monitoring, credit reports and scores, and bank account monitoring. If budget is your primary concern, there are other companies out there that offer a similar service at a more affordable price.

Can't help with fraud alerts:

LifeLock ceased assisting customers with placing fraud alerts on their credit reports after a 2008 lawsuit was filed against them by Experian, one of the three major credit reporting agencies. Now, if you'd like to place an alert on your account, you must notify the credit bureaus yourself. Doing so isn't too difficult for most and, thus, probably won't play a large role when choosing an identity theft protection company.

Missing medical ID protection:

If an identity thief uses your personal or insurance information for a medical procedure, you may not find out about it until you're being billed. LifeLock is not the only ID theft protection service in the industry that doesn't offer this service, but if you're concerned about becoming a victim of medical ID theft, shopping around might be a better option. Companies like TrustedID and Identity Force offer many of the same services as LifeLock in addition to medical identity protection.

The Details

Identity Theft Insurance Up to $1 million
Monthly Price $9.99 - $29.99
Types of Monitoring Personal, Family, Business


Identity Theft Recovery

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  • Fraud Specialist - The company provides access to fraud specialists to help you manage your fraud case.
  • Identity Theft Insurance - The company offers insurance to reimburse you for costs related to restoring your identity.
  • Lost Wallet Protection - The company offers assistance with canceling and replacing lost or stolen debit/credit cards.
  • Fraud Alert Reminders - The company will remind you when the fraud alert on your account is about to expire so you can renew it.

Information Protection

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Additional Services

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Learning Materials

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LifeLock Standard

$9.99/month or $109.89/year

LifeLock Advantage

$19.99/month or $219.89/year

LifeLock Ultimate plus

$29.99/month or $329.89/year

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