Internet Service Provider Reviews

The Best Internet Service Providers

We compiled a list of 98 internet service providers and reviewed the 26 top companies within four types of internet based on the features that matter most to each service.

Our Top Picks for Each ISP Type

4G Internet

Verizon stands out as a leader in 4G mobile broadband, offering an impressive network and extremely fast speeds.

Verizon Wireless

Cable Internet

Verizon FiOS is unmatched when it comes to internet speeds, offering download rates that can reach 500 Mbps. Speed like this comes at a cost, but you can take pride knowing you have the fastest internet service available.

Verizon FiOS

DSL Internet

AT&T's DSL internet may not be the fastest, but it could still be the right choice for households looking for a reliable company that allows them to bundle their TV, phone, and internet services together.

Satellite Internet

HughesNet offers reliable internet solutions catering to both homes and businesses with download speeds that you won't find with any other satellite internet provider.


A Deeper Look at the Different Types of Internet

Most people probably know the type of ISP they need before they start looking for a specific company. You can get into each of the types below to see what products might be a good fit for your needs.

Choosing the Right Internet Service Provider for You

As we conducted our reviews, we realized that different types of people have specific needs for internet. For example, someone looking for the cheapest ISP is probably not the same person who is looking for the highest speeds.