The 3 Best Free Job Posting Sites

The best free job posting sites differ from other job websites in certain ways aside from providing access to opportunities completely free of charge to the job seeker. On a job posting site, employers directly post their jobs on the site, while other job sites aggregate job listings from other job search sites or company websites. Additionally, job posting sites are much more likely to appeal to a candidate who’s looking to connect with full-time, part-time, temporary, or freelance positions within a certain geographical area. For the best free job posting sites, start with the top three below.

Snagajob is America’s largest hourly employment network. You can search by industry, company, or a host of other fields to find an hourly job in your area of preference. The site offers tools to improve your resume and tips on enhancing your hourly job search. Snagajob also sends updates directly to your email with new jobs that fit your profile or search criteria, which is an effective way to instantly discover the latest openings in your area.

Craigslist has a remarkable ability to reach people with its simplified platform. Anyone can post a job, which increases the quantity of available employment opportunities. While there are definitely low-quality jobs on the site, local employers are increasingly turning to craigslist to post full-time, full-benefit positions so, as long as you take a smart, cautious approach to searching, craigslist is still worth the look. Craigslist is also a very popular place to find part-time and temporary employment for freelancers, college students, or parents seeking secondary income. is the best free job posting site to find federal government jobs. The site includes thousands of positions at hundreds of agencies across the country. specifically targets veterans and individuals with disabilities by providing extra resources to enhance their job searches. For veterans, the site provides help matching veterans’ skill sets to opportunities within the federal government. Individuals with disabilities can find information on Schedule A positions. Information on how Selective Placement Program Coordinators can help your job search is also available through