Allstate is a national insurer offering term insurance, whole life insurance, and annuity products in addition to their auto and property lines. The large range of product offerings helps you take advantage of multi-policy bundling discounts if you use Allstate for other insurance needs. Allstate also has a great reputation for using technology to lower costs. You can use their online resources to calculate how much insurance you need, and use their online quote tool to get a quick quote. Allstate has lower term coverage limits than some of their competitors, but their size and online resources make them a leading option if you are seeking cheap term life insurance. Get Details

Prudential is another national insurer with access to many different insurance products. Their lack of a whole life option may turn off some customers looking for permanent insurance, but it means that their focus is on the term products, which are much cheaper. Prudential's online quote tool is built for the thrifty shopper. It lets you easily check features and compare rates across products. Once you have selected the proper product, you can click through to access a specialized quote tool designed just for that product. This really helps streamline the process, cutting costs so Prudential can offer the cheapest life insurance possible. Get Details

State Farm is one of the largest insurers in the industry. Their size helps cut overhead costs and gives customers multiple ways to save by bundling coverage. State Farm has a disciplined underwriting history, which also helps reduce costs to get you cheap life insurance. Quotes for their term, whole, and universal products can be obtained quickly from the website through a well-designed and easy-to-use tool. If you're unsure about how much life insurance you'll need, a life insurance calculator is also available. If you'd prefer to have some input from an agent, you can complete an application online and forward it right to a local agent. Learning about cheap life insurance is easy with a series of videos, which explain what living benefits are and can help you find how much insurance you need. Get Details