Millions of people use State Farm for auto insurance, but thanks to highly flexible policy options, a solid financial outlook, and some of the best protection in the industry, State Farm life insurance is an industry leader in whole life insurance as well. A.M. Best rates the company as a solid A+ and S&P gives State Farm its AA rating, both indicators of very solid financial footing. With whole life coverage minimums starting at just $25,000, State Farm life insurance offers very approachable whole life coverage for younger buyers wanting to establish lifelong coverage and they even offer instant online whole quotes. The company pays dividends and a guaranteed minimum interest rate so policyholders can maximize the growth of their cash value policies. Policy benefits like guaranteed insurability, disability waiver of premiums, and partial surrender options give policyholders serious flexibility and peace of mind. Other additions such as estate protection and final expense coverage guarantee that policyholders leave their loved ones highly protected. State Farm's whole life coverage is in a league of its own and is an excellent insurance choice from the titan of the industry. Get Details

MetLife has been synonymous with life insurance for decades. The company's exceptionally flexible coverage minimums and well-rounded policy options bring it in at number two for whole life insurance coverage. As with all of the leading companies, MetLife has rock solid financial stability. An A- and AA- from A.M. Best and S&P, respectively, should ease the minds of policy shoppers looking for lifelong coverage. For younger buyers or anyone just looking to get the ball rolling on future insurability, MetLife's $10,000 minimum policy should be very attractive as it's the lowest and most flexible in the industry. When it comes time to pay premiums, the company offers vanishing payment options, guaranteed level premiums, and even return of premium for ultimate flexibility. Coverage choices are also extensive with survivorship policies, disability coverage, and term renewal guarantees. The company has excellent online materials but does not offer an online quote process like State Farm. MetLife life insurance is an all-around excellent whole life insurance provider that is just inches away from the top spot. Get Details

MassMutual is another company with a stellar reputation in life insurance. Their whole life policies are no exception. MassMutual's A++ and AAA ratings from A.M. Best and S&P, respectively, give them the highest financial strength ratings in the industry. Coverage minimums start at $50,000 and are quite a bit higher than State Farm and MetLife, who also offer slightly better policy options. These factors combined place MassMutual life insurance in a close third behind the leaders. The company does offer great whole coverage with vanishing premium options as well as mortgage life, survivorship, and all of the other key features, though they are missing some of the riders offered by the top two companies. An available living benefit rider, disability rider, and accidental death option further protect policyholders but coverage doesn't quite stack up to the value and insurability guarantees offered by State Farm and MetLife. Overall, these coverages are still excellent and make MassMutual life insurance a great option for those looking for lifelong coverage. Get Details