One of the most reputable universities in the nation:

The University of Florida is regarded by many to be one of the top schools in the nation. In the recent U.S. News & World Report survey, the University of Florida was ranked as one of the top 50 schools in the country. The school was featured in The Princeton Review's Best 378 Colleges 2014, and recognized by Forbes as one of America's Top Colleges. The strong reputation established by the University of Florida has carried through to their online education programs, as their online bachelor's and several graduate degrees have also received praise.

Great value for the money:

The University of Florida is consistently recognized as an institution that provides a high-value education to their students. The school was ranked number two in The Princeton Review's Best Value Public Colleges in 2011, and number seven in 2012. They were also listed number three by Smart Money Magazine in an article that discussed colleges that help graduates get high-paying jobs. Even though out-of-state students pay a considerably higher tuition rate, the University of Florida still holds their value, as the school was ranked number 11 by Kiplinger's Best Values in Public Colleges for out-of-state tuition. Whether you are paying in-state or out-of-state tuition, the education you receive for the price you pay is a great deal.

Access to advanced degrees:

The University of Florida provides opportunities for students to earn bachelor's, graduate, and doctorate degrees. Many of the top online schools don't offer all three levels of degrees, and the fact that the University of Florida does speaks to the school's commitment to distance learning. With more than ten years of online education experience, the University of Florida stands out as a great school to earn an advanced degree from.

Highly rated graduate business program:

The University of Florida offers an online graduate business degree that is among the best in the nation. The university was one of only two schools that earned an "excellent" rating fromThe Economist in 2010 for distance learning MBA programs, and was more recently ranked number four by U.S. News & World Report. If you're interested in an accelerated program, the school offers a one-year MBA program to those with a bachelor's degree in business (if you earned the degree in the previous seven years). A standard two-year graduate MBA program is available to those with any undergraduate degree.

Extensive alumni network:

The University of Florida has a well-established alumni community that provides multiple opportunities for you to network with fellow graduates. Nearly 100 Gator Clubs® are located around the world, providing you an opportunity to connect locally with University of Florida alumni members. You can also take advantage of career services and search for jobs posted on the Gator CareerLink website. The school also has a strong online community, with over 15,000 LinkedIn members in the alumni group and an active Facebook community.


Distance learning websites and online processes need work:

Conducting online research is a common practice when you look into attending a new school. Finding information on the University of Florida's distance learning website is tough, and getting through the application process is even worse. The admissions page and application process are really outdated and difficult to navigate. The websites of many of the other top online schools are easy to navigate, provide a variety of helpful online tools, and have a simplified application processes. Although this probably won't be a deal breaker for most applicants, it's the one thing that doesn't reflect well on the online program overall.


General Information
Application Fee $30
Location FL
Region Southeast
School Type Public
Term Schedule Semester
Number of Programs
Online Bachelor's 10
Online Graduate Business 2
Online Graduate Education 5
Online Graduate Engineering 8
Online Graduate IT None
Online Graduate Nursing 1
Tuition Rates (Per Credit)
Online Bachelor's (In-State) $148 - $750
Online Bachelor's (Out-of-State) $812
Online Doctorate (In-State) $448 - $592
Online Doctorate (Out-of-State) $483 - $1,317
Online Master's (In-State) $204 - $448
Online Master's (Out-of-State) $483 - $1,249
Online MBA (In-State) $525
Online MBA (Out-of-State) $1250


  • Bachelor's At least one bachelor's degree program is offered.

  • Doctorate At least one doctorate degree program is offered.

  • Graduate At least one graduate degree program is offered.

  • Federal Student Loans Federal student loans are available to qualified students.

  • Grants Grants are available to qualified students.

  • Institutional Aid Institutional aid is available to qualified students.

  • Scholarships Scholarships are available to qualified students.

  • 4,000+ LinkedIn Group Members The school has a LinkedIn group with 4,000 members or more.

  • Alumni Association The school has an alumni association.

  • Career Services Students and graduates have access to job placement or career services.

  • Facebook Network The school has a Facebook network of alumni, faculty, and students.

  • LinkedIn Network The school has a LinkedIn group for alumni, faculty, and current students.

  • 10+ Years of Online Education At least one program has been taught online for ten years or more.

  • Forbes The university offering the online education is ranked in the top 100 of Forbes' America's Top Colleges.

  • Princeton Review The university offering the online education is listed in the Princeton Review Best 377 Colleges 2013.

  • Times Higher Education - Top 100 Reputation The university offering the online education is ranked in the top 100 of the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings.

  • U.S. News Bachelor's Top 100 The school is ranked in the top 100 for online bachelor's degrees by U.S. News and World Report.

  • U.S. News Graduate Top 25 At least one online graduate program is ranked in the top 25 by U.S. News and World Report.

  • Times Higher Education - Top 100 Ranking The university offering the online education is listed in the top 100 of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

  • Academic Advising Academic advising is available.

  • Digital Library You have online access to digitized library materials.

  • Online Tutoring Online tutoring is available.

  • 24/7 Live Tech Support 24/7 live tech support is available.

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