Most advanced search capabilities:

Often taken for granted by members and overlooked by non-members, the advanced search capabilities found in a profile are unmatched by any other online dating site. Custom search offers you so many options that you can pinpoint the exact type of person you're looking for (if you already know) and you can filter based on height, body type, lifestyle, interests, and background. You can even save that search and come back to it continuously, which saves a lot of time. On top of that, you can search profiles for keywords so that you can find someone who thinks (and writes) like you do. also lets you search for mutual matches so you can look at members who have a profile similar to yours.

Endless amount of communication opportunities:

No online dating site out there can beat when it comes to connections and safe communication. First of all, the way that the website is set up makes communicating less awkward. You can see who has viewed your profile, favorited you, winked at you, and emailed you. The same can be said for other members so know that when you take these types of actions, they will be able to see that you have viewed or favorited them. Many people are hesitant about online dating for safety reasons, but does their best to alleviate that fear by offering matchPhone, which allows you to talk or text while keeping your real phone number private. You can also do that with the standard email feature that is available on every other dating site, but also gives you a VIP email that you can send to someone once a week. This VIP email will go away each week if you don't use it. If you don't know what to write to someone, you can always start with a wink to get their attention. If that isn't enough, you can respond to a member's DateSpark where they post their idea of a great date and you can respond.

Large, high-quality dating pool:

A major deciding factor for whether or not you should pay the money to subscribe or just use the free online dating features of a dating site comes down to the quality of the dating pool. Rest assured that ranks at the top of the online dating sites in terms of quality, due to the sheer volume of paid members who are serious about dating. Clearly, quantity does not mean quality in the dating world, but in this case you have people investing their time and money into creating an online dating profile. Not many people are on to browse and date casually, but many are on to find potential partners. For the most part, you'll also find fully completed, well-thought-out profiles on so you can do your research up front and save yourself some time down the road.

Live events in some cities: has introduced something that they call Stir, which is essentially an event for singles to meet, hosted by The events are based on an activity that you like and is located in your area (if Stir is offered in your area). Some of the events include happy hours, cooking classes, wine tastings, and dance lessons. Live events can be a comfortable way to meet people in a group setting rather than going on a one-on-one date for the first time. When you sign into your account and select "Events" at the top of the screen, you can see if your location has Stir events by selecting your city. If your city doesn't have any events yet, you can submit your zip code to notify that you're interested.

Six-month guarantee:

If you're skeptical of paying your hard-earned money to find dates on a paid subscription website, offers a pretty encouraging six-month guarantee. You have to qualify by having a certain amount of activity, but the added benefit of going this route is that you'll have some extra motivation to give online dating your full effort. If you don't find someone during the initial six-month subscription, will give you another six months for free. All you have to do is create an honest profile, keep it visible, and respond to or initiate email communication with at least five members each month via

Many ways to find matches:

One of the best things about is that you're never limited, which is especially true when it comes to finding potential matches. Of course, you can use the extensive search capabilities, but also delivers Daily Matches to your inbox or account each day where you can select "yes," "no," or "maybe" for each potential match. Within the Daily Matches, you will also receive a profile that designates as your SingledOut match of the day. On the right side of your profile home, you'll also be presented with more ways to match, including MutualMatch, ReverseMatch, and DateSpark. MutualMatch pairs you with profiles that are very similar to yours. ReverseMatch presents you with a group of matches who are looking for someone like you based on your profile. DateSpark is a very unique matching feature that allows you to post your ideas for a great date and read what other members have posted in hopes of connecting.

Simple-to-navigate account:

Inside of a account everything is very simple to find and feels as though has set your account up to help you to truly find a special someone. There are quick links located to the left side of your account where you can view your emails, emails sent, winks, winks sent, as well as other information about who has viewed your profile, favorited you, and your favorites. Basically, you can keep tabs on your entire online dating life by using these links. In addition, you can also view what is new on your newsfeed, and has another section that encourages you to communicate with members who have either reached out to you or that you have taken some sort of action on. It's fairly common for busy people to use an online dating site and having the added convenience of reminders for who you may want to connect with can be a major help.


No chemistry or personality tests for matching:

If you're not overly interested in doing the search work and you want to be paired up with potential matches based on testing, is probaly not the online dating site for you. While they offer just about every feature, Match doesn't rely on chemistry and personality tests to match members, although many of their features do that automatically based on profiles. If you're looking to find a potential match based on testing, you can learn more about the two major online dating sites that offer these options by reading our review or eHarmony review.

Free online dating is very limited:

To get the full value of, you definitely need to sign up for a paid membership. However, you can get started by opening a free account, which allows you to only view photos and profiles. If it's free online dating you're looking for, you might be better off trying one of the free dating sites. These sites will generally allow you to send messages, read messages, and view full profiles of members at no cost. The tradeoff is that you will have a lot more incomplete profiles to sort through. If you're on a budget, or you aren't serious about online dating, you're better off starting with a free online dating site.


One Month $35.99/month
One Year $15.99 or $16.49/month
Six Months $16.99 or $19.99/month
Three Months $19.99 or $22.99/month
Age Groups
Most Popular Ages 45 - 54
Second Most Popular Ages 25 - 34
Third Most Popular Ages 35 - 44


  • Emails You can email other members.

  • Instant Messaging An instant messaging service is built in to the site.

  • Private Phone Number You can use a private phone number to speak with other members.

  • Reply Chances The site displays your chances of receiving a reply from a potential match.

  • Wink, Poke, or Flirt You can wink, poke, or flirt with other members.

  • Chat Rooms A chat room where you can talk to other members is available.

  • Emails Sent You can view the emails sent to your connections.

  • Favorited You You can see other members who have made you a favorite.

  • Favorites You can add other members as a favorite.

  • Mobile Dating The online dating website has an iPhone or Android application.

  • Viewed You You can see the members who have viewed your profile.

  • Winks, Pokes, or Flirts Sent The online dating site allows you to view the winks, pokes, or flirts sent to other members.

  • Add Photos You can add photos to your profile.

  • Background You can fill out a list of background information to tell more about yourself.

  • Custom Bio You can write a customized bio in your profile.

  • Edit Photos You can edit or rearrange the photos in your profile.

  • Interests You can select from a list of interests to add to your profile.

  • Lifestyle You can fill out a list of lifestyle options.

  • Newsfeed You can view a newsfeed of current happenings related to your connections.

  • View Counter You can see how many people have viewed your profile.

  • Events The site has events that you can attend to meet potential matches.

  • Matches Potential matches are sent to your account.

  • Same Sex Dating Same sex dating is offered on the site.

  • Compatibility Test A compatibility test or quiz to pair you with potential matches is offered.

  • Personality Test A personality test to pair you with potential matches is offered.

  • Background Filters You can filter your search results or initial search based on specific background features.

  • Body Type Filters You can filter your search results or initial search based on a specific body type.

  • Custom Search You can create a customized search to find profiles based on what matters to you.

  • Interest Filters You can filter your search results or initial search based on specific interests.

  • Keyword Search You can search profiles for a specific keyword that you are looking for.

  • Lifestyle Filters You can filter your search results or initial search based on specific lifestyle features.

  • Location You can search for members based on their location.

  • Mutual Connection Search You can search for mutual connections.

  • New Member Search You can search for the newest members.

  • Photos Only You can search for only members who display photos.

  • Quick Search A quick search option is available.

  • Saved Search You can save your searches so that you can repeat them again.

  • Billing Status You can access your billing status online.

  • Block Members You can block members.

  • Cancel Membership Online You can cancel your membership online.

  • Change Username You can change your username after you have already created an account.

  • Email Preferences You can change your emailing preferences.

  • Hide Profile You can hide your profile.

  • Increase Visibility Features to increase the visibility of your profile are offered.

  • International Dating The website is available in other countries.

  • Invite Friends Incentive You will receive an incentive for inviting friends to the website.

  • Profile Writers A service to write your profile for you is offered.

  • View Photos You can view photos of all members for free.

  • Read Messages You can read received messages for free.

  • Send Messages You can send messages to users for free.

  • View Full Profiles You can view full profiles for free.

  • Articles and Advice Articles and advice on dating are available.

  • FAQ Answers to frequently asked questions are available.

  • Help Search A search function within the site help section is offered.

  • Profile Help The website offers tips on creating your dating profile.

  • Forum An interactive forum where users can post questions and answers is available.

  • Email An email or ticket system dedicated to support is available.

  • Live Chat You can contact the site for support through live chat.

  • Phone You can contact the site by phone to get support.

  • Social Media You can contact the site with questions through social media websites.


One Month


Three Months

$19.99 or $22.99/month

Six Months

$16.99 or $19.99/month

Twelve Months

$15.99 or $16.49/month

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