Filter searches based on what matters to you:

OkCupid's search tools allow you to focus in on what is most important to you in a potential partner. You can filter your searches by location, interest, background, and lifestyle characteristics. If there is something that doesn't fall under one of these categories, you can include it in a keyword search. And if all your searches are returning the same old faces, you can always switch your search to show new members only. The site also allows you to save custom searches to run at a later date. And those are just the search options that are available with the free membership; an upgrade to A-List will allow you to filter by body type and personality as well as other traits.

Finding matches is easy:

OkCupid works with you to help you find potential matches that fit what you are looking for. The site offers a compatibility test with questions you can answer publicly or privately. You select your answer, the answer(s) you would accept from a potential match, and how important that question is to you. The more questions you answer, the better the matches that OkCupid sends to your account will be. This can be a big help if you haven't had much luck finding matches by reading profiles alone. If you want to show up on member's newsfeeds, make sure to update your profile or answer new questions regularly. Any edits to your member profile will usually land you on a compatible member's homepage newsfeeds.

Communication is simple and natural:

OkCupid offers several different ways to communicate with others on the site so that you can choose the one that feels most comfortable to you. If you just want to say hi, you can send a quick message. And if you want to have a real conversation, OkCupid offers instant messaging. Another nice thing about talking with others on this site is that it lets you know how likely the person is to respond to your message based on their previous actions. Tools like these can facilitate good conversation and help you find great matches.

Crazy Blind Date:

Crazy Blind Date works exactly like you think it would — one user chooses a place and time for a date and another person agrees to join them. You can't see profiles; instead, you only see a scrambled version of the person's profile picture. This is a unique option for those looking to add a bit of fun and spontaneity into their dating lives. Once you agree to the date, you can chat with the other person, and after the date, you can review it on the site. That data is used to help return better results in the future.

Totally free online dating:

While all major dating sites offer some sort of free service, few can compete with OkCupid. On this site, you can view other users' photos and complete profiles. You can also send and receive messages, enabling you to have a complete online dating experience without paying a cent. Those who like the idea of online dating but don't want to pay for it will definitely want to check out OkCupid.

Awesome upgrades:

Those who do choose to upgrade from a free membership to a paid subscription won't be disappointed because A-Listers will get access to a ton of really cool features that can't be found on any other dating site. For example, you can browse profiles invisibly and see if your messages have been read or not. Ads can be annoying, but with A-List, you won't have to deal with them. Also, photo timestamps can help you be sure that you're seeing current photos of a person that reflect how they look now, not ten years ago. The best part of all this is that all these upgrades come at less than half the cost of most dating site subscriptions.

Mobile dating:

With OkCupid's mobile app, your search for the perfect match doesn't have to end the second you step away from the computer. Available for both Android and iPhones, this app allows you to upload photos to your account and change your account settings. You can also search for matches and view complete profiles from your phone. If you find someone you really like, you can easily add them to your favorites list. Tools like these make it easy to stay connected to your potential matches wherever you happen to be.


No way to increase your profile's visibility:

On OkCupid, there is nothing you can do to improve where your profile shows up in the searches. Though only offered by about half the major dating sites out there, this is a nice feature to have because it can pull a lot of attention to your profile and help you get a lot more views than you might otherwise get if you were just another name in the search. If increased profile visibility sounds interesting to you, you may be better off looking at some other sites.

Must pay to change username:

OkCupid does not allow members of their free online dating service to change their username. If after you create your account, you decide that you really don't like the name you chose, you have two options. One is to cancel the account and create a new one, and the other is to upgrade to A-List, a paid service offered by OkCupid that includes several upgrades, such as the ability to change usernames. One of these methods costs money and the other a lot of time and hassle. When it comes down to it, changing a username is simple to do and it would be nice to see OkCupid offer this option to all their members without charging them.

Email and social media support only:

OkCupid does not have a number listed on their site for users to call if they have questions or need help with their accounts. Instead, users must contact the company via email or social media. This will still get you the help that you need, but it may take a little while to get a response. Phone support would be a superior option, and it would be nice to see OkCupid add this to their support offerings.


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  • Chat Rooms A chat room where you can talk to other members is available.

  • Emails You can email other members.

  • Instant Messaging An instant messaging service is built in to the site.

  • Reply Chances The site displays your chances of receiving a reply from a potential match.

  • Wink, Poke, or Flirt You can wink, poke, or flirt with other members.

  • Private Phone Number You can use a private phone number to speak with other members.

  • Emails Sent You can view the emails sent to your connections.

  • Favorites You can add other members as a favorite.

  • Mobile Dating The online dating website has an iPhone or Android application.

  • Viewed You You can see the members who have viewed your profile.

  • Favorited You You can see other members who have made you a favorite.

  • Winks, Pokes, or Flirts Sent The online dating site allows you to view the winks, pokes, or flirts sent to other members.

  • Add Photos You can add photos to your profile.

  • Background You can fill out a list of background information to tell more about yourself.

  • Custom Bio You can write a customized bio in your profile.

  • Edit Photos You can edit or rearrange the photos in your profile.

  • Interests You can select from a list of interests to add to your profile.

  • Lifestyle You can fill out a list of lifestyle options.

  • View Counter You can see how many people have viewed your profile.

  • Newsfeed You can view a newsfeed of current happenings related to your connections.

  • Compatibility Test A compatibility test or quiz to pair you with potential matches is offered.

  • Events The site has events that you can attend to meet potential matches.

  • Matches Potential matches are sent to your account.

  • Same Sex Dating Same sex dating is offered on the site.

  • Personality Test A personality test to pair you with potential matches is offered.

  • Background Filters You can filter your search results or initial search based on specific background features.

  • Custom Search You can create a customized search to find profiles based on what matters to you.

  • Interest Filters You can filter your search results or initial search based on specific interests.

  • Keyword Search You can search profiles for a specific keyword that you are looking for.

  • Lifestyle Filters You can filter your search results or initial search based on specific lifestyle features.

  • Location You can search for members based on their location.

  • New Member Search You can search for the newest members.

  • Photos Only You can search for only members who display photos.

  • Quick Search A quick search option is available.

  • Saved Search You can save your searches so that you can repeat them again.

  • Body Type Filters You can filter your search results or initial search based on a specific body type.

  • Mutual Connection Search You can search for mutual connections.

  • Block Members You can block members.

  • Cancel Membership Online You can cancel your membership online.

  • Email Preferences You can change your emailing preferences.

  • Hide Profile You can hide your profile.

  • Billing Status You can access your billing status online.

  • Change Username You can change your username after you have already created an account.

  • International Dating The website is available in other countries.

  • Profile Writers A service to write your profile for you is offered.

  • Increase Visibility Features to increase the visibility of your profile are offered.

  • Invite Friends Incentive You will receive an incentive for inviting friends to the website.

  • Read Messages You can read received messages for free.

  • Send Messages You can send messages to users for free.

  • View Full Profiles You can view full profiles for free.

  • View Photos You can view photos of all members for free.

  • Articles and Advice Articles and advice on dating are available.

  • FAQ Answers to frequently asked questions are available.

  • Forum An interactive forum where users can post questions and answers is available.

  • Profile Help The website offers tips on creating your dating profile.

  • Help Search A search function within the site help section is offered.

  • Email An email or ticket system dedicated to support is available.

  • Social Media You can contact the site with questions through social media websites.

  • Live Chat You can contact the site for support through live chat.

  • Phone You can contact the site by phone to get support.


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