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With a site that looks and feels like a social network, Zoosk has attracted a younger demographic by offering solid free online dating resources and strong social media integration. Some online daters might be turned off by the lack of searching capabilities, but Zoosk can be a fun online dating site if you have some time on your hands.

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The Good

Excellent free online dating

If you're curious about online dating but don't want to pay for a subscription, Zoosk could be a good fit. This site offers great free services to their members, including the ability to view photos and full profiles. Though you can upgrade and get access to even more features, the free subscription should be enough for most, making this an ideal site for those who are on a budget but still want to give online dating a try.

International dating

Anyone interested in exploring the possibility of dating internationally will want to take a look at Zoosk. This site is available in several languages and countries all over the world, expanding the dating pool significantly. This could be exactly what you need to improve your overall online dating experience and find that special someone, whether they happen to be down the street or across the ocean.

Purchase or earn coins

Zoosk offers their users the opportunity to purchase or earn virtual currency which can be used for several purposes on the site. Coins can be earned for referring friends to the site or by completing special offers. Once you have your coins, you can use them to send special graphics to other users as gifts. They can also be used to improve your profile's visibility on the site. By purchasing a Boost, your profile will appear at the top of search results and in a special place on the homepage of other users' profiles. This can really be a great feature because it allows your profile to be seen by people who may not have noticed it otherwise. This could be exactly what you need to get more page views and find better matches.

Capable mobile app

Zoosk offers a mobile app for Android and iPhones that allows you to stay connected to your online dating profile at all times. With this app, you can upload photos, send emails to other users, change settings, and even search for potential matches. This is an ideal solution for those who aren't around a computer all the time since the app allows you to browse through the list of prospective matches on your own time.

Growing company with a trendy idea

Zoosk first made a name for themselves through their social networking apps, which are available on several sites, including Facebook. Zoosk's own website blends the look and feel of a social networking site with that of a traditional dating site. This has undoubtedly helped them to attract such a high volume of younger users. Today, the company is growing and offers their services on several platforms, including social media and smartphone applications, in addition to their website.

Proprietary matching system

Zoosk's Smart Pick is an excellent resource that helps pair users with potential matches based off of their answers to certain questions. The site then matches you with a different user every day. You can anonymously view their profile and then you vote on whether or not you are interested in that person. If both of you choose "Yes," then you are added to each other's connections. If you choose "No," Smart Pick will take that data and use it to provide better matches in the future. A tool like this can be extremely valuable, especially to those who do not have time to sort through a bunch of profiles.

The Bad

Finding matches could be difficult

Although Zoosk does send potential matches to you to help make the searching process easier, they still falls a little short of others in the industry. They do not offer a personality test to their users, for one thing. This could be extremely useful for finding matches who are similar to you, but unfortunately it's just not offered by this site. Another thing that is missing is any hosted events. Other popular dating sites offer events where members can come and meet each other while doing all sorts of activities. These events can be ideal for getting to know other singles in your area that have similar interests. For those that would be interested in a site with stronger matching capabilities, there are other sites that would be better suited.

Common search filters limited

Zoosk offers lots of quality search features, such as the ability to create custom searches and save them to run again at a later date. But those who are interested in sites with really strong search capabilities may be a little disappointed with this site. You cannot search for only new members nor can you filter your search to only show profiles with photos attached to them. In addition, there is no way to search for members based on common interests, which is annoying as that information could be very useful when it comes to finding a potential match. The best online dating sites offer keyword searches as sort of a catch-all for any other information that someone would be interested in looking for. However, Zoosk does not have this capability either. Though the search options provided by the site may be enough for most people, if access to lots of search filters is at the top of your priority list, it may be wise to look at other dating sites.

No favorites

Unfortunately, Zoosk doesn't offer the option to add selected matches to favorites. You can add people to your connections, but that's about it. There is no way to distinguish those you are most interested in from your other potential matches. While some may not be too concerned about this, it is still something to be aware of when looking for the best dating site.

Account settings missing

You are unable to view your billing status in your account, but you can view your payment history and saved payment methods. If somewhere down the line, you decide that you would like to hide your profile from other members, you may be disappointed to know that that is not an option, either. However, in that case, you can easily cancel your account online, which may make up for the inability to hide your profile. If these features are important to you, it may be worthwhile to investigate some other sites.

The Details


  • One Month: $29.95/month
  • One Year: N/A
  • Six Months: $12.49/month
  • Three Months: $19.98/month

Age Groups

  • Most Popular: Ages 25 - 34
  • Second Most Popular: Ages 35 - 44
  • Third Most Popular: N/A


One Month

  • $29.95/month

Three Months

  • $59.95 or $19.98/month

Six Months

  • $74.95 or $12.49/month

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