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Wrike is best in class when it comes to integrating email with project management. While everyone else is figuring out how to get away from email, Wrike users are embracing it. Try It Now

Raymond Althof

Raymond Althof

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Updated: May 21, 2014

The Good

Collaboration is built around tasks:

Wrike was clearly built around the idea that everything revolves around individual tasks. Tasks almost have to be looked at as mini projects because that is where everything happens. You can perform a variety of actions on folders as well, but collaborating and sharing will occur directly at the task level, which is where Wrike feels most natural. With that in mind, those who have fewer tasks and tasks with a longer duration will probably find Wrike more user-friendly than those who like to break tasks up.

Task management is fast and efficient:

All of the core features that Wrike brings to the table are built into tasks. Within task management, you will find collaboration, email integration, and file management capabilities.

Wrike believes in its customers:

Wrike has a cool feature that allows users to suggest new ideas. Each user is given a number of votes that they can cast, so the community takes an active role is voicing what is most important to them. It is pretty clear that Wrike takes customer support seriously.

Scalable and affordable price structure:

For what Wrike brings to the table, the value is solid when matched with the cost. For $99 per month with an annual prepayment, you can run a team of up to 15 users with unlimited collaborators and unlimited projects. Along with that, you start with 5GB of storage space and can easily scale up from there. That puts the cost at just over $6.50 per user, which is pretty difficult to beat.

Useful desktop notifications:

Providing feedback and input on tasks is an important aspect of successful project management. With Wrike's desktop notification system, whenever someone leaves a comment in a task or assigns a new task, user's associated with the task are alerted by a small pop-up message in the corner of their desktop. This helps your team to never miss an update and to be current on the progress of their work. Project managers and teams of all types will appreciate this feature, but it is especially valuable to those with virtual teams.

Email integration is excellent:

Wrike is a clear example of how email collaboration should be handled within a project management software. You can comment on and discuss folders and tasks within the application. When you are writing a message, you can direct the message to any of your team members by throwing an @ symbol in front of their name. This brings the message to their attention in a variety of different ways, including by email. A simple response to the email will notify the sender both by email and within Wrike.

Powerful file management features:

You may not see it on the surface, but Wrike handles file management as good or better than any other option on the market. The file management features offered by Wrike are powerful enough to completely replace a third-party file management solution if you wanted to go that route. There is always a benefit to having everything all in one place.

The Bad

Considerable learning curve:

Because Wrike was built for flexibility, it requires some thought to figure out how to structure your projects. Without a full understanding of the features hidden within Wrike, that will be a challenge. If you try to just dive in and start using Wrike, you will miss out. The best way to learn how to use the software is to start reading and watching videos. If you want even more training, there are daily webinars that are extremely helpful for familiarizing yourself with Wrike.

Functionality is below average quality:

Wrike is easy for users who are just working on tasks that are given to them. Where Wrike falls short is from the manager and project manager's perspective. Things become messy when you start to get a lot of tasks and folders into Wrike. There is no clear high-level view into everything that is going on. All of the features that would allow a high-level view are in place, but it just never works out that way when you are using Wrike. The functionality and usability seem to become worse as you scale. This is especially true if you like to break your tasks up to be more on the granular side.

Clunky task system:

Maybe the most noticeable flaw in the functionality of Wrike is when you are switching the views of tasks. There are a number of different views, including the primary list view, a table view, a timeline view, and a workload view, but trying to navigate from one to another is slow and choppy. Another thing that makes Wrike frustrating to use is its limitations when working with a list of tasks. In order to do anything with a task, you have to click on the task and perform your action on that task in a separate view. The natural way to perform basic actions on a task (such as deleting or marking complete) is to right-click. Unfortunately, right-clicking is not an option in Wrike.

Cannot customize or brand workspace:

When it comes to the look at feel of Wrike, what you see is what you get. You cannot change the layout or the look of the workspace. There is no way to add your own logo either for branding purposes. This doesn't affect your ability to manage projects, but brand customization is definitely a nice to have feature.

Gantt charts are weak:

Wrike claims to offer Gantt charts—and they do. However, they are slow, awkward, and all in all, not very useful. On top of that, there is no easy way to add dependencies to tasks, which brings us to the next point.

Can't set dependencies from task details view:

The only way this can currently be done is through the timeline view (Gantt chart view). You have to grab a black dot at the end of the task and connect the dot with the task you want to set a dependency with. For some reason, you cannot add dependencies from any of the other views.

The Details

Active Projects Unlimited
Contract Agreement Annual, Month to Month
Data Storage 5GB+
Free Trial 30 days
Monthly Rate $0 - $99
Number of Users 5 - Unlimited


Financial Management

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  • Budgeting - You can set a project budget and measure an outcome against that budget.
  • Estimated and Actual Cost - You can estimate the cost of a work item or resource and then input the actual cost.
  • Expense Approval - Expense requests can be submitted by users and approved by managers.
  • Expense Tracking - You can track expenses for a project or work item.
  • Financial Indicators - You can view the financial health of a project in terms of budget.
  • Fixed Price Rates - You can set a fixed price rate on a work item, such as a task, to indicate the price of fixed cost items on a project.
  • Job Role Rates - You can set a rate for specific job roles to automatically calculate cost.
  • Revenue Tracking - You can track revenue for specific project and work items.

Project Management

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Resource Management

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Task Management

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Email Integration

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Team Collaboration

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File Management

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Learning Materials

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Third-Party Integration

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Time Management

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Price: $0/month
Users: 5
Projects: Unlimited
File Storage: N/A

Professional - 5 Users

Price: $49/month
Users: 5
Projects: Unlimited
File Storage: From 5GB

Professional - 15 Users

Price: $99/month
Users: 15
Projects: Unlimited
File Storage: From 5GB


Price: Contact Company
Users: 5+
Projects: Unlimited
File Storage: From 50GB

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