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Rent Manager Online is a highly customizable and powerful property management software ideal for experienced property managers with large and diverse property portfolios. Try It Now

Michael Quinn

Michael Quinn

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Updated: May 21, 2014

The Good

Handle any task under the sun:

Rent Manager Online is one of the most mature property management software providers in the industry. Its main menu is composed of 12 options with dozens of items in the respective submenus. Tasks like adding a new property, unit, or new tenant, are simplified with step-by-step wizards that guide you through the setup process. The main page has a navigation menu on the left that reminds you which tasks you have been working on and enables you to jump back and forth between open windows.

Highly customizable:

Customization throughout the software is a strength, as many of the features can be changed according to your circumstances and preferences. One unique characteristic of Rent Manager is the ability to move any item from any menu onto the toolbar found near the top of the screen. This enables one-click access to the tools and processes you use most often. You control how many menu items are on the toolbar and can even change the default names. Having the ability to customize is a great resource for property managers with large or diverse portfolios.

Navigate information with ease:

The main screens of major functions are accompanied by a series of tabs at the bottom of the page that grant access to various data. For example, the main properties screen includes a General tab, as well as tabs for payments, late fees, and history/notes that enable you to quickly jump to important property information. All properties are listed on the left, so moving between properties or tenants is quite easy. Granting access to information in this manner provides a more complete view of your portfolio and eliminates unnecessary time spent navigating system menus.

Ability to create custom reports:

Reporting is a strong feature of Rent Manager. For the more data-driven managers and owners, Rent Manager enables you to create custom reports so you can easily access the information you want. Another particularly useful reporting capability is the batch function. By running a batch for owner reports, all bank activity and statements associated with a particular owner are generated. The report viewer enables you to view the report, or you can export to PDF, Excel, or HTML.

Bird's Eye View for viewing communities:

For an additional cost, Rent Manager enables you to view your properties from an aerial perspective. Using a proprietary mapping tool, Bird's Eye View (BEV) enables you to color-code your properties and quickly drill down to unit-specific information. In addition, you can print financial reports on each unit and view aged delinquencies, unit occupancy, unit status, and more. All managers will appreciate this functionality, but BEV is especially useful for multi-unit communities.

Weekly webinars and active user resources:

Rent Manager offers a variety of training options and weekly webinars. It also boasts a comprehensive knowledge base, an active user forum, a lengthy setup guide that deals with higher-level concepts, a dedicated support email, and assistance by phone from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET.

The Bad

Simplicity sacrificed for functionality:

Rent Manager has developed a highly functional product, but the overall design is not clean and can feel especially cluttered if you have multiple windows open. Some task windows also utilize difficult-to-read color schemes (for example, red text over a yellow background). The majority of comparable web-based property management products have a modern look and feel and, for the most part, you can tell they were developed specifically for the web.

Steep learning curve beyond basic tasks:

Many of the basic tasks in Rent Manager have clear processes that should be fairly easy to learn. However, getting to a place where you are comfortable with some of the more complex tasks takes time. Rent Manager has a lot of functionality, especially when you consider all of the add-on services. Plan on taking advantage of online or on-site training, weekly webinars, and other resources Rent Manager has in place to help manage the learning curve and get you operating effectively.

Inconsistent naming conventions:

Rent Manager uses the terms "Tenants" and "Customers" to reference the same group of people in different parts of the software. The same image is also used as the icon for both terms. Learning a new software can be a challenging process, but introducing inconsistent terms has the potential to complicate things further.

The Details

Free Trial None
Monthly Minimum Fee $75
Price - Commerical Property Contact Company
Price - Residential Property Contact Company
Volume Discount Contact Company



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  • Accrual Accounting - The software supports accrual-based accounting methods.
  • Balance Sheet - The software includes balance sheet functionality.
  • Bank Account Reconciliation - You can reconcile account data with the bank.
  • Cash Accounting - The software supports cash-based accounting methods.
  • Cash Flow Statements - The software includes cash flow statements.
  • Custom Fields - You can create custom fields in accounting tools.
  • General Ledger - The software includes general ledger functionality.
  • Income Statement - The software includes income statement functionality.
  • Invoices - You can create invoices.
  • Payables - The software keeps track of payables.
  • Property Budgeting - You can create budgets for individual properties.
  • Receivables - The software keeps track of receivables.
  • Transfer Funds - You can transfer funds between properties.

Management Portal

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Property Type

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Tenant Portal

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Browser Compatibility

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Data Management

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Learning Materials

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Owner Portal

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As opposed to being charged by the number of units you manage, Rent Manager implements a pricing model based on the number of concurrent users. Each concurrent user account requires a one-time activation fee of $195. After that initial setup expense, a monthly subscription fee of $75 per concurrent user is applied. Your monthly subscription fee (number of concurrent users x $75) allows you to manage an unlimited number of units. For property management companies with smaller portfolios, these prices might seem high. But for growing mid-size and large portfolios, having the luxury of a $75 per login for an unlimited number of properties could result in a lower monthly rate.

The following add-on services require contacting Rent Manager for more price information:

  • Web Marketing Suite
  • Web Portal Suite
  • Resident Screening
  • ePay
  • Bird's Eye View
  • Loan Manager
  • Prospect Manager
  • Report Writer
  • CAM & Reconciliation
  • Metered Utilities
  • Metered Utilities Plus
  • Check Scanner
  • Hand-Held Meter Readers
  • NDT VoIP Integration

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