The Best Standing Desk Mat

Form, function, and the right materials

The 30-Second Review

Our goal was to find the standing desk mats that actually reduced the most fatigue. We talked to multiple ergonomists and spent weeks researching foams and plastics to figure out which ones performed well on paper. Then we tried out the top contenders ourselves to find the best.

Top Picks
Best Overall

This simple, but stylish 24” x 36” mat provided the most relief to our team of in-office testers, stayed put when we wanted it to, and was easy to move out of the way when not in use. ($120)

Most Durable

WellnessMats Maxum Mat

Industrial-looking, but ostensibly built to last, this 24” x 36” mat aced our durability test and came in second only to the Dual Gripper Standing Mat when it came to comfort. ($130)

We all know that sitting in an office chair for eight hours a day isn’t good for you. Standing motionless at your desk for the same period of time isn’t the best alternative either, though — at least without using an anti-fatigue standing desk mat. That can lead to its own troublesome health problems, like spinal compression, as well as acute and sometimes even chronic joint and muscle pain. Even then, all the ergonomists we talked to agreed: you should really switch between standing and sitting every hour or less, if you can — even if you’re using a high-quality standing desk mat.

Best Overall

iMovR EcoLast Dual Gripper Standing Mat Dependable and highly effective, this was the most comfortable mat we tested.

The iMovR EcoLast Dual Gripper Standing Mat is our top pick. It’s made of 100 percent polyurethane, which is rare in a mostly memory foam-based industry, but is proven to actually decrease spinal compression by as much as 40 percent when used in anti-fatigue mats. It also scored the highest marks in our hands-on test for comfort and all-around convenience, and was the second most durable mat in our test, just behind the WellnessMats Maxum Mat.

Most Durable

WellnessMats Maxum Mats Consistent support — no matter what.

Our most durable top pick, the WellnessMats Maxum Mat, is also made of 100 percent polyurethane and provides the same amount of anti-fatigue support as the Dual Gripper in theory — our testers just didn’t think it was quite as comfortable or stylish in practice. Still, it outperformed every other mat we tried, and was, by far, the most durable mat we tested; complete with burly-looking top tread.

Our Picks for the Best Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat

Best Overall

iMovR EcoLast Dual Gripper Standing Mat A simple, but stylish-looking mat that provides a surprising amount of support.

Despite its simple appearance, the iMovr Ecolast Dual Gripper was by far the most comfortable and stable mat we tested — and just the right size. At 24 by 36 inches, it allows for a comfortable stance for most people, regardless of height. Anything smaller, like the iMovr Ecolast Premium Portable Standing Mat, which clocks in at 18 by 22 inches, was too narrow for our 5’11” tester and our 5’3” tester. Anything larger, such as the iMovr Ecolast Hybrid Standing/Chair Mat (which is nearly 5 feet wide) is too large to easily move out of the way when not in use, and is unsightly as well.

Even after spending multiple hours standing on the iMovr Ecolast Dual Gripper, all of our testers felt little to no discomfort. “I feel like I could easily stand on this thing for a long time,” one tester noted. “I felt absolutely no discomfort, even after an hour of standing in thin-soled business shoes,” said another.

The Dual Gripper never moved unless we wanted it to (by bending down and picking it up). This couldn’t be said for the other mats in the iMovr Ecolast series. Only two mats — the iMovr Ecolast Dual Gripper and the WellnessMats Maxum Mat — stayed put. All the others experienced significant drift of about a half inch every hour on both hardwood and carpeted flooring. The Dual Gripper and Maxum mats stayed in place, however, because they both have small rubber treads on their bases and handy Velcro patches to grip carpeting.

The iMovR EcoLast Dual Gripper Standing Mat comes with both rubber grips that keep it in place on hard flooring, as well as Velcro patches that keep it from sliding on carpet.

In fact, it was a close tie between the iMovr Ecolast Dual Gripper and the WellnessMats Maxum Mat, but the Maxum wasn’t quite as comfortable and it was harder to clean.

With a list price of $120, the iMovr Ecolast Dual Gripper is at the higher end of the standing desk mat price range, as is our runner-up, the $130 Maxum Mat. We wanted to love the more affordable mats we tested, like the $40 Rohego mat, but they felt too cheap. Our testers said that all of the less expensive mats were too “squishy” to provide adequate support. If you want a large, well-built, high-grade sheet of polyurethane that’s actually going to reduce your fatigue while standing at your desk, it’s going to cost you more than $100. For the higher price, our two top picks come with 10- and 20-year warranties, respectively. You can actually expect them to work and last that long.

Most Durable

WellnessMats Maxum Mats Built for the garage, but bomb-proof in the office.

The WellnessMats Maxum Mat is ostensibly designed with the garage and workshop in mind. It has the same convenient 24-by-36-inch dimensions of our top pick, similar anti-slip grips (that actually work), and it held up the best in our rounds of durability testing. Its gridded top surface helps improve traction, but makes it harder to clean and is pretty much overkill for most office environments. As one tester noted after standing on it for three hours, “These mats are obviously designed for folks who are on their feet for long periods of time.”

The WellnessMats Maxum Mat comes with a treaded surface for better traction, but our testers found this also made it slightly harder to clean.

After repeatedly rolling a desk chair over the mat, catching it under a door, and dropping staplers and various office supplies on it, the Maxum Mat had no visible damage. Most of our other test subjects (all but the iMovr Ecolast Dual Gripper) were shredded by that point.

The Maxum was still comfortable to stand on over the course of several hours, too — just not quite as comfortable as the iMovr Dual Gripper, we thought. Many of our testers noted that they experienced no knee or foot pain when standing on it and that they enjoyed the texture of the grid surface underfoot, too.

At $130, it’s comparable to the iMovr Ecolast Dual Gripper mat in price. That is to say, it isn’t cheap — but it comes with a 20-year warranty to back it up, and it’s undoubtedly a rugged option that can take years of abuse while still looking fine in any office.

The Best Standing Desk Mats: Summed Up

Standing Desk MatsBest For....
iMovR EcoLast Dual Gripper Standing Mat
Comfort & Support
WellnessMats Maxum Mat

Did You Know?

Standing all day isn’t the answer.

Using a standing desk and an anti-fatigue standing desk mat are great ways to avoid long, sedentary hours in a chair, but they can also lead to their own problems. As Dr. Neal Wiggermann, an ergonomics specialist , told us, “Just as sitting all day appears not to be good for you, standing all day is also unhealthy. It can increase the risk of plantar fasciitis, hip or knee problems, varicose veins, and cause fatigue. I’d rather have an employee sit all day than stand. But being able to intermittently transition between the sitting and standing posture does appear to be ideal.” All of the experts we talked to agreed.

It’s best to do some sitting and some standing.

“Standing all day isn’t the answer,” Alan Hedge, a design and ergonomics professor at Cornell University told The Boston Globe. “That’s where we were 100 years ago, and we needed to develop chairs to prevent curvature of the spine, backaches, and varicose veins.”

The Bottom Line

Best Overall

iMovR EcoLast Dual Gripper Standing Mat The most comfortable mat we tested by far.

The best standing desk mats are made of 100 percent polyurethane, which provides the highest level of long-term comfort, support, and durability. Mats made from memory foam are cheaper, but they’re all too squishy to actually reduce fatigue and they’re less resilient to normal wear and tear. Our advice: Spend a little more up front for a mat that’s proven to reduce fatigue and will last for years.