Not only does TravelSafe Insurance offer some of the best travel insurance options around, they also have some of the best coverage for international travelers you'll find. They offer 24-hour travel assistance services, including concierge services, wherever you go. Interpretation assistance is also available, which is very useful if you're traveling abroad and don't speak the language. In the event that your passport is lost or stolen either before or during your trip, TravelSafe Insurance helps cover the costs to replace it. They also help you out if a missed connection makes you late for a tour or cruise. You get up to $2,500 worth of coverage, which is much higher than what most travel insurance companies give you in this situation. Finally, if you plan on leaving the country for a long period of time, you really can't beat TravelSafe Insurance because they cover trips up to three years in length. Get Details

Protect Your Bubble is another company vying for the title of best international travel insurance provider. Like TravelSafe Insurance, Protect Your Bubble offers 24-hour travel assistance services. These services include help with emergency cash transfers if your cash is lost or stolen while you're away and interpretation assistance. Missed connection coverage works a little differently with Protect Your Bubble than with some other travel insurance providers in the industry, but it could work in your favor. You get $1,000 of coverage for every person, and if you're traveling with a group of people, that could add up quickly. Protect Your Bubble doesn't insure trips longer than a year in length, but this shouldn't be an issue for most people. Get Details

In addition to their more traditional plans, HTH Travel Insurance offers two special medical-only plans for long-term international travelers. These plans cover any emergency medical treatments you need while you're traveling abroad since standard health insurance providers don't normally cover this. If you feel like you need more comprehensive coverage, though, it's better to opt for one of their trip protection plans, which covers trip cancellation, interruption, and delays as well as baggage protection. The benefits of choosing HTH Travel Insurance don't end there, however. Their 24/7 worldwide travel services include interpretation assistance and help with emergency cash transfers, among other things. While not crucial to an international travel insurance policy, these services can give you a little extra peace of mind. Get Details

CSA Travel Protection's international travel insurance policies include solid coverage for all types of travel emergencies, whether they occur before your trip or during. If you miss a connection that makes you late for a cruise or tour, CSA Travel Protection reimburses you up to $1,000 to cover your losses. They also help you out with replacing your passports if they're lost or stolen and reimburse you if this prevents you from going on your trip. While you're out of the country, you can call on CSA Travel Protection at any time to access their concierge services or their Consult a Doctor service. This useful service connects you to their network of doctors who can provide you with medical advice and help you get treatment. Get Details