The 4 Best Travel Medical Insurance Companies

Travel medical insurance is often an overlooked component of a travel insurance policy. No one expects to get sick or injured on a vacation but, when it happens, it can get very expensive. If you're traveling out of the country, having quality medical coverage is especially important. For this reason, you should pay close attention to how much medical coverage the travel insurance provider you choose offers to you and your travel companions and what specifically is covered under the policy. Most cover both medical and dental treatment, and some provide extra protection for emergency medical transportation. The four companies mentioned below offer some of the best travel medical insurance there is so, if you want to make sure you're completely covered, this list is a good place to start.

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Updated: January 16, 2014

HTH Travel Insurance offers some of the most flexible travel medical insurance plans in the industry, so it's not surprising they claim the top spot on this list. When you purchase a policy from them, you get to choose how much medical coverage you think you need, up to $1 million. You also decide what you want your deductible to be or you can opt for no deductible at all. Most other travel health insurance providers don't give you these options. That's what makes the flexibility in HTH Travel Insurance's policies so valuable. This plan covers pre-existing conditions as well. The only catch is that you must be enrolled in a primary health plan in order to be eligible for HTH's plans so, if you don't meet this requirement, you may want to check out the other companies on this list. Get Quotes


MH Ross provides several different policies to choose from, each with a different medical travel insurance limit. Their Complete plan provides $250,000 worth of coverage for emergency medical treatment for illnesses and injuries, along with $500,000 of emergency medical evacuation coverage. Pre-existing conditions are covered on all plans as are dental expenses. In addition, MH Ross's medical travel insurance pays for any ambulance transportation and prescription medications you may need as a result of your injury or illness. One nice thing about choosing MH Ross as your travel medical insurance provider is that their variety of plans give you a lot of options. If you decide you don't need $250,000 worth of medical coverage during your trip, you can go with a more affordable plan that offers $50,000 worth of coverage. Get Quotes


Like MH Ross, CSA Travel Protection insures you for up to $250,000 of emergency medical costs resulting from treatment you receive during your trip. This includes coverage for any surgeries, medications, and doctor visits you need. You also receive $1,000,000 of emergency medical transportation coverage. Not only does this cover things like ambulance transportation, but also the return of remains and bedside visits. If you're traveling with young children and end up in the hospital, CSA Travel Protection also helps make sure your children get home safely. Pre-existing conditions are only covered under the Custom Luxe plan, however, so keep this in mind if you're considering CSA Travel Protection. Get Quotes


Protect Your Bubble rounds out the list of the best travel medical insurance providers. Its coverage limits are not quite as high as the ones you'll find with some of the other companies on this list, but that doesn't mean they don't have plenty to offer. If you choose to go with a policy from Protect Your Bubble, you get $100,000 of coverage per person with a maximum limit of $200,000. Since the chances of getting seriously ill or injured during your vacation are pretty slim, you may not need much more coverage than this. Protect Your Bubble's policies include coverage for both dental and medical treatment and you also receive an additional $100,000 of coverage per person to pay for emergency transportation costs. Get Quotes

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