Powerful and quiet motor:

The last thing anyone wants is to have their music drowned out by a loud treadmill motor. Owners of the SOLE F85 can rest easy knowing that they will not have this concern. With an incredibly powerful 4.0 CHP motor, this treadmill runs quiet and is strong enough for even the most difficult workouts. Those who plan to use the treadmill frequently for running will appreciate this feature.

Wide running surface:

The SOLE F85 has a 22-inch-wide running surface, perfect for any runner's stride. While this may cause the machine to take up a bit more space, it can be well worth it to feel a little more comfortable during your workouts.

Positive user feedback:

The SOLE F85 has received some very positive reviews from users on and This is a good sign for anyone who is interested in this treadmill because negative user reviews can be a sign of a poor-quality machine. Users have commented that the SOLE F85 is easy to fold and is very durable. Reviews like these can really help put your mind at ease when it comes to making such a big purchasing decision.

On-screen instructions:

With every new machine, it takes a little time to work out what all the buttons do and how to use all the features. SOLE has made this process a little easier with its Message Board feature, which provides scrolling messages across the display screen to guide users through setting up workouts and other features on the treadmill. It may seem like a small thing, but it can make a big difference in getting started on your workout a little faster.


No preset distance workouts available:

The SOLE F85 offers a wide variety of workout programs, but it does lack any sort of preset distance workout. If you're training for a 5K or any other race, this type of workout could really come in handy. It is not a huge omission, however, since you can use the manual mode to achieve a similar effect by stopping when when the display informs you that you have reached the target distance.

Limited entertainment options:

At this price point, many treadmills offer far more entertainment features than the SOLE F85. Although the built-in speakers and audio port are nice, some treadmills offer iFit capability and even a built-in Internet browser. If you value those features, there may be a better treadmill out there for you. However, if you are just looking for a simple treadmill without many extras, the SOLE F85 could still suit your needs.


Price $1,799.99
Shipping and Assembly
Assembly $239
Front Door Free
In-Home $99
In-Room $99
Decline N/A
Display Screen Size 9"
Incline 0-15%
Max Weight Allowed 400 lbs
Motor Horsepower 4.0 CHP
Product Weight 265 lbs
Speed 0.5 - 12MPH
Track Surface Size 22" x 60"
Treadmill Length 83"
Treadmill Width 37"
Electronics 5 years
Frame Lifetime
Labor 2 years
Motor Lifetime
Parts 5 years


  • Handrail Controls Buttons are accessible on the handrails to adjust speed and incline.

  • Heart Rate Grips Hand grips are included to measure your heart rate.

  • Incline The treadmill can incline.

  • Quiet Track The motor and track have quiet features.

  • Shock Absorption There is a shock absorption system built into the deck.

  • Thick Belt The belt is two-ply or four-ply for added durability.

  • Transport Wheels Wheels are included for easy transport.

  • Adjustable Cushioning You can adjust the cushioning of the deck to reduce your impact.

  • Decline The treadmill can decline.

  • Calories Burned The number of calories burned is displayed.

  • Distance The total distance you have traveled is displayed.

  • Incline The incline is displayed.

  • Screen Display There is a screen that displays information about your workout.

  • Smart Heart Rate Heart rate is displayed when your age and weight are entered.

  • Speed The current speed is displayed.

  • Workout Time The display shows the length of time you have been working out.

  • Projected Pace The projected pace per mile, based on your current running speed, is displayed.

  • Touch Screen A touch-screen display is included.

  • Automatic Dropping The folding treadmill can unfold itself automatically after release.

  • Lifting/Dropping System There is has a system that helps you easily raise and lower the deck.

  • Security Lock There is a security lock that holds the deck in place.

  • Auto-Stop Button There is a button that, if pressed, will automatically stop the machine.

  • Handrail Handrails are included for extra stability.

  • Safety Clip A safety clip is included that attaches from the machine to your clothes to help stop the belt if you fall.

  • Side Rails Side rails are included for additional safety

  • Electronics Warranty An electronics warranty is included.

  • Labor Warranty An labor warranty is included.

  • Lifetime Frame Warranty A lifetime frame warranty is included.

  • Lifetime Motor Warranty A lifetime motor warranty is included.

  • Parts Warranty A parts warranty is included.

  • Built-In Fan A built-in fan is included in the console.

  • Chest Pulse Sensor There is a chest pulse sensor that takes your pulse and sends information to the console.

  • Incline/Decline Control The incline or decline of the treadmill can be adjusted during a workout.

  • Quick Start There is a button that allows you to quickly start a workout.

  • Speed Control Speed can be adjusted during a workout.

  • Numeric Keypad A numeric keypad is located on the console.

  • Assembly The manufacturer offers delivery and assembly inside your home.

  • Curbside The manufacturer offers curbside delivery to your front door.

  • Free Shipping The manufacturer offers free shipping.

  • In-Home The manufacturer offers delivery inside your home.

  • In-Room The manufacturer offers delivery inside a room of your choice.

  • Email/Ticket The manufacturer has an email or ticket system dedicated to support.

  • Phone You can contact the manufacturer by phone to get support.

  • Social Media You can contact the manufacturer with questions through social media websites.

  • Live Chat The manufacturer offers live chat support.

  • Endurance You can select a workout program designed to improve your endurance.

  • Heart Rate You can select a workout program designed to help you reach your target heart rate.

  • Interval You can select from several interval training programs.

  • Manual You can manually select your speed, incline, and distance.

  • Weight Loss You can select a workout program designed to facilitate weight loss.

  • Preset Distances You can select preset distances, such as 1 mile, 5 K, or 10 K.

  • Random You can select a random workout program.

  • Audio Port You can plug your audio device into the treadmill.

  • Speakers Built-in speakers are included.

  • iFit-Compatible The treadmill has iFit technology, which allows you to access customized and interactive workouts powered by Google Maps.

  • Television A built-in television is included.

  • Video Workouts Video workouts are included.

  • Wi-Fi A built-in Internet browser is included.

  • Blog The manufacturer maintains a blog with useful industry-related articles, tips, or other valuable content.

  • FAQ The manufacturer provides a list of answers to frequently asked questions.

  • User Guide A user guide or training manual is provided by the manufacturer.

  • Video Tutorials The manufacturer provides video tutorials.

  • Goal Setter There is a feature that allows you to set goals for each workout.

  • Personal Best The software allows you to track your personal bests.

  • Racing Track There is a feature that shows your progress on a race track.

  • User IDs The software allows you to set up an individual user ID which stores all your workout preferences.

  • Workout Tracker The software allows you to track your workouts over time.

  • Favorable User Reviews The product received four out of five stars or higher from customers on,, or

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