The 5 Best Treadmills for Walkers

When searching for the best home treadmill, the needs of walkers are going to be a little different than the needs of runners. Runners need powerful motors and the treadmills better suited for them tend to be higher in price. Walkers don't need as much power in a treadmill motor, which means they can get by with a less expensive machine. Price and motor quality shouldn't be the only factors in your decision, however. Available workout programs and the length of the warranties are also important to consider as they could have a serious impact on the overall usability of the machine.

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Updated: April 10, 2014

The ProForm PRO 2000 tops the list of best treadmill for walkers due to its extensive onboard workouts and quality motor, which, while not as powerful as some, is strong enough to allow you to run occasionally without putting too much excess strain on the machine. This treadmill offers several workout programs to choose from including heart rate, weight loss, interval, and preset distance workouts. It also inclines up to 15% and declines to -3%, a nice feature that can add a little extra challenge into some of your workouts. In addition to speakers and an audio port, the ProForm PRO 2000 also comes with iFit capability, which allows you to walk on different courses all over the world and track your workouts over time. With options like these, any walker should be able to find something to enjoy about the ProForm PRO 2000. Buy Now


The NordicTrack C900 Pro secures a spot among the best treadmills for walkers thanks to its low price and exceptional onboard programs. These include heart rate, preset distance, interval, weight loss, and endurance workouts. The treadmill also offers an incredible amount of entertainment features for the price, including iFit and an Internet browser. If you are one of those people who find walking on a treadmill to be boring, this may be just what you need. Though this machine does not decline, it can incline up to 15%, which can help to add an extra degree of difficulty into the workout for those who desire it. Considering that the price of this treadmill is only $849, it is pretty safe to say that this machine is an excellent value and something worth considering for anyone looking for a treadmill for walking. Buy Now


The SOLE F63's quality motor, strong warranties, and low price are more than enough to earn it a place on the best treadmills for walkers list. The 3.0 CHP motor is plenty for any walker as well as an occasional runner. Onboard programs like heart rate, weight loss, and endurance workouts can be great for helping you achieve your goals or just for keeping the workout engaging. While this treadmill does have a built-in audio port and speakers, it falls a little behind the competition in terms of entertainment features, though consider that this treadmill costs under $1,000, that is not particularly unusual. The SOLE F63 also has excellent warranties compared to some other treadmills on this list, including a three-year electronics warranty, which is always a nice addition. Though those looking for treadmills packed with entertainment features may be disappointed with the SOLE F63, overall it is an excellent treadmill for walking that deserves a closer look. Buy Now


Though slightly more expensive than most of the other treadmills that appear on this list, the NordicTrack X7i has certain advantages to offer walkers that can't be found with these other machines. The most important of these advantages is the ability to incline up to 40%. This is a 25% improvement over the majority of treadmills and makes it a perfect machine for incline training. These workouts are perfect for individuals trying to lose weight because you can burn more calories while walking and tone your muscles more quickly. The X7i also comes with 38 different workouts built in, including a goal workout that lets you focus in on what matters most to you. If you're willing to pay a little extra for a membership, iFit presents a virtually endless number of workout programs as well as the ability to track your progress over time. One thing to keep in mind about the NordicTrack X7i, though, is that it's not a folding machine, so you need to make sure your home or apartment has the space to accommodate it. Buy Now


The NordicTrack C 970 Pro rounds out the list of the best treadmills for walkers. Its 3.0 CHP motor is more than powerful enough for regular walking and can even stand up to more intense workouts, like running. The FlexSelect™ cushioning in the deck gives you extra support and reduces your impact, which is perfect if you suffer from joint pain that makes it difficult to exercise. Alternatively, you can turn the cushioning off if you prefer the feel of walking on the road. This machine has 32 built-in workout programs, plus iFit capability, so you won't have a problem finding a workout to help you reach your fitness goals. Warranties are not as strong as those found with other NordicTrack treadmills, but this shouldn't be a significant issue. Walking puts less wear and tear on a treadmill than running, and the chances of the machine breaking down shortly after purchase is very unlikely. The C 970 Pro is also a good option to think about if your budget's a little tight, as this model costs less than $1,000. Buy Now

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