Suddenlink Review

Suddenlink caters to medium-sized markets, offering cable TV at monthly rates with no contract. The absence of a mobile app is glaring, but no credit checks should make Suddenlink enticing if you don't have the best credit.

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The Good

Watch anywhere with Suddenlink2GO

Suddenlink2GO is an online counterpart to On Demand that allows you to view video anywhere you might go using a laptop or personal computer. The feature is not currently available for phone or tablet devices, but it certainly can be useful when travelling out of town or while at a friends house. The amount of programming you have access to will mirror how many channels you are subscribed to with your normal TV package, and it all comes at no extra cost. You will have access to all current programming, not just select, old, archived shows like some other providers. If you subscribe to premium movie channels, you will also have access to those entire movie catalogs.

No contracts and no credit checks

Long, binding contracts can be a turnoff for some when looking at TV plans, but with Suddenlink there is no contract of any length required in order to sign up. There are other TV providers who offer a no-term agreement option, but a credit check or large deposit is required instead. At Suddenlink there are no credit checks and you can enjoy the freedom of not being bound to any service contract. If avoiding lengthy contract agreements is appealing to you, Suddenlink will be a great choice.

Option for TiVo Premiere

If you are searching for a TV provider that offers the TiVo Premiere device as part of a subscription but want a no-contract obligation with month to month flexibility, then Suddenlink cable may be a good fit. The TiVo Premiere from Suddenlink is available with the highest plan and gives you many advanced recording and viewing features, plus tons of storage capacity. TiVo Premiere will have its own monthly fee, but you will avoid having to pay any TiVo service fees. If the standard HD box offered by Suddenlink is not enough for you, then the TiVo Premiere will likely meet all of your TV entertainment needs.

Spanish package is available

Even though Suddenlink is a smaller cable TV provider, they do offer a Spanish language package called Mi Conexion. Also, the Suddenlink website describes its Spanish package offering and entire service line in Spanish which is rare on other TV provider websites. Unfortunately, at Suddenlink there is no other foreign-language programming or channels available besides Spanish. Spanish programming isn't a must-have feature for all homes, but for households where Spanish is frequently spoken, packages like these can greatly improve the TV viewing experience.

The Bad

Smaller channel lineup

Suddenlink offers cable TV plans with up to 200 channels, including 95 HD channels, but no 3D channels are provided. This number of channels may be perfectly adequate for some, but these numbers pale in comparison to the channel offerings available with many other TV providers. There are especially few sports channels and sports package options available through Suddenlink. However, there are over 10,000 movies, shows, and events available through On Demand and pay-per-view options.

Few and pricey plans

There are only two cable TV plans offered with Suddenlink, and they both are on the pricier side, with current prices running about $63 to $73 per month. Both plans offer about 200 channels each. The two plans differ in the equipment provided, with the more expensive plan including a TiVo device. Also, consider that Suddenlink's rates are monthly and without contact, which makes the higher prices slightly more justifiable. Pricing is also nearly impossible to find on Suddenlink's website, so you will have to call or live chat with a representative to get an idea of pricing in your area.

No mobile app

There is no mobile app for iPhone, Android, or for any other tablet device currently available directly from Suddenlink. Every other major TV provider, both national and regional, offers a mobile app with some features, from the fairly basic features like bill pay to more advanced viewing capabilities like streaming live TV. Suddenlink is a smaller TV provider so it is understandable that they have not developed an app yet, but if your plan includes a TiVo device, the TiVo app will give you access to some high-quality mobile features.

The Details

Provider Specs

  • 3D Channels: None
  • Available Channels: Up to 200
  • HD Channels: 95
  • Monthly Price: $63.25 - $73.25
  • Number of Packages: 2
  • Service Area: Southwest, West, Southeast, Midwest
  • States Available: 19
  • Type: Cable

Receiver Specs

  • Channels Simultaneously Recorded: 4
  • Hours of HD Recording: 75
  • Hours of SD Recording: 650
  • Receiver Options: 9
  • Recording Capabilities (hours): Up to 650
  • Storage Capacity: 500GB


SL200 with Standard/HD Box

  • Total Channels: 200
  • Introductory Rate: N/A
  • Length of Introductory Rate: N/A
  • Standard Rate: $63.25/month

SL200 with DVR/TiVO

  • Total Channels: Up to 200
  • Introductory Rate: N/A
  • Length of Introductory Rate: N/A
  • Standard Rate: $73.25/month

* Package details and pricing may vary according to location.

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