Verizon FiOS Review

Verizon FiOS is one of few fiber optic cable providers, meaning you can expect an exceptionally high-quality picture. FiOS rates can run high, but if you are lucky enough to live within a service area, the reliability and immense channel lineup is worth it.

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The Good

Reliable fiber optic network

Verizon is one of very few TV providers that offers service through a fiber optic network. If the main distinctions between cable and fiber optic are not clear to you, just know that fiber optic delivers a less distorted signal and a superior high-quality picture when compared to cable or satellite. Verizon's FiOS TV service consistently has one of the highest reliability ratings in the industry, and it's no surprise considering the advanced technology and power that a fiber optic network provides.

One-year contracts

With Verizon FiOS, you have the flexibility of a one-year agreement with a TV subscription. The one-year agreement guarantees a month-to-month rate for up to an entire year, which can be an advantage if you don't want to sign the two or three year contracts required by some other TV providers. Verizon's one-year agreement will not rise unexpectedly, mid-year, like so many other TV providers do to their no-contract customers. Verizon also offers phone and Internet services, which can be combined in only certain combinations, and bundled services require a two-year contract. If shorter contracts are appealing to you, Verizon FiOS may be a good choice.

Huge channel selection

Any type of TV programming you could ever want to watch can be found on one of Verizon's FiOS plans. There are over 385 channels offered on the network with over 110 HD channels. There is also a full offering of premium, pay-per-view, sports, movies, and local channels. Additionally, a full range of Spanish and international programming is offered, including Spanish packages. Not all channels will be available with every TV package or every region, so be sure to double check the offerings in your area.

Resources for self-starters

There are tons of online resources if you're looking for help with installation setup, remote controls, or any other feature related to FiOS TV service. Verizon has not only the standard FAQs and forum resources for customers, but also extensive video tutorials and guides to provide extra help. The support section of the Verizon website is very organized and navigable so you can easily find what you need. If you appreciate a little extra guidance, Verizon FiOS may have what you need.

The Bad

Installation woes

If you hate waiting around all day for TV installation or repair, Verizon may not be your best option. Verizon FiOS gives customers an estimated installation window of six hours, which is one of the largest and worst in the industry. Typically, four hours or less is the ideal estimate. Though in Verizon's case, installation is free for the first three TVs and you will be able to schedule service times online. Also, if you are up to the task, Verizon will even let you self-install to avoid having to wait a service technician all together.

Comparatively pricey plans

Verizon FiOS TV plans run on the more expensive side when compared with some other major TV providers. Rates for TV plans alone start at $64.99 per month and go up to $89.99 per month. Also, take into account that there is an activation fee, but this fee is waived if you sign up online. Additionally, you will encounter monthly equipment fees, ranging from $4.99 per month for a CableCARD to $19.99 per month for a multi-room DVR. Monthly fees for equipment loans are not uncommon, but keep in mind that these fees can add up quickly.

Limited recording capabilities

The amount of programming that you can record with Verizon's DVRs is somewhat limiting, especially when compared to the advanced, high-quality picture and viewing features associated with their TV service. With the DVRs offered through a Verizon TV plan, you can only record two shows at once and you are limited to 50 hours of HD and 85 hours of SD programming. If recording and saving tons of your favorite shows on your DVR is important to you, you may want to consider buying your own TiVo or looking into a different TV provider.

The Details

Provider Specs

  • 3D Channels: 1
  • Available Channels: 380+
  • HD Channels: 160+
  • Monthly Price: $10.00 - $89.99
  • Number of Packages: 5
  • Service Area: Southwest, Southeast, Northeast
  • States Available: 13
  • Type: Fiber Optics

Receiver Specs

  • Channels Simultaneously Recorded: 2
  • Hours of HD Recording: Up to 20
  • Hours of SD Recording: Up to 85
  • Receiver Options: 3
  • Recording Capabilities (hours): Up to 85
  • Storage Capacity: 160GB


FiOS TV Local

  • Total Channels: 17
  • Introductory Rate: $10.00
  • Length of Introductory Rate: 12 months
  • Standard Rate: $10.00

Select HD

  • Total Channels: 155+
  • Introductory Rate: $49.99/month
  • Length of Introductory Rate: 12 months
  • Standard Rate: $49.99/month

Preferred HD

  • Total Channels: 230+
  • Introductory Rate: $64.99/month
  • Length of Introductory Rate: 12 months
  • Standard Rate: $64.99/month

Extreme HD

  • Total Channels: 305+
  • Introductory Rate: $79.99/month
  • Length of Introductory Rate: 12 months
  • Standard Rate: $79.99/month

Ultimate HD

  • Total Channels: 405+
  • Introductory Rate: $89.99/month
  • Length of Introductory Rate: 12 months
  • Standard Rate: $89.99/month

* Package details and pricing may vary according to location. The packages and prices listed are for those in the California market.

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