The 5 Best Wordpress Web Hosting Companies

There are many companies claiming to have the best WordPress web hosting, but when making your decision, it’s important to consider the other features that a company offers as well. Finding a web hosting provider that offers easy installation and great customer support for WordPress will obviously be your primary concern, but thinking about available disk space and bandwidth, other web applications, and price can make your selection go more smoothly.

Bluehost has been recognized by WordPress as one of the best web hosting companies available for WordPress hosting. Installing it can be done with just a click, and the monthly fees are very reasonable, which many people will find appealing. If you ever have an issue with your WordPress site, Bluehost’s customer support representatives should be able to help you get it solved pretty quickly, no matter what time of the day it is. With Bluehost, you will also get free WordPress themes that are great for personalizing your website. Space shouldn’t be an issue with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and an anytime money back guarantee is another nice bonus that comes with all Bluehost’s hosting plans. Features like these make Bluehost a great choice whether you’re looking to use WordPress or host any other kind of site.

A Small Orange has one-click WordPress installation through Softaculous to get your WordPress site up and running quickly. In addition, their technicians will help you transfer from another host that uses cPanel for free. The other nice things about A Small Orange are the quality of their customer support and the affordability of their packages. Their Tiny plan will fit into just about everyone’s budget, but its 250 MB disk space limit may not be enough for some people. Other plans will give you more disk space but cost a little bit extra. The main reason why A Small Orange is great for WordPress is because they are a smaller company that offers everything you would need to host a WordPress site that will have no performance problems.

InMotion Hosting earns a spot on the best WordPress web hosting list because they offer a one-click install of WordPress and plenty of other web applications, along with additional security features. With InMotion Hosting’s installer, you can be sure that your WordPress will always be up to date without you having to do anything. If you are new to WordPress, InMotion Hosting has several tutorials devoted to all aspects of the program, which should make it easy for you to get your site up and running quickly. If you already have an existing WordPress site, InMotion Hosting makes transferring it easy, and it is completely free. Unlimited disk space and bandwidth and free advertising credits are just some of the many great features you have to look forward to if you choose to host your WordPress site through InMotion Hosting.

GreenGeeks is another web hosting service that is great for WordPress hosting because they offer easy installation and suPHP for increased security on your site. GreenGeeks also provides tenant isolation, which means that other sites located on the same server as your site won’t be able to affect your website. Whether you’re looking to start a new WordPress site or transfer an existing one, GreenGeeks makes this easy and affordable. File transfers are free, as is your domain name. The monthly fee is reasonable and if you decide that you are not satisfied with GreenGeeks, you can cancel your account at any time during the first 30 days for a full refund. But with excellent customer support and virtually unlimited hosting, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll be happy if you choose GreenGeeks to host your WordPress site.

HostGator is one of the best web hosting providers out there, so it’s no surprise that they also are one of the best hosting companies for WordPress. Like many other WordPress hosting services, HostGator has suPHP for increased security, something that may not be very crucial for a WordPress blogger, but will be especially appreciated by someone looking to build an entire website using WordPress. Transferring your WordPress site from another host to HostGator won’t cost you a thing, and you’ll get access to tons of themes for customizing your website to fit your needs. If all that hasn’t sold you, it’s a good idea to check out HostGator’s shared hosting plans because they offer some of the best resources of any web hosting service out there, including unlimited space and bandwidth, more one-click web applications, and excellent customer support. This is one company that is definitely worth considering no matter what type of site you are interested in hosting.