Our Sprint Review

The third-largest mobile broadband provider in the country, Sprint offers some of the most generous mobile data plans available. While it’s not quite as fast or widely available as carriers like AT&T or Verizon, it’s a strong competitor for anyone looking for a good family plan: Through March 2019, you can get 5 Unlimited lines for only $100 per month. As long as your address falls within their coverage, you’ll be hard pressed to find a carrier that can beat their generous unlimited family plans. Speeds are reduced after 23GB of data usage for their unlimited plans — slightly more than Verizon and AT&T’s 22GB caps, so if you think you’ll be pushing against that 22GB data cap, consider Sprint instead.

If you’re looking for mobile broadband but don’t need adjoining phone service, Sprint offers some of the best prices for tablet and hotspot modem broadband plans. For under $40 per month, you’ll have access to 10-22GB of base data allowance, with the option to buy additional data for $10 per 2GB. And if you have any unused data stored for the month, it will automatically roll over into the next — a nice touch as far as mobile broadband providers go, as you’ll usually have to pay a small fee for rollover or eat the losses, as with carriers like FreedomPop. Just be aware that for the 10GB plan, you will need to purchase or rent a compatible hotspot modem, which ranges from $5-7.50 per month or $70-180 outright.

Sprint’s coverage is available in major cities in almost every state in the country and continues to expand. Sprint also recently acquired CLEAR, another 4G mobile broadband Internet provider. This acquisition helps expand the reach of 4G LTE coverage available to Sprint’s customers. Before you make any purchases, check to make sure you can get Sprint’s 4G mobile broadband coverage in your area. Rest assured, if it’s not available now, chances are it will be in the near future.

Plan Base Price (per month) Data and Speed Caps* AutoPay or Group Discount eligibility Device
Unlimited Tablet $30 22GB data, 3 Mbps speed Yes Tablet
10GB $35 10GB data, 8 Mbps speed Yes Hotspot Modem
4GB $45 2GB data, 8 Mbps speed No Phone
Unlimited Freedom $65 23GB data, 8 Mbps speed Yes Phone

*Information valid as of 1/23/18.

A Closer Look at Features

Price $30 - $65
In Business Since 1992
Best For Unlimited Family Plans
Not For Individual Plans
Customer Ratings 58.2% would recommend (from a customer sample size of 289)
States and Territories Served 48 states

The Competition

  • Verizon: If you’re only looking for an individual plan, we’d recommend checking out Verizon or AT&T instead of Sprint for a better deal: AT&T and Verizon’s $50 per month 5GB plans are only $5 more than Sprin’s 4GB plan, which would allow you an extra 1GB per month for only $5 more. That said, Verizon and AT&T’s Unlimited plans are significantly more expensive than Sprint’s, especially if you’re looking for a family plan.
  • AT&T: If Sprint’s included Hulu subscription is a big draw, consider AT&T’s subscription deals as well: its Unlimited plans include hefty discounts on both DirecTV and HBO. If you’re looking to consolidate your phone and cable bills, AT&T has more to offer than Sprint, though it’ll come at a higher monthly cost.
  • T-Mobile: T-Mobile’s speeds and prices are about on par with Sprint’s, though they offer more budget-friendly options for individuals than Sprint does. If you’re not necessarily looking for a family plan, T-Mobile may have more to choose from for you.

The Bottom Line

Sprint is best for families who want both generous data caps at reasonable prices, without necessarily sacrificing speed. If you need faster speeds or aren’t shopping for a group, we recommend reading our other reviews to find the right provider for you.