The 3 Best ACT/SAT Practice Test Providers

Practice tests are a key component of any comprehensive ACT or SAT prep course. Periodically taking full-length tests throughout the duration of a prep course helps students put the concepts and strategies they learn in class into real practice under test-day conditions. This helps students better cope with the pressure produced by a lengthy, timed test like the ACT or SAT. Taking practice tests is also a great way to identify weaknesses, enabling students to seek out targeted help before test day arrives. All of these factors are why most major test prep companies require students to complete at least three practice tests as part of a standard prep course. Although practice tests are common, some companies offer more opportunities in this area than others.

The Princeton Review provides all enrolled students with at least 14 full-length practice tests, the most of any company in the industry. Students must complete four of the tests as part of the regular course curriculum. After each of these four tests, students receive comprehensive diagnostic reports that identify problem areas and track overall student progress. Students are free to take the remaining practice tests at their discretion. These extra practice tests are especially handy for students who complete a prep course weeks or months in advance of their test date and need a way to keep their skills sharp.

TestMasters is another top option for students who want access to as many practice opportunities as possible. The company provides SAT students with 10 practice exams, while ACT students get five practice exams. TestMasters requires students to take a practice exam under timed conditions at several points during a prep course. A comprehensive performance report is generated after each practice test. TestMasters also offers students access to an online database containing thousands of ACT and SAT practice questions. Students are able to filter the database by question type in order to access just the questions they need to target their problem areas.

Kaplan students receive 10 full-length practice tests, four of which must be completed under timed conditions at various points during the prep course. Similar to the other providers in this list, Kaplan creates a detailed performance report after each of the four required practice exams. The Kaplan report includes a personalized study plan to help students focus on their problem areas outside of class, using short video lessons and supplementary materials hosted on the Kaplan website.