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TestMasters offers some of the best study resources in the industry and is one of the few companies to provide one-on-one tutoring to all prep-course students.

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The Good

Full variety of one-on-one tutoring options

TestMasters offers a full selection of in-person, telephone, and online tutoring options to help students sharpen their ACT or SAT skills to a razor’s edge. Online tutoring is the most popular option, one that utilizes video and text communication tools and an online whiteboard tool to create a fully interactive tutoring environment. TestMasters is one of the best options in the market for students who are interested in receiving one-on-one tutoring as part of a standard online prep course. All students who enroll in a TestMasters online ACT or SAT course are entitled to three full hours of telephone or online tutoring. Hourly tutoring options and prepaid tutoring packages are also available. In-person tutoring is available in cities across the country. Students should contact TestMasters to determine whether trained tutors are available in their area.

Plentiful practice tests

Preparing for tests like the ACT and SAT requires sound training in exam concepts and strategies, and plenty of content drills and quizzes. It’s also important to prepare for the unique mental and physical challenges students face on test day. TestMasters students get ample opportunity to practice taking actual full-length tests under timed testing conditions. Practice tests help students get a better understanding of what it’s going to be like on test day, when they must be ready to work calmly under heavy pressure. After each practice test is completed, TestMasters provides students with a full performance report. These reports provide students with critical insight into their strengths and weaknesses. TestMasters provides all SAT students with 10 actual past exams, and ACT students with five actual past exams.

Many quizzing and drilling resources

Access to content drills and quizzes throughout the length of a course helps students solidify new knowledge and speed up recognition and reaction times. TestMasters provides all the practice quizzes most students can handle, with a quiz bank containing thousands of questions for both the SAT and the ACT. Students can easily filter the database for questions in the content areas they need the most work in, or they can answer questions at random. TestMasters also offers plenty of online drilling tools and interactive games designed to improve test-taking speed.

The Bad

Few on-site course locations

TestMasters does not offer any on-site ACT courses and only offers limited on-site SAT courses in California and Texas. Most other high-quality prep course companies offer a much wider selection of on-site options in locations across the country. Kaplan, for example, conducts SAT courses in 30 states and ACT courses in 28 states. The Princeton Review offers on-site course options for the SAT and the ACT in 25 states.

No performance guarantees

Several of the top ACT and SAT preparation companies offer students a money-back guarantee or a free-study guarantee based on whether they’re able to improve their test score by a certain number of points. While it would be nice to see TestMasters introduce a guarantee of this type, it ultimately counts as a minor omission. Schools that offer this kind of guarantee typically set the performance improvement standard at around 10 points on the SAT and one point on the ACT, a level of improvement that virtually all students are capable of achieving by working hard and carefully fulfilling all course requirements.

The Details


  • Cost of Additional Tutoring Sessions: Contact Company
  • Price Range: $550 - $1,300

General Information

  • Average Class Size: Varies
  • Delivery Methods: On-Site, Streaming Video
  • Hours of Instruction: 76+
  • Number of Full Practice Tests: 5 - 10
  • Quiz Bank Questions: 2,000+



ACT Online Course

  • Price: $550 for 3 months, $800 for 6 months, $1,300 for 12 months
  • Hours of Instruction: 76+
  • Delivery Method: Streaming Video


SAT Live Course

  • Price: $850
  • Hours of Instruction: 76+
  • Delivery Method: On-Site

SAT Online Course

  • Price: $550 for 3 months, $800 for 6 months, $1,300 for 12 months
  • Hours of Instruction: 76+
  • Delivery Method: Streaming Video

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