The 4 Best ACT/SAT Tutoring Services

Students looking for one-on-one ACT/SAT tutoring alongside a prep course have a lot of solid options to choose from. All the best companies in this category employ ACT and SAT test prep specialists who have extensive teacher training as well as experience tutoring students with a wide variety of needs. Additionally, all the top companies offer both online and in-person tutoring options in cities across the country.

The Princeton Review offers another highly flexible tutoring service, specializing in customized study programs designed to meet each individual’s personal study needs. Princeton Review tutoring packages include a pay-as-you-go option that requires a minimum of three tutoring hours. Comprehensive one-on-one tutoring programs require a minimum commitment of 24 hours and are designed to train students in every aspect of the ACT or SAT. Comprehensive tutoring programs include a score-improvement guarantee, which entitles any student to a refund if their test score does not improve after completing the program. While quality guarantees are common for standard courses, The Princeton Review is one of the few providers that guarantees tutored courses.

Kaplan is an excellent option for students who want to commit to a substantial amount of ACT/SAT tutoring. Kaplan tutoring programs require a minimum purchase of 14 tutoring hours, much more than other test prep companies require and arguably more than most students need. That said, Kaplan’s tutoring programs are designed to provide students with comprehensive rather than targeted training that often requires only a few hours. Thus, Kaplan can be a great fit for some students and not for others. Kaplan maintains a large network of on-site tutoring locations spread across 30 states in addition to its online tutoring programs.

TestMasters ranks in the top ACT/SAT tutoring providers in the country mostly because of their flexible delivery and payment options. They also stand apart from other companies by delivering three hours of one-on-one tutoring to every student who enrolls in a standard TestMasters ACT or SAT prep course. No other major prep company provides tutoring services to every enrolled student. TestMasters tutors are available in most major cities across the nation. Students who need distance tutoring can get help online or by telephone. TestMasters online tutoring programs utilize a capable learning platform that enables students to interact with their tutors using an on-screen whiteboard tool and voice-chat technology. Flexible hourly tutoring plans are available, as are prepaid 10- or 25-hour tutoring packages. Students can also opt to complete a full course one on one with a tutor.

Revolution Prep is home to a superb tutoring program built to meet the needs of just about any student. While on-site tutoring is available in locations across the country, Revolution Prep stands out for their online tutoring program. The company offers one of the best online course delivery platforms in the industry, which is also used to facilitate one-on-one tutoring. The platform combines video communication technology and a powerful whiteboard collaboration tool that enable students and tutors to work together effortlessly, as if they were sitting at the same study table. Revolution Prep tutoring services are quite flexible. Four hours of private tutoring can be added to any standard ACT or SAT prep course, and additional hours are easy to arrange.