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Doug Bonderud is an award-winning freelance writer with the unique ability to translate complex financial concepts into approachable, actionable content that both captures reader interest and delivers key brand messaging.

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AT&T Digital Life Review

In 2013, AT&T debuted its Digital Life home security brand, which combined cutting-edge devices, home automation, and mobile application control—all powered by AT&T’s nationwide network.While the company has recently pivoted away from prioritizing its security solution, Digital Life is still a solid, brand-backed option for homeowners.  But is it the best fit for your home? ...

Best Home Security Monitoring Companies

When a bump in the night is more than just the sound of the house settling, home security monitoring companies save the day. And the best alarm monitoring companies don’t even cost an arm and a leg. We’ve narrowed down some of the best security systems for your home using criteria like price, false alarm ...

The Best Home Security Systems

The right home security system delivers peace of mind without breaking your budget. It offers features and functions—such as home automation, high-quality image capture, or easy DIY installation—that match your preferences and protection priorities. But with so many options on the market, how do you pick the best home security systems? Start by comparing key ...

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