Connecticut’s congested roads and high number of luxury vehicles raise the state’s typical auto insurance premium $142 above the national average, and the recent increase in state-minimum coverage could cause prices to climb even higher. However, those congested roads are exactly why it’s important to find good auto insurance, and it’s still possible to find a great deal by shopping around. We recommend starting your search by reading our reviews of the best Connecticut auto insurance companies below; then use our quote tool to see what each company can offer you.

Connecticut Minimum Liability

Every driver in the nation must carry some liability insurance in case they get into an accident, but the minimum requirements vary by state. In Connecticut, you must have at least:

  • $25,000 bodily injury coverage per person
  • $50,000 bodily injury coverage per accident
  • $25,000 property damage coverage per accident

You may see this abbreviated as 25/50/25 coverage. Connecticut is one of the few states that also requires drivers to carry uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage in the same quantities listed above. These coverages kick in when you are hit by another driver who doesn’t have insurance or who doesn’t have enough insurance to cover the full cost of the damages.

Whenever possible, it’s best to purchase more than the state minimum coverage. Car accidents are expensive, especially if someone is injured. If you owe $50,000 in medical bills and you only have the state minimum coverage, your insurance company will only pay for half — the rest must come out of your own pocket. A good rule of thumb is to purchase as much insurance as you can afford.

Rather than opting for less coverage, it’s possible to save on your premiums by shopping around with a variety of companies. Each company has its own formula for calculating premiums, which is why each gives you a different quote. Beyond cheap rates, it’s also important to find a company that offers the add-ons, discounts, and specific coverage options necessary for your specific situation. Our top picks are a great place to start your search.

Connecticut Auto Insurance Reviews


Travelers is another strong provider, and it’s especially worth a closer look if you have a lease or loan on your vehicle. It’s one of our top picks to offer GAP coverage, which pays the balance of your lease or loan if your vehicle is totaled in an accident. That way, you’re not stuck with your old car payment even after you no longer have the car.

Travelers also fared well in customer satisfaction surveys. It earned top marks Consumer Reports’ survey, earning a 90/100, though it fell a little behind in J.D. Power’s rankings with a three out of five. Overall, it is one of the highest-ranking insurance companies out there, so you shouldn’t have to worry about any complications when you file a claim.

Our Travelers quote fell in the middle of the pack, but you may be able to secure a lower rate by taking advantage of the company’s 15 discounts — the most offered by any of our top picks. You can save for being a homeowner, being continuously insured, or enrolling in the IntelliDrive program. There are also special discounts for students and affinity groups.

That said, Travelers does have its drawbacks. If you prefer a low deductible in order to minimize out-of-pocket costs in the event of an accident, you may be disappointed. Travelers’ lowest deductible for collision and comprehensive coverage is $500. Most of our other picks start around $50.


Allstate is your best bet if you’re interested in high liability coverage limits. You can purchase up to $500,000 in bodily injury coverage per person and per accident and up to $1 million in property damage liability coverage. You won’t find limits this high with any of our other top picks.

In addition, Allstate has 14 optional endorsements you can add to customize your policy. It offers all the standard options like rental reimbursement and roadside assistance, as well as rarer options like custom parts coverage. Ridesharing coverage is also available for Uber and Lyft drivers.

Allstate’s impressive range extends to its deductibles, with a whopping 11 options — unmatched by any other company listed here. Deductibles range from $50 to $2,000, so you can choose the one that best fits your budget.

Though pricing will vary based on your individual situation, it’s worth noting that Allstate gave us one of the most expensive quotes. However, Allstate makes it easy to save, with unique paperless, safe driver, and early signing discounts. It’s also possible to save by owning a new car, bundling home and auto, and having safety devices on your vehicle. If you’d like to lower your price even more, Allstate offers a Safe Driving Bonus Check and Deductible Rewards program, which reward you for every year you go without having an accident.


Despite having fewer discounts than the rest of the companies listed here, Progressive still gave us our cheapest quote at $116 per month. And that’s not just us — the company is known for being affordable, especially if you opt for one of its higher deductibles. Choices range from $100 to $2,000. What’s more, Progressive now offers Snapshot, a usage-based insurance program that tracks your driving habits over your first policy period and slashes premiums based on safe driving.

Progressive offers several rare endorsements, including GAP, pet medical, and custom parts coverage. If you have a lease or loan on your vehicle, drive a custom car, or frequently travel with your pet, it’s definitely worth getting a quote from Progressive. The one common endorsement Progressive is missing is accident forgiveness, which comes as a standard option with our other picks; if you have a history of accidents, it’s an endorsement you may not want to overlook.

Progressive also isn’t your best option if you’re looking for a policy with high liability coverage limits. The most you can purchase is 250/500/100. While this isn’t low by any means, it may not be enough for the most severe accidents, especially those involving property damage. If this concerns you, you may feel more comfortable with Allstate — it offers the most liability coverage of any of our top picks.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual stands out for offering rare endorsements that take into account the personal and financial value of your vehicle. Alongside new car replacement, Liberty Mutual also offers better car replacement, which pays to replace a totaled vehicle with a model one year newer with 15,000 fewer miles. Another notable option is its lifetime repair guarantee: Any repairs performed at one of the company’s licensed repair shops will be guaranteed for the lifetime of your vehicle.

Unfortunately, Liberty Mutual gave us our most expensive quote at $194 per month. It has a modest deductible range of $50 to $1,000, but there are no higher deductible options for those who were hoping to lower their premiums this way. One concession to this is the Deductible Fund endorsement, which lowers your collision deductible by $100 every year you go without an accident (up to $500). Liberty Mutual does also offer several discounts to bring premium costs down, including multi-policy, multi-car, and safe driver discounts.

Liberty Mutual also didn’t fare as well as our other picks in customer satisfaction surveys. While Consumer Reports gave it an above-average rating for its claims handling, J.D. Power only gave it a two out of five, mostly due to its policy offerings and average price. And even Consumer Reports noted that its service was a step below our other picks. If high customer service ratings are important to you, you may feel more comfortable with a company known for its excellent customer support, like Travelers.

Auto Insurance Tips for Connecticut Drivers

Connecticut’s congested roads drive premiums up.

Connecticut has one of the highest traffic densities in the nation, with over 1.4 million vehicle miles per highway mile traveled each year. This is a red flag to insurers because densely packed traffic increases the risk of accidents. Congested roads are one of the key reasons Connecticut’s auto insurance rates are so high.

Although you may be tempted to lower coverage limits in order to score a lower premium, it’s important to make sure you have plenty of coverage for yourself and your vehicle in the event that an accident does occur. You may also want to think about adding accident forgiveness. This optional coverage is available with all of our top picks except Progressive, and it will protect you against rate hikes following your first at-fault accident.

Luxury cars drive up the state average.

Connecticut residents have the most disposable income of any state in the nation, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that there’s also a high number of luxury cars on Connecticut roads. Protecting these investments requires higher levels of insurance, but that also brings up the state average.

When these expensive vehicles do get involved in an accident, they cost a lot more to fix, so it makes sense that Connecticut also has some of the highest auto repair costs in the nation. This puts greater strain on insurance companies, and they pass that expense onto consumers in the form of higher premiums.

New state minimums could increase the number of uninsured drivers.

Connecticut raised its minimum liability coverage in 2018 from 20/40/10 to 25/50/25. This increase is intended to bring coverage in line with the rising cost of medical care and auto repairs, so that drivers face fewer out-of-pocket costs after an accident. But others fear this could lead to more drivers going without insurance.

Currently, about 9.4 percent of Connecticut drivers do not have insurance. If this number were to rise, it’s likely that insurance premiums would rise accordingly due to the increased risk to insurance companies.

State law requires drivers to purchase uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage in addition to liability protection, and it’s a good idea to purchase more than the state minimum if you can. A good rule of thumb is to buy as much uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage as you have liability protection.