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Florida’s auto insurance rates are on the higher side — on average $2,260 per year, compared to the nationwide average of $1,669. That said, how much you’ll pay can vary a lot depending on your car, your coverage, and your address. Use our tool to find your best rates:

Average annual rate in Florida
$0 $5,000
North Carolina car owners pay the least
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Florida is a frequent target for hurricanes and tropical storms, creating unique challenges for its drivers when it comes to flooding, high winds, and other storm concerns. Many of its largest cities are situated on or near the coast, and its landscape is notoriously flat, with no mountains and only a scattering of very small hills.

Florida Minimum Liability

Bodily Injury

per person
per accident

Property Damage

per accident

Florida is a no-fault state, meaning you’ll be covered by your own insurance provider in any accident and won’t be able to sue another driver for a claim on his or her auto insurance, except in certain circumstances. Because of this, the state’s minimum liability amounts are fairly low when compared to the suggested amounts. If you’re registering a car in Florida, state law requires you to obtain a minimum of $10,000 in personal injury protection insurance and an additional minimum of $10,000 in property damage liability insurance.

Experts recommend that you maintain a minimum of $50,000 in personal injury protection insurance, and $100,000 in additional coverage for an accident. However, higher amounts of $100,000 in PIP and $300,000 in additional coverage are ideal. In 2013, the average claim for property damage caused by a car accident was $3,231, and $15,443 was the average claim for personal injury. This means that you may not be able to cover the full cost of your accident if you only maintain the minimum Florida requirement for insurance, and you might be liable for much more than that if your accident involves conditions that allow the other driver to sue you for additional damages. Accordingly, it’s a good idea to obtain as much coverage as you can and shop around for insurance quotes from providers who can give you the most coverage for your budget.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Florida

Yearly Rate

  • $1,668
  • $3,382
  • $1,737
    State Farm
  • $938
  • $3,212

If finding affordable car insurance is your top priority, have a look at this list of the cheapest car insurance providers in Florida. These companies offer a variety of low-cost plans and are known to provide affordable packages that meet Florida’s minimum coverage laws.

If budget is all that matters to you, looking for the cheapest company can often meet your needs, but remember that you may be making trade-offs when it comes to factors such as the quality of the company’s customer service and the ease of filing a claim and having it reimbursed.

Where is car insurance most affordable?

Car insurance rates in Florida cities are usually determined by location and population size.

For example, Miami and nearby Hialeah on the southeast coast are the most expensive cities in the state while Tallahassee, which is inland in the far north, is among the cheapest cities. However, rates can vary widely even in the same general area. For example, Tampa is one of the most expensive and largest cities while St. Petersburg, right next to Tampa, is one of the cheapest cities. Accordingly, your best bet is to find quotes from a variety of companies to see the market conditions in any given city.

The insurance rates in Colorado cities tend to be higher than those in rural towns. Expect to see higher premiums in cultured, bustling areas like capital city Denver. Generally, residents of mountainous towns with small populations can expect lower premium costs.

Boca Raton Auto Insurance

Population: 89,407
Boca Raton

Boca Raton is a city of around 90,000 on Florida’s southeast coast. It was a boom town in the 1920s after several large hotels and resorts were built in the city, and it remains a popular destination for vacationers. Insurance rates in Boca are about $100 more than the state average but may vary based on driver profile and claims history.

Cape Coral Auto Insurance

Population: 165,831
Cape Coral

This city of around 165,000 residents on the southwest coast of Florida was once famous as a retirement community but became more age-diverse after the construction boom in the 1990s. Rates for auto insurance here are typically around $400 cheaper than the state average but can vary widely based on your age and other determining factors of your driver profile.

Clearwater Auto Insurance

Population: 108,787

With more than 108,000 residents, this city on Florida’s west coast is the smallest member of the tri-city Tampa Bay area and was famous as a major port for soldiers bound for the Pacific and European theaters in World War II. Today, it’s a family-oriented city, and its average insurance rates are about $200 cheaper than the state average, though still more expensive than the national average.

Coral Springs Auto Insurance

Population: 126,604
Coral Springs

Situated near Fort Lauderdale on the southeast coast, this city of over 126,000 is a planned community, famous within Florida for its effective local government, low crimes rates, and family-focused environment. Insurance rates in Coral Springs are typically around $100 above the Florida average. However, rates can vary widely depending on the specifics of your driver profile, so make sure to shop around for quotes from a variety of providers.

Fort Lauderdale Auto Insurance

Population: 172,397
Fort Lauderdale

This city of about 172,000 on Florida’s southeast coast is well-known as a major port for cruise ships and is famous for its vibrant beachgoing party scene, making it a popular destination for spring breakers and clubgoers. When it comes to insurance rates, Fort Lauderdale is exactly in line with the state average, although costs will vary depending on your age and driver profile.

Gainesville Auto Insurance

Population: 127,488

With around 127,000 residents, this city in north central Florida is a college town, home to the University of Florida. Its inland location means it’s not often a victim of the hurricanes and other storm-driven weather disasters that strike other areas of the state. It’s one of the cheapest large cities in Florida for insurance rates — as much as $800 lower than the state average.

Hialeah Auto Insurance

Population: 233,394

This city of about 233,000 in the Greater Miami area is a vibrant hub for the Cuban community and the epicenter of Latin culture in southern Florida. It’s also the most expensive large city for car insurance rates in the state at nearly $800 above the state average. That means it’s very important to shop around for quotes from different companies to ensure you find the best rates and coverage package for your driver profile and budget.

Hollywood Auto Insurance

Population: 146,526

While it never met its founder’s goal of becoming a hot spot for movie-making on the East Coast, this southeast Florida city of more than 146,000 is well-known in the state for its paved boardwalk and is a popular spot for sunbathers. Average insurance rates in the city are around $75 higher than the Florida state average, but specific costs will vary depending on your driving history.

Jacksonville Auto Insurance

Population: 842,583

With a population of over 842,000, this city in northern Florida is both the largest in the state and the largest by land area in the entire continental U.S. It’s well-known as one of the most active deep-water ports in the Atlantic and remains a busy hub for the shipping industry. Despite its size, it’s one of the cheapest large cities for car insurance, with average rates up to $500 less than the state average.

Miami Auto Insurance

Population: 417,650

With more than 417,000 residents, this southeastern city is perhaps the most iconic in Florida, well-known across the country for “The Golden Girls,” “Miami Vice,” and its legendary beachside culture. When it comes to auto insurance rates, Miami is one of the more expensive cities in Florida, with average rates around $400 above the state average. That means you’ll definitely need to do your research to find the best deal for yourself here.

Orlando Auto Insurance

Population: 255,483

Famous with kids around the world as the headquarters of TV channel Nickelodeon, this central Florida city of some 255,000 residents is also home to the Walt Disney World Resort and a major hot spot for Florida’s tourism industry. Despite its size and popularity, car insurance rates in Orlando are relatively cheap, typically around $350 below the state average.

Pembroke Pines Auto Insurance

Population: 162,329
Pembroke Pines

This southeastern city of about 162,000 experienced a population explosion following Hurricane Andrew, as thousands of residents from Miami-Dade County relocated to escape future storms. When it comes to auto insurance rates, Pembroke Pines is in line with the state average, so you should have plenty of choices for finding a good deal that meets your coverage needs.

Pompano Beach Auto Insurance

Population: 104,410
Pompano Beach

While the city of Pompano Beach saw its biggest population explosion in the decades following World War II, its more than 104,000 citizens today include a huge number of seasonal residents, who primarily live in the city during the winter months. Insurance rates in Pompano Beach are slightly above average, typically only about $50 more than the state norm.

Saint Petersburg Auto Insurance

Population: 248,232
Saint Petersburg

With around 250,000 residents, this city in the Tampa Bay area is a hot spot for beachgoers and sun seekers thanks to its prime position on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Rates for car insurance in St. Petersburg are slightly cheaper than the state norm by around $200. Insurance costs will vary depending on your driver profile, so be sure to request quotes from a variety of insurance companies.

Tallahassee Auto Insurance

Population: 186,411

As the state capital and home to Florida State University, this city of over 186,000 residents in northern Florida is a hub for many industries in the state. Despite the city’s prominence, average car insurance rates in Tallahassee are actually significantly cheaper than the state average, often by as much as $700. This means you should have your pick of the best companies when it comes to finding great coverage at a great price.

Tampa Auto Insurance

Population: 352,957

As the anchor of the Tampa Bay metropolitan area, this city of nearly 353,000 inspires a lot of love from its residents and frequently ranks near the top of “Best City to Live” lists around the country. You’ll have to pay a bit of a premium for that livability, but not by much, since typical insurance rates here are only about $150 more than the state average.

West Palm Beach Auto Insurance

Population: 102,436
West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is the oldest city in southern Florida, with a history dating far back into the 19th century. Its current status as a notable hot spot for hurricane and storm activity means you’ll want to make sure you find the best car insurance possible. Thankfully, the task won’t be too expensive, as average rates here are only around $100 higher than the Florida norm.

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