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Iowa’s auto insurance rates are on the low side — on average $999 per year, compared to the nationwide average of $1,669. That said, how much you’ll pay can vary a lot depending on your car, your coverage, and your address. Use our tool to find your best rates:

Average annual rate in Iowa
$0 $5,000
North Carolina car owners pay the least
Average annual rate in the US
Michigan car owners pay the most

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Iowa is a largely rural state with several urban centers. Severe weather is most common in summer, when residents can expect about 50 days of thunderstorms each year. Iowa also experiences several tornadoes per year. Iowa drivers must purchase liability coverage. Although it isn’t required, comprehensive coverage offers more protection for vehicles damaged by severe weather.

Iowa Minimum Liability

Bodily Injury

per person
per accident

Property Damage

per accident

Iowa has a low minimum coverage requirement that falls far short of 50/100, the bare minimum recommended coverage for drivers. With 50/100, an insurance policy covers $50,000 per person and $100,000 per accident for bodily injuries. Any expenses over the coverage amount will come directly out of the driver’s pocket. Ideally, drivers who can afford 100/300 coverage will choose policies that offer this level of protection.

In 2013, the average bodily injury liability claim was $15,444 and the average property damage liability claim was $3,231. Since these are averages, about half of the claims are more costly. This can force policyholders to either go into significant debt or spend tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses. With 100/300, this isn’t a concern.

Getting quotes from several car insurance companies will help you compare policies so you can choose an affordable option that best matches your needs. Since each insurance company will evaluate your driver profile in a unique way, some quotes could be much cheaper than others. This work takes some time, but the savings are well worth the effort.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Iowa

Yearly Rate

  • $926
    Farm Bureau Mutual
  • $921
    American Family
  • $941
    State Farm
  • $660
    IMT Insurance Company
  • $1,274

If you want the cheapest possible car insurance, then you will probably want a policy from one of these low-cost companies. When comparing Iowa insurance companies, we found that those listed here consistently offered the lowest rates.

Choosing a policy from one of these companies will keep your insurance affordable. Unfortunately, there are often trade-offs for cheap rates. Companies with the lowest rates may have poor customer service. They may also make it difficult for policyholders to collect claims in a timely manner. If you don’t care about these things, then you should consider getting a policy from one of these cheap insurance providers.

Where is car insurance most affordable?

How much you spend on auto insurance depends on several factors. Where you live is one of those factors.

The most expensive cities are those with large populations. This includes Cedar Rapids and its surrounding communities. Although their rates are high for the state, they are still much cheaper than the national average.

Insurance prices vary throughout Iowa. You will need to get quotes from several companies in order to compare prices with the state and national averages.

Ames Auto Insurance

Population: 61,792

Ames is a small town located north of Des Moines. The city’s 61,792 residents include the teachers and students at the Iowa State University of Science and Technology and other nearby colleges. The National Animal Disease Center and Iowa Department of Transportation are also located in the town. Residents of Ames pay the cheapest auto insurance rates in the state. The rate is noticeably lower than the state average and significantly lower than the national average.

Cedar Rapids Auto Insurance

Population: 128,429
Cedar Rapids

With 128,429 residents, Cedar Rapids is one of Iowa’s largest cities. Several popular film actors are from Cedar Rapids, including Elijah Wood and Ashton Kutcher. The city has a strong art scene supported by institutions like the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, the Paramount Theatre, and Orchestra Iowa. Drivers in Cedar Rapids can expect to pay slightly less than the state average for auto insurance.

Council Bluffs Auto Insurance

Population: 61,969
Council Bluffs

Council Bluffs has the highest insurance premiums of any Iowa city. This may seem odd since it has a population of just 61,969 people. The discrepancy comes from the town’s proximity to Omaha, Nebraska, a city with over 430,000 residents. Since Council Bluffs is a suburb of the larger city, motorists pay higher insurance rates, similar to drivers in Iowa’s urban areas.

Davenport Auto Insurance

Population: 102,157

Davenport is a fairly large city with over 102,000 residents. The city is located on the Mississippi River, which creates a border between Iowa and Illinois. Unfortunately, this area along the Mississippi is prone to flooding. This may help explain why Davenport’s drivers pay slightly higher insurance rates than the state average. Despite this higher rate, they still spend considerably less than the national average.

Des Moines Auto Insurance

Population: 207,510
Des Moines

Des Moines, the capital of Iowa, has a population of more than 207,000 people. Interestingly, Des Moines is noted as one of the best cities for insurance companies. Several insurance providers have headquarters in Des Moines. Despite the area’s flourishing insurance industry, drivers pay a little more than the state average. Other than Davenport, Des Moines has the most expensive auto policies in the state.

Dubuque Auto Insurance

Population: 57,686

Dubuque is a small city with a population of 57,686 people. It is the largest Iowa city in the Tri-State Area, a region where the borders of Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin meet. Dubuque is a hilly city located on the Mississippi River. This popular tourist destination has several buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Drivers in Dubuque pay slightly less than the state’s average premium rate.

Iowa City Auto Insurance

Population: 71,591
Iowa City

Although Iowa City only has a population of about 71,600 people, it is one of the state’s most revered cities. Iowa City is home to the University of Iowa, which has one of the country’s most prestigious writing programs. In fact, Iowa City is the only U.S. location that has been awarded UNESCO’s City of Literature designation. The area’s residents also enjoy one of the state’s lowest auto insurance rates.

Sioux City Auto Insurance

Population: 82,459
Sioux City

Sioux City, the state’s fourth largest city, has a population of about 83,000 people. Several publications have listed Sioux City as one of the country’s best places to live and work. The area has numerous parks and nature centers that give people plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. The average auto insurance premium in Sioux City is slightly higher than the state average, but not significantly so.

Waterloo Auto Insurance

Population: 68,747

Waterloo, a city that currently has about 69,000 residents, was originally named Prairie Rapids Crossing. According to legend, the city got the name Waterloo when it applied for a post office. Since the request form did not include a name for the proposed post office, a resident used a list of U.S. post offices to find a suitable name. He liked the name Waterloo, so he used it in the application. Today’s residents can expect to spend slightly less on insurance premiums than the state average.

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