Missouri drivers looking for auto insurance coverage might notice that premiums in their state are above the national average. A large number of uninsured drivers — 14 percent overall — as well as a high risk of auto-deer collisions and some wild weather all come into play when it comes to average premiums in the Show-Me state. Like in all states, though, shopping around for auto insurance will help you find the best auto insurance coverage for you and your vehicle.

Missouri Minimum Liability

Every state has a minimum liability level for how much insurance every driver legally needs to hold. Missouri’s minimum coverage is 25/50/10, which means:

  • $25,000 bodily injury coverage per person
  • $50,000 bodily injury coverage per accident
  • $10,000 property damage coverage per accident

To protect drivers against being left in the lurch by uninsured drivers, Missouri requires an additional 25/50 (or $25,000 bodily injury and $50,000 bodily injury coverage per accident) specifically designated for incidents with un- or underinsured drivers. This covers your own bodily injury costs in the case that an uninsured driver causes an accident with you. It’s probably a good thing that Missouri requires this coverage, as 14 percent of motorists in the state are driving uninsured — that’s the 17th highest rate in the nation.

Of course, it’s always wise to buy more insurance than just the state’s minimum liability. While the bare minimum may be enough for a small fender bender with your average vehicle, think about how much it could cost you if you cause an accident with an expensive luxury car, worth, say, $200,000. If you have only the minimum $10,000 property damage coverage, you’ll be stuck paying the difference out of pocket. That’s why figuring out how much insurance you can afford and seeing how you can get the most coverage for that cost is a good place to start.

Different companies consider different factors when it comes to how they calculate insurance premiums, from a person’s age to where they live and what kind of car they drive, so be sure to shop around at various places to find the best coverage amount and premium level for you and your personal situation. Our review of the best auto insurance companies in Missouri is a great place to start.

Missouri Auto Insurance Reviews

American Family Insurance

After analyzing the five top insurers in Missouri, we think you should definitely consider starting your search for auto insurance with American Family Insurance. The company came out on top in several categories, thanks to their super informative and easy to navigate website, great customer satisfaction ratings and the amount of discounts they offered. On the website you can find state-specific minimum liability information, clear outlines of coverage options and discounts, as well as auto insurance FAQs and a live chat with a customer service rep.

American Family is the only one of our five companies to earn a 4/5 from JD Power in overall customer satisfaction in the Central region (which includes Missouri). The company also earned both a solid 89/100 reader score and an Excellent rating (the highest possible) for timely payments on claims from Consumer Reports — important considerations when it comes to how happy you’ll actually be when you need your insurance company the most.

We found 15 of the discounts we looked for, the same number as Farmers, which made these providers the two standouts in this category. American Family was also the only company in our top picks to offer discounts if you drive less, opt for paperless billing, or sign your contract at least seven days before your coverage is due to start.

American Family has a significant amount of endorsements and coverage options to help you find an auto insurance plan perfectly tailored to you. We found 13 of the coverage options we looked for, just one fewer than Farmers, which had the most of any of our top picks. Importantly, their options include gap loans or lease payoff coverage, to pay the rest of what’s owed on your car lease in the event your car is a total loss, ridesharing coverage if you drive for Uber or Lyft, and umbrella coverage.

They also had pretty outstanding financial stability ratings from Moody’s, AM Best, and Standard & Poor’s, only slightly lower than those from State Farm, which had the highest in our top picks. We also found American Family’s online quote tool easy to use, though it’s less customizable than some of the others we tried, offering up three quotes for varying levels of coverage instead of allowing you to see how changing certain coverage limits might affect your premium.

Farmers Insurance

When it comes to discounts and coverage options, Farmers is a standout in our top picks. Like American Family, Farmers offered 15 of the discounts we looked for, including ones for adding a young driver (under 24) and for members of qualifying business or professional groups. In terms of coverage options, Farmers also stood out for offering the most endorsements — 14 of the 20 we looked for — including unique options, like customized equipment coverage, accident and incident forgiveness (so your rates won’t go up for that small claim or traffic citation), and new car replacement, which covers a brand-new model if your new car gets totaled anytime in the first two years you own it.

Farmers has a great reputation — it’s the only top pick to earn a 4/5 customer rating from JD Power for its claims experience specifically in the Central region (which includes Missouri). It also earned an 89/100 from Consumer Reports, just like American Family and State Farm, for overall reader score. While Farmers’ financial stability ratings from AM Best, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s, were lower than State Farm’s and American Family’s, it still has what are considered good and stable ratings, meaning you can rest assured your claims will be paid.

The Farmers website is clear and easy to navigate with tons of good info on coverage options, discounts, and a quality FAQ section. The only thing they didn’t have that we appreciated with American Family was Live Chat with a customer service rep. That said, Farmers has a great online quote tool that makes it easy to not only get a quick premium quote but also to customize the quote with various levels of coverage to see how changes might affect the premium.

State Farm

State Farm is another solid pick for auto insurance in Missouri — it came out on top of all five contenders with the highest financial stability ratings from Moody’s, AM Best, and Standard & Poor’s. It’s also second best in our rankings for discounts, website and customer service resources, and reputation.

When it comes to discounts, State Farm offers 13 of the 20 we looked for — just State Farm and Farmers offer more, with 15 — and were the only company that offered a new car discount. So if you know you might qualify for a lot of discounts or have a new car to insure, State Farm might be a great place for you to keep your premium low with discounts. State Farm only had 11 of the coverage options we looked for, tying it for last place in our top picks along with LIberty Mutual. That said, it covers all the basics, from liability to collision and comprehensive and even rental reimbursement and teen driver insurance.

State Farm has a solid reputation, earning 3/5 for both overall customer satisfaction and claims experience from JD Power in the Central region, and 89/100 for reader score from Consumer Reports — the same high score as American Family and Farmers. State Farm also earned the highest possible score, an Excellent rating, from Consumer Reports for timely claims payment. These are all things that will make a big difference when it comes to filing a claim.

Like with Farmers, we were super impressed with State Farm’s website, which offers informative and clear outlines of coverage options, discounts and a helpful FAQ section. We only found two things lacking on State Farm’s site as far as tools: no live chat tool to speak with a customer service rep, and the online quote tool requires a Social Security Number or Driver’s License Number. If you aren’t comfortable sharing those details just to get a quote, you’ll have to call an agent for a quote instead, which may make shopping around a little more complicated.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual has a website with all the info you need to decide if it’s the insurer for you, and a great online quote tool that’s easy to use and customizable for all kinds of different coverage options. We also love that they have a live chat option with a customer service rep via Twitter or Facebook Messenger and a helpful FAQ page.

While Liberty Mutual offers just 10 out of the 20 discounts we looked for but is one of our only top picks to offer a discount for a hybrid vehicle and one specifically for responsible teen drivers. Liberty Mutual offers all the basic options for coverage as well that you might be interested in, from liability to collision to comprehensive coverages. Though they have fewer possible add-ons than our other top picks, they are the only company we looked at to offer a vanishing deductible, which allows you to lower your deductible over time.

When it comes to customer service reputation, Liberty Mutual has a good reader score of 88/100 from Consumer Reports, just one point lower than Farmers, American Family and State Farm, and “Very Good” ratings for simplicity of process and timely payment when it comes to claims experiences. It scores a little lower than our other top picks on the JD Power ratings for the Central region, 2/5 for both overall score and claims experience. Liberty Mutual also received an above average number of complaints according to the Missouri Consumer Complaint Index — 105% of the average expected for an auto insurer, compared to 66% for Farmers, 62% for American Family, 54% for Shelter Mutual, and just 49% for State Farm. Liberty Mutual’s rating is just slightly higher than average, so nothing to be too wary of, but potential customers may want to consider the fact that it does receive about double the complaints of our other top picks.

While Liberty Mutual has lower financial stability ratings than Farmers or American Family Insurance, its ratings are still good and stable so you shouldn’t have anything to worry about if you choose to get your auto insurance here.

Shelter Mutual

Shelter Mutual offers a good number of coverage options that cover all the basics: liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage, as well as several additions that you might be interested in.

Overall Shelter offers 13 of the 20 endorsements we looked for, just one fewer than the leader in that category: Farmers. Shelter is also one of only two companies (the other is American Family) to offer gap loans or lease payoff coverage, which pays what’s owed on the rest of your lease if your car is a total loss, even if that’s more than the value of the car at the time of the accident. We found nine of the 27 discounts we looked for, the least of our top picks, which might impact your premium, but they do offer a lot of the common ones, like safe driver training program enrollment, multicar, and good student discounts, so it could still be the best match for you depending on what you qualify for and the coverage you need.

Since Shelter is a slightly smaller company than our other top picks, it isn’t rated by Consumer Reports, but it did earn a respectable 3/5 for both overall and claims experience from JD Power in its 2017 Auto Insurance Study reviewing auto insurers in the Central region. It’s also not rated for financial stability by Moody’s or Standard & Poor’s, like our other top picks are. That said, it does receive a stable, good rating from AM Best so you should still feel comfortable shopping with them for your auto insurance needs.

Shelter Mutual’s website is slightly lackluster compared to our other top picks, but you’ll find the basic information on coverage options and discounts. What you won’t find is an FAQ page or a customer service live chat option, which we found a little disappointing. The online quote tool here also requires a Social Security number, like State Farm, so if you want a quick premium estimate be ready to hand that info over.

Coverage Limits Change Premiums

American Family Insurance Liberty Mutual Farmers Insurance
Premium for at least: min. liability (25/50/10) + 25/50 uninsured motorist coverage N/A (only gave specific coverage options in the quote tool) $95/month $149.83/month
Premium for more coverage: 50/100/50 + 50/100 Uninsured Motorist + 50/100 Underinsured Motorist + $1,000 Medical Expense + $500 Deductible Comprehensive + $500 Deductible Collision $153.22/month $210/month $325.08/month

Quotes based on — Driver: Single, 33-year-old female; Vehicle: 2009 Honda Accord 4-door EX Sedan; Location: St. Louis, MO

You may think that when you’re shopping for auto insurance looking for the same amount of coverage at different companies will translate to similar monthly premiums. In fact, as you can see from the above table, monthly premiums vary greatly between companies, even when the coverage levels are exactly the same.

For this example, we received several vastly different monthly premium options for the same scenario. As you can see, premium prices vary greatly between companies and coverage levels, and can vary even more depending on your personal circumstances — e.g. your driving history, where you live, and the type of vehicle you’re looking to insure — so be sure to shop around as many places as possible to find the best possible premium for you and the best amount of coverage. Some companies make this easier than others. For example, while Liberty Mutual and Farmers Insurance allow you to input a specific amount of coverage into their online quote tools, others, like American Family, don’t. While it’s always advisable to speak to a real agent before buying, to make sure you’re getting all the applicable discounts, being able to check all your coverage options online improves the initial shopping around experience and seems to be the general market trend.

Consider Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

When considering the type of auto insurance coverage you need, Missouri residents should pay careful attention to potential local hazards in your area. For example, if you live in St. Joseph, Springfield, Kansas City, Joplin, or St. Louis, you might consider comprehensive coverage to cover car theft and other non-accident related loss. All five of these cities made the top 100 riskiest cities in the nation for car thefts in 2016 according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Another reason to consider comprehensive or collision coverage? Deer. According to insurance companies, Missouri is one of three states considered “high-risk” for deer/vehicle accidents (the other two are Arkansas and Kansas). The biggest concern for these collisions is property damage — according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, fatalities and injuries from collisions with deer are relatively rare. A good reason for Missouri residents to check in with your insurance company on whether collision or comprehensive coverage will be best for you if you hit an animal.