If you’re shopping for auto insurance in Ohio, you’re in luck: auto insurance premiums in the Buckeye State are among the lowest in the country. This is due largely to the fact that Ohio is an “at-fault” state, meaning the party who is at-fault in an accident is responsible for the damages of the person they hit. (Many other states, including neighboring Michigan, are “no-fault” states, which means your own insurance will cover your medical and other damages regardless of who was at fault.) Since an at-fault policy means that your insurance company is only on the hook if you’re at fault, premiums are driven down. However, Ohioans need to make sure to get enough liability insurance in the case that you do cause a major accident, as well as uninsured or underinsured driver coverage in case someone else causes an accident with you but isn’t very well insured.

Ohio Minimum Liability

Almost every state has a minimum liability limit for how much auto insurance you need as a driver licensed in that state. Ohio’s minimum liability coverage is 25/50/25, which means:

  • $25,000 bodily injury coverage per person
  • $50,000 bodily injury coverage per accident
  • $25,000 property damage coverage per accident

This coverage is about average compared to other states’ requirements, but it’s always wise to buy more than the minimum — especially in an at-fault state like Ohio. For example, if you cause an accident with a luxury vehicle worth $100,000, your $25,000 of property damage may not cover what you could owe and you’d be responsible for the rest out of pocket.

All that said, the right type and amount of coverage for you depends on many driving factors, from how often you drive and how many cars you’re insuring to where in Ohio you live — rural and urban drivers encounter different driving risks. Your premium cost depends on all these factors, too, as well as things like age, gender, and what kind of car you’re driving, so it’s always a good idea to shop around for the best premium and coverage package for your specific needs.

Ohio Auto Insurance Reviews

American Family

American Family stood out as the strongest all-around contender in our analysis. If you know you want a lot of customization when it comes to your coverage and don’t mind checking in with an agent for a quote, American Family is an excellent choice.

Like all our top picks, American Family offers the necessary liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage options. But it also offers the most endorsements (tied with Progressive) compared to our other top picks. If you’re looking for gap loan coverage, rideshare coverage, umbrella coverage, or personal injury protection, American Family can help you get the customized coverage you need. It also offers a range of additional discount options — 15 of the 27 discounts we looked for. In addition to fairly common multi-vehicle, safe driving, and loyalty discounts, American Family has some unique offerings, like family or usage-based plans, as well as a discount for getting a new quote at least seven days before your current insurance expires.

Though slightly lower than some of our other top picks, American Family has stable and very good financial stability ratings from Moody’s, A.M. Best, and Standard and Poor’s, and you have nothing to worry about when it comes to their ability to fulfill claims. Customer service ratings from JD Power and Consumer Reports are strong and on par with our follow-up pick State Farm. American Family and State Farm all earned 3/5 for overall and claims ratings from JD Power, and Consumer Reports readers gave them an 89/100 score with a “Very Good” for simplicity of claims process and “Excellent” for timely payments of claims.

While American Family’s website does a lot, offering tons of educational resources, clearly outlining available coverage and discounts options, and providing a customer service live chat and FAQ section, it does fall short in one regard: you can’t get a quick quote online. To get a customized quote for your personal situation you’ll need to speak to an agent. This wasn’t a dealbreaker for us given how well it performed in other areas, but something to be aware of when you’re shopping around for premiums.

State Farm

If you’re looking for a specific type of coverage, like for rideshare or for covering a brand-new car, State Farm has a lot of coverage options, but tends to come with higher premiums despite its many discounts.

Alongside the standard liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage, you’ll find a customizable set of coverage options from State Farm with appealing add-ons, like rental reimbursement and teen driver coverage. It’s also one of only two of our top picks to offer rideshare coverage (the other is American Family), a must for those driving for Lyft or Uber. State Farm offers several of the most common discounts, like multi-policy, multi-car, safe driver, and good student, plus it was the only one of our top picks to offer a new car discount — so if you’re looking to cover those brand new wheels, State Farm might get you a deal on coverage.

Like our other top picks for Ohio, State Farm has great financial stability ratings. In terms of reputation, State Farm garnered the same strong ratings as American Family: a 3/5 from JD Power and 89/100 from Consumer Reports.

State Farm has a stellar website where you’ll be able to find tons of good information on coverage and discount options, an FAQ section and even resources with helpful info on car insurance tips, car maintenance and more. The only thing its website lacked in comparison with our other top picks was a live chat customer service option. Also, when you go to get an online quote from State Farm, be prepared that it’s the only one of our top picks to require either a license number or a Social Security number to complete the process. So if you’d prefer not to give up that info online, you’ll need to call to get a quote from an agent.


Like American Family, Progressive offers all you can ask for in a website: explaining what all their coverage options mean, laying out available discounts, plus a live chat customer service via Facebook Messenger and a customer service FAQ section. We particularly liked how customizable and easy to use Progressive’s online quote tool is, making shopping around for the best coverage for you easy and quick. If you’re looking for gap loan, custom parts, or pet injury coverage, along with the option of a quick online quote and a super informative website, you may want to look into Progressive to see how it stacks up for you.

Progressive has a strong customer service reputation as well. Like American Family and State Farm, Progressive also earned 3/5 from JD Power for both overall and claims ratings in the Ohio region. Progressive’s 87/100 score from Consumer Reports is slightly lower than our other top picks, but still strong, and accompanied by a “Very Good” for simplicity of claims process and an “Excellent” for timely claims payments.

Progressive offers just 10 of the 27 discounts that we looked for, less than the amount offered by State Farm and American Family. They do offer a couple that the others don’t, though; discounts for drivers under 18, paperless billing, and being a homeowner. Progressive offers just as many endorsements and coverage options as American Family and is the only top pick to offer pet injury and custom parts coverage. It’s also one of just two to offer gap loan coverage (the other is American Family), which covers everything you owe on your lease if your car is totaled in an accident but its value is less than what you still owe.

Progressive has standout financial stability ratings, just like all of our top picks, with scores from Moody’s, A.M. Best and Standard and Poor’s that show the company is stable and in good financial standing.

Liberty Mutual

In our analysis, Liberty Mutual came up behind some of our other top picks, but only because the top picks in Ohio all scored really well in pretty much every category.

While Liberty Mutual offers fewer discounts than our other top picks, they are the only one to offer a discount for hybrid vehicles. Although Liberty Mutual offers just 11 of the 20 endorsements we looked for, they’re also the only top pick to offer coverage for new car replacement and a vanishing deductible (you can pay toward your deductible so it eventually lowers). So if any of these coverage options are on your must-have list for car insurance, be sure to give Liberty Mutual a look.

When it comes to reputation, Liberty Mutual has a lower rating from JD Power’s analysis in the North Central region than any of our other top picks: 2/5 in both overall and claims scores. However, its Consumer Reports ratings are more in-line with our other top picks: 88/100 for overall reader score and “Very Good” for both simplicity of process and timely claims payments. Liberty Mutual also has the lowest scores of all our top picks from Moody’s, A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s for financial stability. But we’re talking about a minor difference — they’re still considered good and stable, so if Liberty Mutual ends up offering the coverage you want at the right price they’re a reliable option.

The website clearly lays out coverage options and discounts, offers live chat via Facebook Messenger and Twitter, and has an informative customer service FAQ. That said, we found its educational resources weren’t quite as strong as those from Progressive, American Family, and State Farm. We liked the easy to use, quick online quote tool, which made it a breeze to see if they had the right coverage for us.

Quote Analysis

Auto insurance premiums depend on many factors, from your age, gender, and marital status to what kind of car you drive and where you live, and also vary widely between providers. We checked out some monthly premiums for a single scenario to get a sense of how they varied between providers and coverage options. Quotes are based on a single 37-year-old female living in Columbus, OH and driving a 2010 Honda Civic

Minimum Coverage (25/50/25) Premium Coverage (100/300/100 + extras*)
Progressive $53.22 $110.81
Liberty Mutual $56 $136
State Farm $84.23 $169.73

*Extras: $5,000 medical costs coverage + Emergency roadside service + Car rental reimbursement + $500 comprehensive deductible + $500 collision deductible

As you can see from the table above, the monthly premium for minimum liability coverage with no added extras nearly doubles between Progressive and Liberty Mutual. In this example, Progressive will give you much higher comprehensive and collision coverage, emergency roadside service, car rental reimbursement, medical cost coverage and $100,000 of bodily injury liability per person (as opposed to $25,000). Of course, these numbers are just an example, and options and prices will vary, so be sure to shop around to find the best premium cost that also gets you the most coverage for your money — more insurance now means paying less in the event of an accident.