Rhode Island’s busy streets, expensive auto repairs, and numerous uninsured drivers put its typical auto insurance premium nearly $300 above the national average. But you can beat those odds. Every insurer looks at your situation a little differently, and by taking the time to get some quotes and compare your coverage options, you can find the company that offers you the best possible value. Read our reviews of the top Rhode Island auto insurers below and then use our quote tool to see what each of them can offer you.

Rhode Island Minimum Liability

Every driver in the nation must carry some liability insurance in case they cause an accident. Rhode Island residents must have at least:

  • $25,000 bodily injury coverage per person
  • $50,000 bodily injury coverage per accident
  • $25,000 property damage coverage per accident

You’ll often see this written as 25/50/25 coverage. This is the amount you must have to legally drive in the state, but it’s always best to purchase more than this if you can. If you were to get into an accident and cause $50,000 worth of property damages, your state-minimum coverage would only cover half of that and you’d be left to come up with the rest on your own. But if you’d purchased higher liability coverage, you wouldn’t have to worry about out-of-pocket costs.

The better way to save on your auto insurance is to shop around and figure out which company offers you the best value. While every company looks at the same factors, including your vehicle, your location and your driving record, they all weigh these factors slightly differently, which is why they all give different rates. Set aside some time to get some quotes and play around with your coverage options. We recommend starting with the four companies listed below.

Rhode Island Auto Insurance Reviews


Amica was the runaway favorite in the customer satisfaction surveys. It received a perfect five out of five from J.D. Power and a 96 out of 100 from Consumer Reports. Its claims handling was also noted to be efficient and stress-free, with a majority of consumers being satisfied with the fairness and the timeless of the payment they received.

It should be your first stop if you’re interested in a policy with high coverage limits. You can purchase up to 500,000/1,000,000/1,000,000 of liability coverage. No other company on this list offers this much coverage, and it should be more than enough to protect you even in a severe accident.

Amica also stands out for its unique policy features that are designed to help you save money. If your new car is totaled, Amica will pay the full value of the new vehicle without factoring in depreciation. It also offers dividend policies, which gives you a refund of up to 20 percent of your premium each year, regardless of whether you filed a claim. If you want the most complete coverage, check out its Platinum Choice Auto endorsement. This includes good driving rewards, accident forgiveness, full glass coverage, free identity fraud monitoring, and more.


Allstate is a good place to begin if you’re looking to customize your policy with rare endorsements. It’s the only company on this list that offers ridesharing coverage for Uber and Lyft drivers. It’s also one of the few insurers to offer new car replacement. There’s personal property coverage as well, which pays to repair or replace any personal items that were damaged in the crash.

There’s also several endorsements designed to help you save money for being a safe driver. The Deductible Rewards endorsement lowers your deductible by $100 every year you go without a claim up to a maximum of $500. You may also be eligible for a Safe Driving Bonus Check every policy period you’re accident-free. And all Allstate customers are automatically enrolled in its Allstate Rewards program, which enables you to earn points that you can redeem for gift cards and products.

Allstate is another company that’s worth a closer look if you’re interested in purchasing a lot of liability coverage. While its limits aren’t as high as Amica’s, you can still purchase up to 500/500/500 coverage, which should be more than enough for most drivers.


Progressive is another company known for offering very affordable rates. It has several easy-to-achieve discounts that most of its competitors don’t offer, including homeowner, online purchase, auto-pay, and continuous insurance coverage discounts. If you want the most savings, consider signing up for Progressive’s Snapshot program. It monitors your driving for several months, and if you are safe and responsible, gives you some big savings.

If you have a custom vehicle or you don’t own your car outright, Progressive should be one of your top choices. It’s the only company on the list to offer custom parts coverage and GAP coverage. This pays off the balance of your lease or loan if your vehicle is totaled in an accident. That way, you aren’t stuck making payments on a vehicle you no longer own.

You shouldn’t choose Progressive if you’re looking for a policy with high coverage limits. The most coverage it offers is 250/500/100. The bodily injury coverage should be fine for most people, but that isn’t very much property damage liability coverage compared to what most of the rest of the industry offers.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is a good choice if you own a new car. It’s one of the only companies listed here that will pay you the full value of your totaled new car without accounting for depreciation. If you drive an older car, you may want to check out its better car replacement option. Should your car get totaled, Liberty Mutual will replace it with one that is a model year newer or has 15,000 fewer miles than your old one.

The company also stands out for its endorsements designed to help you save money. Its Deductible Fund option will lower your collision deductible by $100 for every year you go without an accident up to a maximum of $500. There’s also a Lifetime Repair Guarantee endorsement. Any repairs done at one of Liberty Mutual’s approved repair facilities are guaranteed for the life of your vehicle, and if they break again, you can bring it back in and Liberty Mutual will pay for the repairs without charging you a penny.

Liberty Mutual fell slightly behind the others in the customer satisfaction surveys. While it received good overall ratings, its claims handling was noted to be a step below the rest, with the fairness and timeliness of the settlement being the most common complaint. You may not run into these problems, but if you’d rather not take the risk, you’d be better off with a company like Amica.

Rhode Island’s busy streets increase the risk of accidents.

Rhode Island has some of the most densely populated roads in the nation, with nearly 1.3 million vehicle miles per highway mile driven each year. Having so many vehicles in such a small area increases the risk of accidents. To insurers, this means a higher risk of paying out claims. So in order for them to be able to afford to do business in the state, they must charge Rhode Island drivers more.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything you can do about this other than to drive carefully and make sure you purchase as much auto insurance coverage as you can comfortably afford.

There’s a lot of uninsured drivers on the road.

Over 15 percent of Rhode Island drivers don’t have insurance. That’s the 15th highest rate in the nation, and it’s another reason why premiums are so high in the state. Insurance companies not only have to worry about paying for accidents that their drivers cause, they also have to worry about being held responsible for accidents caused by uninsured drivers.

Though not required by state law, it’s a good idea to add uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage to your policy. Uninsured motorist coverage pays for any hospital bills or auto repairs you need if you’re hit by an uninsured driver, while underinsured motorist coverage picks up the slack if the at-fault driver doesn’t have enough insurance to cover the total damages.

It’s expensive to get your car repaired in Rhode Island.

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the average auto repair cost in Rhode Island is $3,325. That’s $737 more than the national average. Insurance companies have to pay more to fix your car following an accident, and some of that extra cost gets passed onto you in the form of higher premiums.

But worse than high premiums is having to pay for the repairs to your vehicle on your own. If you have a lease or loan on your vehicle, your lender will require you to have collision and comprehensive coverage, but even if you don’t need it, it’s still a good idea. Collision coverage pays to fix your vehicle after a car accident, even if you were the one at fault. Comprehensive coverage handles all non-collision-related incidents, like run-ins with wildlife, theft, and storm damage.