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Utah’s auto insurance rates are on the low side — on average $1,121 per year, compared to the nationwide average of $1,669. That said, how much you’ll pay can vary a lot depending on your car, your coverage, and your address. Use our tool to find your best rates:

Average annual rate in Utah
$0 $5,000
North Carolina car owners pay the least
Average annual rate in the US
Michigan car owners pay the most

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Our Review of the Best Auto Insurance in Utah

2.9 million people call Utah home, and they are spread out throughout this Midwestern state. Utah has some of the most diverse ecosystems in the nation, including vast forests, the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado River, and the Mojave Desert. The state gets little rainfall, but areas closest to Great Salt Lake get hundreds of inches of snowfall from lake effect blizzards. Flooding and wildfires are common in this state, although tornadoes are rarely seen.

Utah Minimum Liability

Bodily Injury

per person
per accident

Property Damage

per accident

You only need the Utah minimum liability coverage (25/15/65) to legally drive in this state, which covers $25,000 in personal injury claims per person, $15,000 in property damage, and $65,000 total for the accident. This is below the recommended $50,000 per person, $50,000 property damage, and $100,000 total coverage, and the even better 100/300 plan.

The main reason it’s important to get as much coverage as possible is because the average accident in 2013 had claims for $3,231 in property damage and $15,443 for personal injury. If you aren’t lucky enough to get into an average cost accident, these costs can be substantially higher. Insurance companies don’t add on to your coverage if your current plan doesn’t cover costs – they pass the additional liability on to you.

Your current auto insurance company may not offer the coverage you’re looking for, or it may raise your premium too high. Be thorough when you look for Utah auto insurance. Get several quotes from multiple carriers to determine whether you’re getting the best rates or if a small company you might have overlooked could give you a better deal.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Utah

Yearly Rate

  • $917
  • $1,714
  • $610
    Bear River
  • $1,225
    State Farm
  • $1,138
    American Family

Need the lowest cost option available? Sometimes price is the major deciding factor when you’re shopping for Utah auto insurance, and these companies offer the lowest premium costs. The lower bill provides a major advantage for people who are cost-conscious or don’t drive often.

The trade-offs you make for low cost auto insurance include lower quality customer service, difficulty getting your claims processed in a timely manner, and dealing with large national chains instead of local companies that understand Utah’s unique challenges.

Where is car insurance most affordable?

Where you live has a lot of bearing on how much you’ll pay for car insurance.

Utah’s cost of living is low, and catastrophic weather is relatively infrequent in most areas of the state. The low population density and plethora of small towns leads to many people owning cars, especially with the state’s low auto insurance rate compared to the national average.

The least expensive areas to insure cars in Utah are Layton, Ogden, and Orem. These three towns do not contain major population centers, highly trafficked roads, or major weather events. The highest insurance rates are found in West Valley City, West Jordan, and Taylorsville, which are located in areas that are more treacherous for driving.

Layton Auto Insurance

Population: 70,474

Layton, a small city with 70,474 people, is home to Hill Air Force Base. It’s a convention area with a large conference center and significant hotel presence. Its shopping district is a large revenue driver for the state, and many people commute to Salt Lake City from this area. Layton auto insurance rates are slightly below the state average.

Ogden Auto Insurance

Population: 84,226

Ogden, with a population of 84,226, is near Great Salt Lake and within commuting distance of Salt Lake City. This historic town has a gorgeous mountain backdrop, and serves as a manufacturing hub. Ogden auto insurance rates are slightly below average in comparison to the state average.

Orem Auto Insurance

Population: 91,324

Orem, home to 91,324 people, is well known for being a family friendly location. The city is surrounded by rural farmland, giving it a beautiful landscape with a Rocky Mountain backdrop. When you purchase car insurance in Orem, you’re getting rates that are slightly lower than the average Utah insurance premium.

Provo Auto Insurance

Population: 116,166

Provo is a major population center in Utah, with 116,166 residents. It comes in third as far as city size, and houses the LDS Church’s largest training center. In 2002, Provo hosted the Window Olympics. Business development in this area surged after Google announced it was introducing Google Fiber in the area. Provo auto insurance is slightly cheaper than the state average.

Salt Lake City Auto Insurance

Population: 191,743
Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, with 334,227 people, is the most populous city in Utah. It’s also the state’s capital, and sits outside the Great Salt Lake. This city is well known for being the home of the LDS Church, is a preferred location for industrial banking companies, and offers a wide range of outdoor activities that bring in tourists. The population and weather in this city impact auto insurance rates, raising them slightly higher than the state average.

Sandy Auto Insurance

Population: 90,418

Sandy has 226,918 people and comes in second for city population in Utah. The Rio Tinto Stadium hosts soccer games, while the South Town Center mall is a commerce hub for residents. Sandy is nestled in the base of the Wasatch Mountains, which shields it from more severe weather. Car insurance rates in Sandy are slightly above state average figures.

Taylorsville Auto Insurance

Population: 60,439

Taylorsville is a small and scenic town with 60,439 residents, and is centrally located in the state. It’s part of the Salt Lake Valley, which can lead to problematic weather. This area is perfect for nature lovers, as the scenic venues are plentiful. Car insurance rates in Taylorsville are slightly higher than average for Utah.

West Jordan Auto Insurance

Population: 110,336
West Jordan

West Jordan, a large Salt Lake suburb, is home to 110,336 people. It sits on the Jordan River and is surrounded by beautiful mountains. The Utah Army National Guard has a base there, and the area is known for several major shopping centers. The mountainous region results in slightly higher than average car insurance rates for West Jordan.

West Valley City Auto Insurance

Population: 133,896
West Valley City

West Valley, another large Salt Lake City suburb, has 133,896 residents. It also has an ice hockey team, called the Utah Grizzlies, who play at the Maverik Center. The USANA Amphitheater also brings in exciting events to this area. West Valley has some of the highest car insurance rates in Utah, although the premium cost is still well below the national average.

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